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2018-12-23 08:36 50008567 Anonymous /britfeel/ (britfeel december night.jpg 4400x2823 2007kB)
Only about 28 and a half hours to go edition

2 min later 50008610 Anonymous
Glad to be in a new thread away from those retards

3 min later 50008611 Anonymous
moni post a picture of your b cups for the lads for christmas.

5 min later 50008652 Anonymous
moni you looked very chubby at the meet i think you need to take more DNP

5 min later 50008658 Anonymous (1529942488961.jpg 600x338 52kB)
just ripped a massive hole in a new tshirt trying to tear the ticket out of.

6 min later 50008661 Anonymous (1542155286860.jpg 1618x2589 676kB)
>>50008611 if u like b cups ur a paedo lad

6 min later 50008676 Anonymous
>>50008661 Dat Camel toe

7 min later 50008685 Moni
>>50008611 >moni post a picture of your b cups for the lads for christmas. not a slut >>50008652 yeah....

8 min later 50008708 Anonymous
>>50008685 Would you prefer to have a 4chan bf or a normie one

9 min later 50008722 Anonymous
>>50008661 god she couldn't have less of a shapely body if she tried.

10 min later 50008734 Moni
>>50008708 >a normie one if I'm honest

11 min later 50008742 Anonymous
>>50008734 Andrew and Shippy on suicide watch!

12 min later 50008762 Anonymous
>>50008357 >not even allowed freeview tv in bedroom Top kek! Literally cucked

12 min later 50008770 Moni
>>50008742 well, they were the two guys currently in employment

13 min later 50008778 Anonymous
>>50008770 Andrew and Shippy back off suicide watch!

14 min later 50008827 Anonymous
For me, it's pringles, a brownie, cola bottle sweets and a cup of milk.

15 min later 50008830 Anonymous
>Actually slowly coming to the realisation that I may never achieve my goals and self improvement is a fucking meme Wew I don't like this feeling lads

16 min later 50008842 Anonymous
Dont think my parents are gonna be sorting dinner tonight

16 min later 50008847 Anonymous
>>50008830 What did your self improvement involve specifically?

16 min later 50008849 Anonymous
>>50008830 it will pass lad, just think of how far you've come already. i bet it seemed impossible long ago.

16 min later 50008851 Anonymous
>>50008610 Been away for a coupe hours and wasn't going to check last thread until I read this. Hardly surprising though.

17 min later 50008869 Anonymous
My parents are gonna be away over New Years for two weeks, should I blow all my Christmas monies on an escort that I'll have for an hour?

19 min later 50008896 Anonymous
>>50008842 Ah nevermind we're having chicken and wedges

19 min later 50008897 Anonymous (Class_43_HST_Intercity_livery_43019_(&_43028_trailing)_Pylle_Hill,_Bedminster,_Bristol_25.7.1993_Scans778_(10533325456).jpg 2291x1527 756kB)
Do any of you lads collect train tickets?

20 min later 50008904 Anonymous
>>50008897 Shippy does apparently.

20 min later 50008913 Anonymous
>>50008770 Frankly they are both out of your league. I heard Lee is single though, homeowner, online celebrity.

21 min later 50008932 Anonymous (1525210192001.jpg 2448x3264 463kB)
getting drunk again tonight.

21 min later 50008938 Anonymous
>>50008847 Substantial weight loss, stopped drinking, stopped medication. Still working on how to interact with people without being scared. Still a NEET with no idea how to move forward with my life >>50008849 Thanks lad, Happy Christmas

23 min later 50008954 Anonymous
>>50008932 You should save that booze for christmas day young man

23 min later 50008970 Anonymous
Have no cups in the house that are usable. Been really ill the past couple days. Asked my mum if she could get me a bottle of drink or something down the shop she refused. In the fridge we had 2 4 pint bottles of milk. 1 with about 1/4 left and a fresh one. I say to my mum this morning i'm opening a new milk to drink directly from the bottle. This afternoon my mum is banging and shouting and screaming up the stairs. >you cunt you fucking arsehole I go down to see what the problem is, been in bed the majority of the past 2 days. She calls me a cunt and a selfish person for opening the new milk. Well I know it would be better to use the already open milk but she has drunk directly from that bottle and she has really filfthy skin and hasn't showered in a days so I opted for the fresh one. She is screaming and shouting at me about how selfish I am. I am no longer allowed to eat any of the food in the fridge that she has purchased. Said she will not get anything at the shop for me even though I don't want to go out in the cold as i'm really sick. Say she is over reacting over a 1 quid bottle of milk. She already said she was going up the co-op today so it's easily replaceable. Drunk almost 4 pints of milk today now and not eaten anything else. Keep hearing my mum say fucking cunt. Fucking cunt! Even though she's already been to the shop and replaced the milk and very likely purchased herself lots of other goodies. I'm pretty hungry, but also feel boated from all this milk. Still feel really unwell. Scared to go downstairs and get shouted at. Might have to order a take away.

25 min later 50008998 Anonymous
>>50008970 Sounds rough lad. Hope you have the strength to survive your fucking batshit mum. Imagine how life would be if most of our mums weren't off their fucking nut.

