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2018-12-23 08:41 50008650 Anonymous Uber (1533779091902.jpg 800x1095 277kB)
Any Ubercels/Ubercucks here? Is it possible to make a living driving for Uber even if youre a turboaspie that doesnt like talking? Is it possible to maintain a decent rating even if you do minimal conversation as a driver?

3 min later 50008712 Anonymous
>>50008650 Do some drive roleplay, people may dig that, say i drive and stuff like that, dont need to talk much

7 min later 50008763 Anonymous
Uber is untennable as a real job. The entire thing that makes Uber feasible is that it's a side activity that is meant to enhance the disposable income of people with already stable employment, so it doesn't have to pay well enough for anybody to live off of, which is what allows it to undercut it's competitors price wise. It's intentionally designed as a side hustle, as a second job that can't sustain anyone on its own but can be done at any time to any extent if those already comfortably employed need extra cash quick. >oh I need a quick 30$ to pad my wallet when I go to the bar with my buddies I've got nothing to do lemme do two or three pick ups

23 min later 50009038 Anonymous
>>50008763 In certain markets it can be a decent min wage-slightly above min wage job. I have relatives that do it full time but theyre normie I already have a job Im just wondering if its worth buying a car to do Uber part time with the option of doing it full time as a backup plan in case I lose muh job

1 hours later 50009708 Anonymous
>>50008763 This. DO NOT DO IT AS A FULL TIME JOB. >>50009038 >buying a car to do Uber part time NOOOOOO

2 hours later 50011019 Anonymous
>>50009038 Buy a car because it's useful not for Uber. People literally praise Uber drivers who don't speak at all except for passenger entry. Just be able to say you're welcome and shit and you should be fine.

2 hours later 50011368 Anonymous (1537609400690.png 2515x1193 1260kB)
heck yea ykk posting

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