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2018-12-23 08:26 50008813 Anonymous (6479071E-A83B-4BF0-9797-45B251895EC3.jpg 500x667 97kB)
shaved or hairy?

1 min later 50008814 Anonymous
>>50008813 either shaved or funny shaped hair

1 min later 50008815 Anonymous
Both, as long as it ain't a jungle down there

7 min later 50008816 Anonymous
Hairy > trimmed > shaved into cute patterns >>>>>>>>> shaved to look like a prepubescent girl

8 min later 50008817 Anonymous
>>50008813 hair is b e a u t i f u l

11 min later 50008818 Anonymous
>>50008816 patrician

14 min later 50008819 Anonymous
>>50008813 Reily Reid has perfect vanny hair

15 min later 50008820 Anonymous
>>50008813 Just let grow and do a dreadlock

17 min later 50008821 Anonymous
shaved on the sides, dense and thick bush in a triangle shape uptop

19 min later 50008822 Anonymous
>>50008820 you're the kind of person i wish i could be like, anon

23 min later 50008823 Anonymous
>>50008813 Trimmed. Don't really care how, as long as it's obvious she pays attention to it. Big question is though, shaved or hairy for men?

24 min later 50008824 Anonymous
that bush is gross. what the fuck it looks like a dust bunny got stuck on her vagina and she was like "alright". a nice bush is thick and dense like >>50008821 said

35 min later 50008994 Anonymous
Waxed>shaved>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>fuckin g pubes

37 min later 50009025 Anonymous
well, a bald mound is aesthetic af but then I understand why she wouldn't do it, because it takes time to take care of it and it's not nearly as comfy, so i'll just go with 'I don't give a fuck'

39 min later 50009057 Anonymous
>>50008813 Hairy, but shaved every once in a while if she's extremely hairy so I get a real good look at what I'm working with. Give me a hairy girl that uses pads and I'll do anything for that bitch cause she's wifey material.

41 min later 50009091 Anonymous
>>50009025 nooo, being hairy is so uncomfortable I haven't shaved in a while because my bathroom is being renovated, and it is so fucking itchy all the time some girls might not like to shave if they have sensitive skin tho

42 min later 50009114 Anonymous
>>50009091 >it is so fucking itchy all the time Have you considered that it's because you're a dirty bitch?

43 min later 50009131 Anonymous
>>50008813 For me? Trimmed.

43 min later 50009143 Anonymous
>>50009091 meh, shaving takes too long and you have to do it every few days, fuck that I'd rather she spent that time cuddling me and go waxing every month or so

47 min later 50009206 XxPussy69SlayerxX
>>50008813 So long as it doesn't feel like I'm flossing, then it doesn't really matter.

51 min later 50009266 Anonymous
>>50009114 Um, no. I shower every 1.5 days. I just don't shave down there because my only remaining shower is too small to really spread my legs in.

56 min later 50009344 Anonymous
>>50009266 You can use my shower baby, and spread your legs there. Or you can also spread your legs on my bed.

1 hours later 50009857 Anonymous (1477913402176.jpg 321x322 11kB)
If it looks like she has never shaved down there ever, like the amazon under reforestation, with even more on her inner thighs Wew

1 hours later 50009867 Anonymous
>>50008813 i wish i had a gf who mogged me by shoving her pussy in my face

1 hours later 50010052 Anonymous
>>50009867 I want to be waken up in the morning by her pushing her pussy into my face.

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