25 min later 50008999 Anonymous
>>50008583 Just fog lad

25 min later 50009002 Anonymous
Just getting drunk with my family and cuddling me dog

29 min later 50009052 Anonymous (1502057967910.jpg 480x515 48kB)
Swapped Christmas presents with my gf this evening because we won't be together during Christmas. She told me she loved me for the first time. It was a nice moment.

29 min later 50009058 Anonymous
>>50008998 When you're raised by an insane single mum how do they ever expect you to be functional members of society?

29 min later 50009062 Anonymous
>>50008932 Best booze for getting drunk alone? I want something that will last and not wear off quickly but not leave me throwing up like a dog.

30 min later 50009069 Anonymous
>>50009002 Absolute state of you lid

30 min later 50009070 Anonymous
>>50008954 I will go to the shop tomorrow and buy a supply for the next few days

31 min later 50009098 Anonymous
>>50009062 I dunno lad I just drink beer.

31 min later 50009101 Anonymous
>>50009062 I say wine. 5 bong bottle of corner shop plonk goes a long way and it beats drinking litres of gassy beer.

33 min later 50009130 Anonymous
>>50008938 >Still a NEET with no idea how to move forward with my life Have you tried getting a job?

33 min later 50009135 Ebin
>>50008829 >>50009008 because you're both moronic incels, probably the same rancid turd who thought of himself as "faking" being normal. You can cherry pick every single human being into being a "normie" if you try hard enough

34 min later 50009154 Anonymous
>>50009135 So why don't you think that when you're calling somebody else a normie you stupid cunt.

34 min later 50009162 Anonymous
>>50009002 please just end

34 min later 50009164 Anonymous
>>50009135 Just shut up ebin noone cares that you're 25 and you think you're older than everyone

35 min later 50009177 Anonymous
>>50009062 >not leave me throwing up like a dog if that doesn't happen your not doing it right

36 min later 50009192 Anonymous (1538277585592.jpg 1536x2048 855kB)
you know they had the youtube boxing. Well I want to have a fight with Ebin, all the lads can come and we'll stream it.

38 min later 50009230 Anonymous
>>50009135 You are a normie Ebin. Just because you're a bit OCD doesn't mean you're a robot. You had a girlfriend, robots can't do that.

39 min later 50009235 Anonymous
>>50009230 >ebin had a gf is this true?

39 min later 50009245 Anonymous
alright lads a few of you might remember i got into a bit of trouble with my sister because she didn't understand that i didn't mean to hurt her dog. things just got way out of hand. i didn't know it would end up being put down. well i paid her the money she asked for and thought that was it. but now it's christmas and i've been kicked out. my mum and dad are saying because of the whole dog situation i can't be at home for christmas celebrations. i've got to go stay with my auntie's house instead which is a couple hours a way. they aren't even giving me a lift. I have to get the train. this is bullshit. why can't they forgive and forget it was ages a go for gods sake.

40 min later 50009257 Anonymous
>>50009245 lol what did you kill her dog?

41 min later 50009269 Ebin
>>50009154 I don't think that much, neither does anybody else appreantly >>50009230 don't know why you bother, you're just making stuff up to either bait me or are genuinely stupid, either way I hope you die

41 min later 50009276 Anonymous
>>50009245 >>50009257 He raped it then had to kill it to cover up that he's a dog pedo.

42 min later 50009282 Anonymous
Anyone been to the Madamn Tussauds? Family wants to bring me there but looks boring af

42 min later 50009285 Anonymous
>>50009235 >ebin had a gf (male)

42 min later 50009289 Anonymous
>>50009235 yes and even got a handjob from a tranny tripfag of 4chan, yet he say that he isn't a chad in disguise

43 min later 50009299 Anonymous
>>50009269 why are you so obsessed with being the most robot here? honestly you live alone now so you have no reason whatsoever not be a normie. your situation is self inflicted like refusing to take meds for ocd

44 min later 50009313 Anonymous
>>50009235 Yeah he was dating a girl from here after spending months orbiting her. >>50009269 It's not made up though is it? Your problem is that you're a bit content with how things are and aren't motivated to change them. Robots are either devoid of feeling of miserable, and they certainly don't entertain year long flings with a sexual partner.

44 min later 50009322 Anonymous
>>50008742 I wouldn't date poley anyway, because he's a tranny, and then again I wouldn't even date a woman off 4chan

45 min later 50009335 Anonymous
>Ebin isn't a robot Poor poor bait

46 min later 50009342 Anonymous
>>50009322 thoughts on ebins recent behaviour shippy? hes being a right little shit lately

47 min later 50009362 Anonymous
>tfw no gf with a delicious feminie penis

49 min later 50009398 Anonymous
>>50009362 Just ask cola out lmao

50 min later 50009421 Anonymous
>>50009282 If there's a suggestion box write SEX DOLLS????

51 min later 50009441 Anonymous
>>50009421 god imagine all the qt celebs you could steal

51 min later 50009443 Anonymous
anyone who turned up at the meet is a normie.

52 min later 50009453 Anonymous
>>50009398 Hi cola hows your evening?

52 min later 50009460 Anonymous
Can other people in the house hear me pooping?

