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2018-12-23 08:44 50008692 Anonymous (bcfbcfbcvb.jpg 1080x1087 35kB)
What would you do? orig

2 min later 50008731 Anonymous
>>50008692 he didn't even express any interest in dating or ask if she was single. wtf

2 min later 50008737 Anonymous
>>50008692 respond with 'and?'

5 min later 50008790 Anonymous
''Good to know, I'll be sure to choke you slap your ass harder for being a cheating slut''

9 min later 50008860 Anonymous
call her a fag and block

9 min later 50008866 Anonymous
>>50008731 >>50008737 It means she wants to cuck him you virgins and she's trying to see if OP has a dominant bull personality or not She basically said ''nice body, it's too bad I can't fuck you because of my boyfriend though'' Which is her way of seeing if OP is down for fucking a cheating slut

11 min later 50008888 Anonymous
>>50008692 If you are okay with cucking her boyfriend than sleep with her.

12 min later 50008905 Anonymous
What platform is this? Not into normalfag stuff.

12 min later 50008914 Anonymous
>That's ok I have a gf.

13 min later 50008922 Anonymous
>>50008888 Trip quads of wisdom

13 min later 50008931 Anonymous
>>50008692 there is only one reply to what she said if this is all the context and info you give me. Response: "???" Send. Do not respond again after that.

13 min later 50008935 Anonymous
women are literally fucking walking memes literally the most cringiest and lowly creatures on this planet when artificial wombs become an official thing, i hope more men start killing off women

15 min later 50008965 Anonymous (comment_6ATzSvUj8GOR5nrZMhsYkXL8xCVynbP2.gif 500x375 152kB)
>>50008692 What is her fucking point? Is it pic related? I don't understand. >>50008905 Instagram direct messages.

15 min later 50008967 Anonymous
''I have a drug test tomorrow''

16 min later 50008982 Anonymous
>>50008692 woop de fucking do da

17 min later 50008989 Anonymous
>>50008692 "I have herpes and HPV"

18 min later 50009011 Anonymous
>>50008692 me too *wink wink nudge nudge*

21 min later 50009059 Anonymous
>>50008692 Say "so do I"

28 min later 50009191 Anonymous
>>50008888 oh shit nigger, look at those digits, you know what you gotta do

1 hours later 50009698 Anonymous
>>50000000 Checking get jdjds

1 hours later 50009954 Anonymous
>>50008965 Oh. In that case she's a dumb attentionwhore.

1 hours later 50009958 Anonymous
>>50008692 her bf most likely saw the messages and got her to send the last one lol

1 hours later 50009987 Anonymous
>>50009698 It was an OP post of a great thread. >fags deserve the death penalty But it got deleted by an assmad homosexual janitor/mod.

1 hours later 50010011 Anonymous
>>50009987 Oh shit, I think it was my post. I said that he should say "So do I" because females hate homosexual men that they find physically attractive

1 hours later 50010060 Anonymous
>>50008692 Obviously she just told you to let you know so the blame would be on you for hitting on a taken girl. Patriarchy pig.

1 hours later 50010097 Anonymous
>>50010011 It was literally the OP post of a thread. More proofs that homos/trannies moderate /r9k/. No hetero would have a reason for deleting the thread.

1 hours later 50010111 Anonymous
>>50008866 Once she admits she has a bf you have already lost. She just wants attention because having one man want you isn't enough..

1 hours later 50010179 Anonymous
>>50010060 This x1000. She gets free attention then shows her bf the texts and says "look other men want me you need to try harder"

1 hours later 50010254 Anonymous
>>50009011 This. She'll feel more comfortable cheating if you're both cheating on your BFs together.

2 hours later 50011202 Anonymous
>>50008692 Respond with something like "Does it look like I care?"

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