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2018-12-23 08:53 50008858 Anonymous (Xty.png 1080x1326 756kB)
Remember you don't love your gf/wife if you don't let her sleep around

1 min later 50008878 Anonymous
did this article imply a husband has ownership over his wife?

1 min later 50008883 Anonymous
>>50008858 >You should let your wife walk all over you. Definitely written by a roast.

1 min later 50008884 Anonymous
I'd bet any money that the author of the article is Jewish

3 min later 50008915 Anonymous
>>50008884 >blaming the jews for white women go back to /pol/

3 min later 50008916 Anonymous
>>50008858 Doesn't matter to me, I have no gf/wife. This is the type of shit why I stick with being MTGOW.

5 min later 50008947 Anonymous (IMG_20181223_145749.jpg 1080x2117 293kB)
>>50008884 >I'd bet any money that the author of the article is Jewish Well what do you know?

29 min later 50009349 Anonymous
>>50008947 what a shocker, trying to degrade morals.

38 min later 50009494 Anonymous (jews.png 624x448 461kB)
>>50008884 But the writer literally is a jew? Let me guess, wild coincidence.

39 min later 50009525 Anonymous (ecofash gang.png 500x352 447kB)
>>50009494 is meant for >>50008915 also get btfo commie, you are literally never right.

46 min later 50009625 Anonymous
>>50008858 If it was real, you'd link the tweet lad

58 min later 50009814 Anonymous
>>50008947 They don't even try to hide it anymore. We need a real holocaust.

58 min later 50009819 Anonymous
>>50009625 You can google the title, retard. It's real, but behind a paywall

1 hours later 50009841 Anonymous (1493229586243.jpg 720x405 23kB)
>>50008858 How the fuck can this be a news article? For real, what people get from seeing a title like this is that every wife would want to cheat/have an affair if it wasnt for the social backlash it creates and as if cheating is somehow a "releasing" activity. This shit is literally implying that they dont cheat because of being afraid of what other people think of them instead of having respect and love for their partner. Media in the 21st century really is a mistake, i've never seen a field that is filled with so much incompetence from the university start to the career end finish. Jesus crist they need a fucking purge followed with a reform, and try to work like the scientific method leaving no room for bullshit like this.

1 hours later 50009927 Anonymous (wife cheat pass.jpg 1014x5540 1244kB)
>>50009625 lbjknhasdjknl

1 hours later 50009944 Desolation (1444743015426.jpg 1039x638 70kB)
>>50008947 >he understandably had some questions >"How would the wife find someone suitable for the occasion?" What the actual fuck?! That's not a first question that comes to a healthy mind... Obviously written by a woman.

1 hours later 50009995 Anonymous (1545495837967.jpg 700x779 30kB)
>>50008858 I'd be shocked and angry but I'm completely dead to the world.

1 hours later 50010109 Anonymous
>>50008947 Kike gassing when?

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