53 min later 50009465 Ebin
>>50009289 >>50009322 >Everything I read on 4chan is true. It's clearly made up, it didn't happen. I'm not content either, neither have I been happy or fulfilled in all my adult life. This is ridiculous, unless you tell me your stats I'm going to chalk you off as another wetherspoons boozing "pretends to be normie" mongofuck or "depressed" incel uni student. >>50009299 >you live alone now so you have no reason whatsoever not be a normie how is there no reason? I'm still heavily isolated and unable to fit in at all, nobody but my parents and LGV instructor really talked to me (and she doesn't engage in casual conversation with me, it's largely one word answers and LGV related stuff only). I wake up and then do what? where am I supposed to go? I just go to the shop with either my parents or alone and spend way too long in there and sometimes don't even buy what I want. I think you're living in a fantasy land where I can spend effort points and dropping LGV training would grant me those to spend which is not the case. If I can't get a job driving then I how would I be able to get a job doing anything else? There is no way on earth I'm able to function as others do, It feels like a "them vs me" situation in nearly every aspect

54 min later 50009479 Anonymous
thing about josef fritzl on in a bit

55 min later 50009498 Anonymous
>>50009465 Ebin you literally had a girlfriend. You function well enough to do that - you're a normie. I'm a 27 year old KHV with no irl friends, NEET for 4 years, live with my mum, 19 stone.

56 min later 50009519 Anonymous

57 min later 50009534 Anonymous
>>50009465 >doesn't volunteer >doesn't look into education locally >doesn't go to the gym >doesn't fix his diet >doesn't improve his hygiene No excuse for you not to have done any of the above

57 min later 50009539 Ebin
>>50009498 >19 stone You can fix that, there's not a single excuse >NEET for 4 years I've been a NEET for nearly a decade >No irl friends I've not had a single "irl" friend I don't know what you're trying to achieve, but making something up then belitting my struggle really irks me >>50009519 I don't actually

58 min later 50009548 Anonymous
>walk into /britfeel/ >see Ebin being a spaz >turn 360 degrees and walk out Later, lads.

59 min later 50009558 Anonymous
>>50009342 I don't think his behaviour has changed much at all. Still mostly consists of posting about daily activities and the odd augment with someone. Poor bait trying to wind him up this evening with 'just be urself' and lies about him having had a partner

1 hours later 50009564 Anonymous
>>50009539 What struggle? The only point in losing weight, getting a job, making friends etc. is to eventually get a girlfriend. You've done that. You're there already. You ARE a normie. I'm not going to take diet advice off someone whose tastebuds don't work. You don't understand food.

1 hours later 50009569 Anonymous (Screenshot_20181128-161522.jpg 1080x1920 869kB)
So who else will be posting on Christmas day?

1 hours later 50009574 Anonymous
>>50009519 >t. normie trying to invade r9k Go be happy somewhere else, faggot.

1 hours later 50009593 Anonymous
>>50009569 Only if my bf uncuffs me uwu

1 hours later 50009595 Anonymous (af2.png 680x521 112kB)
>>50009569 mr christmas? think he still delivers after midnight

1 hours later 50009616 Anonymous
>>50009593 if he's done it correctly he should have just chained your ankle to the bottom of the cooker

1 hours later 50009628 Anonymous
I just want a chubby nerdy gf with social anxiety and a nice ass Instead all I get is absolute thots and low class skanks

1 hours later 50009629 Anonymous
>>50009569 I can't very well phonepost with my knife in one hand and my ticket to Birmingham in the other.

1 hours later 50009631 Anonymous
>>50009465 >n-no I'm a real robot nah mate you're a normie no robot spends the night with another lad in a hotel getting blowjobs

1 hours later 50009632 Anonymous
I'd say the best part about being white is the eye colours desu lads A lot of people seem to be jealous of it

1 hours later 50009648 Anonymous
>>50009569 I will lad As will any robot worth his piss bottles

1 hours later 50009656 Anonymous
>>50009632 Do people notice? I wonder what brown eyed people think of blue eyes.

1 hours later 50009673 Ebin
>>50009534 Education is pointless now, I looked into Access to HE but I'd lose my UC >Diet I worked on that, it's probably better than most peoples if not a bit restricted but it's not a problem. I'm going to go to the gym after the festive period ends but I'm doing half push ups every day now which hurt and are presumably doing something >>50009564 The only point in losing weight, getting a job, making friends etc. is to eventually get a girlfriend. Incel, I'm now ignoring you. If you everything is about getting a girlfriend YOU are the normie, its far down on my list

1 hours later 50009677 Anonymous
>>50009628 you really dont want an anxiety GF I have one, she takes medication for it and everything and while she is lovely she is also a fucking wreck.

1 hours later 50009683 Anonymous
>>50009632 Some people with brown eyes think they are white :')

1 hours later 50009686 Anonymous
>>50009628 You want to be seen in public with a lardarse? You're joking

1 hours later 50009687 Anonymous
Leave ebin alone he didnt get any sex

1 hours later 50009688 Anonymous
Got such a bad urine infection I can see flecks of protein in my pee ;-;

1 hours later 50009695 Anonymous
>>50009677 Its more like, we can enjoy being a wreck together

1 hours later 50009707 Anonymous
>>50009677 Is it anxiety or BPD? Cause BDP girls will always and without fail self sabotage every relationship they'll ever have.

1 hours later 50009713 Anonymous
>>50009687 Oral sex is still sex. He's not a virgin therefore he's a normie.

1 hours later 50009719 Anonymous
>>50009673 you'd get more health benefits from a walk than girl push ups lad

1 hours later 50009721 Anonymous
>>50009656 Other white people don't notice because it's the norm, go to a majority nonwhite area and you'll stand out though

1 hours later 50009722 Anonymous
>>50009686 Its not like I have any friends who will recognize me and tell the fucking world about it bro Also I kind of don't find skinny girls attractive, when you fuck them you're just bashing your hip bones together, there's nothing to play with, does that make sense? Am I crazy?

1 hours later 50009733 Anonymous
>>50009707 >Cause BDP girls will always and without fail self sabotage every relationship they'll ever have. How come, what do they do?

1 hours later 50009734 Anonymous
>>50009688 giv it ere m8, need my gainz don I

1 hours later 50009738 Anonymous
>>50009673 >ignores actual robots >only wants to talk to other normies Being "incel" is a requirement of being a robot.

1 hours later 50009745 Anonymous
>>50009734 Alright lad, want me to make frozen piss disks and post them to ya?

1 hours later 50009746 Anonymous
24 year old neet here I was wondering if anyone's done dogwalking as a job. I walk a labrador about 90 mins a day off the leash, every day, so I feel like I could handle another dog or two okay.

1 hours later 50009748 Anonymous
>>50009707 She said anxiety so I assume thats what it is, she hasn't tried to sink her ship at every opportunity

1 hours later 50009752 Anonymous
>this absolute mong trying to wind ebin up

1 hours later 50009767 Anonymous
>>50009695 women don't like unstable men

1 hours later 50009770 Anonymous
>>50009752 the part about ebin not trying is true if we're being honest

1 hours later 50009774 Anonymous
>>50009738 So if you lost your virginity you would automatically become an ordinary person and all of your mental problems would be solved?

1 hours later 50009780 Anonymous
>>50009745 >he doens't own a piss pill presser

1 hours later 50009784 Anonymous
>>50009722 I won't lie I like curvy women, I've had to learn to lower my standards

1 hours later 50009786 Anonymous
>>50009733 Not sure specifically, google will have more info I just know they're complete undateable nutters. >>50009748 That's good lad.

1 hours later 50009790 Anonymous
>>50009774 if you are capable of losing your virginity you are a normie

1 hours later 50009796 Ebin
>>50009719 I needed arm strength to disconnect an airline from an LGV trailer, every little helps. I hope i'll be able to do a normal push up soon >>50009738 Only failed normies care heavily about getting a girlfriend >>50009770 If only the person who wasn't baiting me is 19 stone and complaining about having no gf, I think that invalidates that criticism. Besides, I do try but sometimes I wonder why

1 hours later 50009801 Anonymous
The only thing more sad and cringy than tripmongs are the wankers who obsess over them

1 hours later 50009804 Anonymous
>>50009790 Hookers have low standards mate ask your mam

1 hours later 50009807 Anonymous
>>50009774 Any problems you have aren't that big of a deal if you can have sex with a woman without paying/raping her.

1 hours later 50009808 Anonymous
>>50009786 it did take me while to actually get her to think I liked her. She kept going on about how I could go and date other girls instead of her and that I didn't find her attractive, I killed that off very quickly.

1 hours later 50009815 Anonymous
>>50009733 I'm a guy with BPD and generally I blast people with love and attention then turn cold when they reciprocate and in the end feel like they're a stressful negative in my life even though I was the one who pursued them.

1 hours later 50009816 Anonymous
>>50009786 Oh, thought you had some experience dating them. I was interested in hearing some stories/examples.

1 hours later 50009817 Anonymous
>>50009804 they don't have standards, just an open hand.

1 hours later 50009824 Anonymous
>>50009796 They're clearly more of a robot than you if you can get with someone and they can't. That's a very simple concept.

1 hours later 50009827 Anonymous
>>50009796 nah you really do the bare minimum lgv driving is a crock of shit and you'd be better putting your efforts elsewhere

1 hours later 50009828 Anonymous
>>50009815 >>50009733 This is a bit simple and vague, sorry I'm tired

1 hours later 50009835 Anonymous
>>50009816 I wish honestly at least I'd have some experience even if they were nutters. I had 1 gf in 2008 for a bout 4 months then I was single for 9 years till I dated another girl last year for about the same amount of time.

1 hours later 50009854 Anonymous
>>50009824 Poor bait going for low hanging fruit

1 hours later 50009865 Anonymous
>>50009801 What's wrong with liking a tripuser?

1 hours later 50009866 Anonymous
>>50009790 >>50009807 People who have mental illnesses can get sex. What about lads who have schizophrenia and have had sex?

1 hours later 50009876 Anonymous
>>50008567 Are you getting better at masterbation robots? >tfw at the start of the year there is no way I thought I could of improved but I did

1 hours later 50009881 Anonymous
>>50009866 Having a mental illness doesn't mean you're a robot lmao TJB isn't a robot

1 hours later 50009889 Anonymous
>>50009866 they are normies plain and simple

1 hours later 50009890 Ebin
>>50009824 who cares, if you have to make something up to validate how much more of a """robot""" you are then I don't know what to say anymore >>50009827 you keep saying that, but if I can't get a job driving then how could I get a job doing anything else? "just volunteer" isn't really helpful cause a lot of them are fucking picky too and what good would it do ultimately? LGV driving is the best I can attain in terms of wage and employ ability which is why I sunk a lot of effort and money into it at a great cost. The alternative isn't just walking into a supermarket and getting a full time role >>50009866 He also used driving and living alone, which by their standards because they "can't get a gf lol :(" they are worse than Tim Bryne, let it sink in how stupid the incel mindset is

1 hours later 50009906 Ebin
>>50009881 I'm not a robot then, I don't want to be by your stupid standards either. I'm ending the discussion there, sorry you can't get your virgin 8/10 catholic gf or whatever it is you fantasise about while necking pizza and doughnuts

1 hours later 50009908 Anonymous
>>50009865 Because it's making the thread about their daily lives and giving them precedence over anons

1 hours later 50009914 Anonymous
>>50009890 driving has a much higher entry barrier than other jobs. a supermarket job is more attainable. you had interviews for retail last year which is closer to employment than you have gotten with lgv driving

1 hours later 50009921 Anonymous
>>50009881 >>50009889 so what is a robot then? because so far it just looks like you are baiting

1 hours later 50009923 Anonymous (PUB.jpg 275x183 13kB)
Can l get any of you cunts a drink?

1 hours later 50009924 Anonymous
Can't believe people in their mid 20s behave like this.

1 hours later 50009933 Anonymous
What percentage of /britfeel/ posters are genuine virgins?

1 hours later 50009936 Anonymous
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Stk Lx0e4f6c >no qt jp gf

1 hours later 50009939 Anonymous (1310419087833.jpg 437x304 32kB)
anyone from the britfeel Tekken zaibatsu in? been getting back into the game big time since season 2 started. finally learned how to play King, doing fairly well giant swinging losers against walls

1 hours later 50009940 Anonymous
If you have brown eyes you can fuck off mate

1 hours later 50009945 Anonymous
>>50009933 69 per cent of course

1 hours later 50009947 Anonymous
>>50009921 how am I baiting, robots don't get gfs or get laid

1 hours later 50009949 Anonymous
>>50009921 A robot is an aspergic weeaboo virgin who posts on 4chan regularly. You must meet all 4 criteria.

1 hours later 50009951 Anonymous
>>50009866 Only aspies are robots

1 hours later 50009952 Anonymous
>>50009062 rum and coke for me Easy to get wasted on, lasts a decent time for me (i'm a manlet though). Get some Kraken spiced rum.

1 hours later 50009953 Anonymous
What percentage of information obtained on 4chan is remotely useful.

1 hours later 50009955 Anonymous
>>50009908 But I'm interested in their daily antics

1 hours later 50009956 Anonymous
>stacking shelves in tesco is less attainable than driving a lorry which requires financial investment and qualifications ebin lad you thick?

1 hours later 50009960 Anonymous
still considering splitting with my gf because I don't have the guts to have sex with her. I didn't expect to get this far

1 hours later 50009963 Anonymous
>>50009940 Howling when Shippy bangs on about non-whites when he's got brown eyes. Honestly bruv.

1 hours later 50009966 Anonymous
>>50009933 Set up a strawpoll

1 hours later 50009967 Anonymous
>>50009923 Just an irn bru for me lad I've had two glasses of wine now and I'm a bit squiffy waheyyyy

1 hours later 50009970 Anonymous
>>50009936 reminds me of amai amai amaiiiii ko ii bi tooooo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SdL Ar_6Lo6Y

1 hours later 50009972 Anonymous
>>50009914 I've applied for tons of supermarket jobs and never gotten one, van driving jobs were much easier to get

1 hours later 50009977 Anonymous
>>50009933 I'm not a virgin >>50009945 >the sex number Lmao

1 hours later 50009980 Anonymous
>add loads of TV shows to my Amazon playlist >on second glance they all look shit and I cant bear to watch any of them

1 hours later 50009983 Anonymous (570-mammoth-screen-ltd-poldarkdh6a3760.jpg 570x380 163kB)
It's time for James Bond lids I really think Aidan Turner should be the next Bond I mean, I'm not gay but just look...

1 hours later 50009986 Ebin
>>50009914 They invite everyone who passes the online questionnaire (which is a lot of people) into a "group interview/assessment" which is what I was going to. I don't need to go to know how that'd pan out, me vs of younger more socially adapted people. That was a temporary Christmas role too which is now over and despite living alone I'm in a worse state in a few ways than last year >>50009956 no, LGV driving seemed like a more employable thing as at least I'd have a qualification required instead of being pitted against every fresh faced 18 year old normie in the town. There is also a driver shortage so technically if I did well on an assessment drive it should have been possible to get a well paying job

1 hours later 50009988 Anonymous
>>50009923 can i have some sacred goats blood please?

1 hours later 50009990 Anonymous
>>50009924 What, trying to wind up some robot because they are jealous no one ever visited them in the grand hotel? I can't believe it either

1 hours later 50009991 Anonymous
>>50009955 Bit of a kissarse then lad

1 hours later 50010000 Anonymous
>>50009947 >Being a robot is having a life style so unattractive that you can't get a gf or sex Is that your definition and something you take pride in?

1 hours later 50010003 Anonymous
>>50009986 why don't you have any sort of driving job yet then?

1 hours later 50010004 Anonymous
>>50009963 Brown eyes doesn't make you non white. Blue eyes came after whites

1 hours later 50010007 Anonymous
>>50009963 my eyes are silver laddy

1 hours later 50010019 Anonymous
>>50010000 of course I don't take pride in not being able to get sex I hate myself every day.

1 hours later 50010020 Anonymous
I want to tear open my belly lining and pull out my intestines and see what they look like

1 hours later 50010031 Anonymous
>>50009986 You should just admit you don't want a shelf stacker or similar job because you see it as beneath you

1 hours later 50010032 Anonymous
Is a white Christmas too much to ask? Just once, I would like it to happen. So that I can tell my grandkids, if I wasn't a virgin.

1 hours later 50010036 Anonymous
>>50009991 Yes, I'm often accused of brown nosing Ebin but at least his posts are always good. Compared to a lot of normie garbage that has to be filtered through

1 hours later 50010037 Anonymous
>>50010000 no its just a label just like how your a faggot

1 hours later 50010045 Anonymous
>>50010020 Look at medical pictures to satisfy that curiosity, it's not worth dying over.

1 hours later 50010055 Anonymous (Peter-Sutcliffe-with-Jimmy-Savile.jpg 615x409 38kB)
>>50010031 This is a bait post, you know it to be false

1 hours later 50010061 Anonymous
>>50010036 >i went to tesco >i had some beans lads >i watched the footie lads Oh what a loss it would be if he stopped posting

1 hours later 50010062 Anonymous
Is Andromeda worth watching or is it dated silly shite?

1 hours later 50010068 Anonymous
Sulk anon absolutely SEETHING tonight

1 hours later 50010069 Ebin
>>50010003 I didn't have my drivers card till last week, now there is no jobs advertising because of the time of year, all the festive stuff went in October/November. Most of the jobs around and easier to attain are C+E which is what I want to pass and tried to pass. There's no point in lumping me in with the NEETs who don't want to work when I want to, and I ruined my mental health a lot by trying. I wasn't nearly as bad when I was a shut in NEET >>50010031 That's wrong so I don't know what else to say, I'd do it if they gave me a chance. But I arguably have more chance in a better paying job with some progression which I've already invested in heavily, so why give up instead of seeing it out? It makes zero sense in every way

1 hours later 50010075 Anonymous
>>50010061 There is literally nothing wrong with posts like that

1 hours later 50010077 Anonymous (20181223_211004.jpg 2592x1458 1818kB)
Bit hot in here tonight lads.

1 hours later 50010081 Anonymous
>there's a drivers shortage so there's always work >there's not work going for me right now

1 hours later 50010087 Anonymous
>>50010031 That's what Poleaboo thinks. Quite offensive that he thinks he's better than retail workers - they actually put in hard work.

1 hours later 50010094 Anonymous
>>50010069 You have failed the testing for LGV driving multiple times already It is clear it isn't for you

1 hours later 50010103 Anonymous
Hate this slag hope she gets bummed to death https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wCx und28wfs

1 hours later 50010113 Anonymous
I can imagine ebin driving to tesco pretending he's in a wagon.

1 hours later 50010116 Anonymous
How sad must a persons life be where they prioritise their time trying to wind up someone who actually makes an effort to improve themselves

1 hours later 50010118 Anonymous
>>50010068 hes on top form isnt he? kek

1 hours later 50010119 Moni
ain't it weird how there aren't any yellow people who post here? They're a small part of the population but I'd have thought they'd be drawn here due to their culture >>50010087 I just want to spoken to with respect

1 hours later 50010120 Anonymous
>>50010077 Shut In I did not need to see this.

1 hours later 50010123 Anonymous
>>50009574 fuck off this general doesn't take pride in being degenerate like the rest of this shit board >>50009539 you don't need to justify yourself to them fren

1 hours later 50010126 Anonymous
>>50010019 I'm glad we could come to an agreement and we now know that being a robot is something regarded as grotesque. Good for ebin if he is not robot.

1 hours later 50010139 Anonymous
>>50010061 Haha too true

1 hours later 50010142 Anonymous
How come there has been no Britfeel Radio this weekend?

1 hours later 50010148 Anonymous
Yo lads I keep making posts and no one cares wtf

1 hours later 50010152 Anonymous
>>50010103 What posh accent. Bet her rich dad was happy to spend thousands on her youtube equipment just for her to flash her skin online. Sad.

1 hours later 50010154 Anonymous
>>50010126 why would anyone be proud of being this way? its horrible, i'm lonely and depressed all the time.

1 hours later 50010161 Anonymous
>>50010142 Because Zeus is moving in with the Host. >>50010148 It's all about the personalities now.

1 hours later 50010172 Anonymous
>>50010119 As an ethnic minority yourself, how'd you find this place?

1 hours later 50010180 Moni
>>50010142 >How come there has been no Britfeel Radio this weekend? bullied them

1 hours later 50010195 Anonymous
>>50010142 The lads are probably busy spending times with their families

1 hours later 50010202 Anonymous
>>50010120 I was thinking that I've got the same underwear. But it's not me. I have not been wearing pants all day.

1 hours later 50010206 Anonymous
>>50010195 What a bunch of fucking normies. /britfeel/ is a mess.

1 hours later 50010212 Anonymous
I was going to bring up organising a stream but I've been busy retailcucking and sleeping that I kept forgetting about it. Now I'm considering just a bunch of films and do an impromptu stream for the evening/nightlads or something, not sure what to play though.

1 hours later 50010249 Ebin
>>50010081 There is a few C+E jobs here, but I don't understand that either. There is zero Cat C jobs on indeed now in a 25 mile radius. >>50010094 I don't know whats for me then. I did pass two tests now, the fact is there is even greater competition for retail jobs. It doesn't matter much anyway, the only logical thing I can do is go to the gym and get more physically healthy which I will do. In fact from a pragmatic standpoint I should kill myself following that defeatist type attitude because two years ago I decided stop being a shut in NEET (I never had to) but since then I've made a fuck up of it and ended up worse than when I started.

1 hours later 50010253 Anonymous
>>50010212 Yeah can you stick on uh something christmassy?

1 hours later 50010257 Anonymous
>>50010212 I'll be down for that Just do the good the bad the ugly or some shit

1 hours later 50010264 Anonymous
>>50010180 >bullied them what did you say lul

1 hours later 50010277 Anonymous
>>50010253 Depends if you're a Die Hard is a christmas film kind of person mate. >>50010257 I'll see what I can do lad.

1 hours later 50010287 Anonymous
>>50010206 Isnt britfeel just failed normies anyway? Like my whole life was spent trying to be a normie, I can't hate them I just wish I was them

1 hours later 50010291 Anonymous
i want to talk to my gf but she's asleep.

1 hours later 50010307 Anonymous
>Normies are happily spending time with their families >We're here debating who is a robot or not

1 hours later 50010308 Anonymous
>>50010287 >trying to be a normie why would you want to be like them?

1 hours later 50010314 Moni
>>50010264 Said the radio was just them rambling about nothing, not related to the /britfeel/ threads in any way and the only reason they got a bump in viewership for the last episode was because I linked /brit/

1 hours later 50010316 Anonymous
>>50010291 Grow a pair and wake the bitch up

1 hours later 50010320 Anonymous
>>50010119 What are yellow people?

1 hours later 50010336 Moni
>>50010320 >What are yellow people? y'know, chingers

1 hours later 50010341 Anonymous
>>50010287 I think most of us are socially awkward lads that never matured properly.

1 hours later 50010346 Anonymous
>>50010314 You've no idea what you're talking about lad. They link their show to /brit/ anyway. And /pol/. Nothing to do with you.

1 hours later 50010362 Anonymous
>>50010336 I thought we don't have very many of them compared to USA. The main minority in the UK are Pakistanis and Bangladeshis.

1 hours later 50010365 Anonymous
>>50010287 I reckon I'm 100% a failed normie. I was always kind of a dork growing up but I had a wide circle of friends, did well in school wasn't anxious or withdrawn and used to go out all day every day with my pals on our bikes. Then when your parents get divorced at 13 everything goes to shit.

1 hours later 50010366 Anonymous
>>50010314 Based. Shut them for us would you?

1 hours later 50010373 Anonymous
>>50010308 I just want happiness, I'm sick of being weird

1 hours later 50010376 Anonymous (1531337277787.png 773x825 29kB)
>going to have to spend 60 quid on a Smash Bros download code so my sister has something to play on Christmas because dad was too cheap to buy her a game

1 hours later 50010377 Anonymous
lads, one finger death punch is the best game i've ever played. only 79p on steam

1 hours later 50010378 Anonymous
>>50010316 she has work early in the morning so I don't really want to.

1 hours later 50010393 Anonymous
>>50010373 you can find happiness but you wont stop being weird.

1 hours later 50010406 Moni
>>50010376 or you could just go to a shop tomorrow and buy a physical copy?

1 hours later 50010412 Moni
>>50010362 There are still a lot, we have tonnes of china towns

1 hours later 50010417 Anonymous
>>50010406 I'd have to spend 60 quid on a physical copy that's probably not in stock

1 hours later 50010425 Anonymous
how do people have the confidence to shag?

1 hours later 50010431 Anonymous
>>50010287 Despite allegedly being one of the most normie people here (false) I have literally no desire to be one. My ultimate goal (finally achieved in 2018) was to have a stable and sufficient source of income in a job I enjoy, living in solitude. I am quite ambitious for 2019

1 hours later 50010437 Anonymous
>>50010412 They are too busy working in their parent's takeaway, no time for /r9k/

1 hours later 50010446 Moni
>>50010417 >not in stock unlikely

1 hours later 50010465 Anonymous
>>50010431 Why would you want to be so unattractive that you can't attract a partner? apparently that is what a robot is

2 hours later 50010490 Anonymous
>>50010431 have you had sex if yes you are a normie.

2 hours later 50010492 Anonymous
If all our behaviours are determined and we're all just products of our environment then how the hell can we take responsibility for our actions? Sorry I'm a NEET mummy, there is no other way. Free will doesn't exist. *Devours family pack of Jaffa cakes*

2 hours later 50010495 Anonymous
>>50010431 Don't you want a gf? Happiness is only real when shared

2 hours later 50010507 190cm master race
Lads, alri?

2 hours later 50010520 Anonymous
>>50010495 I don't want my new gf anymore because I'm too scared of having sex with her

2 hours later 50010532 Anonymous
I'm bored and it's raining I dont want to go to the shop for my boredom cure

2 hours later 50010533 Anonymous
>>50010490 Yes I have >>50010495 I do eventually, that's the only thing missing now

2 hours later 50010550 Anonymous
>>50010492 In that case you also can't blame her for berating you

2 hours later 50010554 Anonymous
>>50010533 I rest my case then.

2 hours later 50010556 Anonymous
>>50010533 You can't get a gf because if you become that attractive you will suddenly be a normie.

2 hours later 50010557 Anonymous
>>50010532 Whenever I'm bored I just start having fun instead desu.

2 hours later 50010573 Anonymous
>>50010556 he's had sex before so he's a normie anyway

2 hours later 50010577 Anonymous
>>50010520 Maybe get drunk to take the pressure off

2 hours later 50010591 Anonymous
>>50010577 I don't know if it would help me much I am a virgin.

2 hours later 50010594 Anonymous
>>50010556 I could get a 1/10 at a moment notice if I tried. It's just that finding someone you can bond with is more down to chance than anything

2 hours later 50010617 Anonymous
I've had sex but I'm not a normie. A 19 year old unimong here whining may be 100% normal, yet they'll berate me as a 26 year old for having had sex, despite being much more abnormal than them

2 hours later 50010620 Anonymous (smug.jpg 1024x1024 55kB)
>>50010594 >I could get a 1/10 at a moment notice if I tried hello fellow chad

2 hours later 50010647 Anonymous
Absolutely tragic that that waifufriend got schizophrenia. He's with her now, at least.

2 hours later 50010659 Anonymous
>>50010591 If she likes you she'll understand. I'm a virgin and I'm dying for a gf.

2 hours later 50010687 Anonymous
>>50010617 The labels are all fucking retarded lad. Life is deeper than simply sticking a label on people.

2 hours later 50010700 Anonymous
I can't be fucked keeping up with the thread

2 hours later 50010702 Anonymous (AF1EA79E-F1A8-463F-9BF4-3730355DD531.jpg 1024x762 147kB)
Which poster is most like Apu irl?

2 hours later 50010704 Anonymous
>>50010659 here's where I fucked up I didn't want her to judge me like that so I said I wasn't a virgin.

2 hours later 50010706 Anonymous
>>50009453 it was good thank you, watched bad santa 2 and a bridget jones movie withe me family and they were both not what i expected. then i cuddled with my dog for a bit and now im going to play fortnite with my brothers

2 hours later 50010717 Anonymous
>>50010702 DManon seems like the personality Apu would have

2 hours later 50010731 Anonymous (apubustopsnow.jpg 5564x4552 1436kB)
and heres our lad stood at his favourite bus stop again, this time on a snowy /nightwalk/, just having a rest from marching around, looking at the snow and thinkin about the universe n shit, as usual theres probably a few things ive done wrong or missed and ill fix them and post an updated version soon

2 hours later 50010736 Anonymous
>>50010702 those equations dont look complicated at all desu

2 hours later 50010762 Anonymous (1544965013195.jpg 236x282 14kB)
It still hurts when I cum I'm gonna have to go to the Doctors aren't I

2 hours later 50010783 Anonymous
Lee Anthony Hoyland opening an umbrella when a rainstorm begins

2 hours later 50010795 Anonymous
>>50010717 yah looks like him too

2 hours later 50010797 Anonymous
>>50010704 Tell her you're a virgin say you're saving your virginity for the right girl, she'll like that

2 hours later 50010808 Anonymous
Lee Anthony Hoyland pulling into Stafford services for a piss, despite having only just stopped at Keele services 10 miles back for the same reason

2 hours later 50010820 Anonymous (download (1).jpg 183x276 9kB)
>>50010797 Don't listen to this anon, anon

2 hours later 50010822 Anonymous
>>50010797 I think I need to tell her. If it fucks everything up so be it, its the only time I have lied about it and I deserve what ever happens.

2 hours later 50010853 Anonymous (1535246055593.png 481x406 43kB)
>>50010795 >>50010717 Not sure what to make of this tbqh lads

2 hours later 50010866 Anonymous
>>50010702 I don't know but I think Kike night is the least

2 hours later 50010871 Anonymous
>>50010704 Oof I did that, then when it came to sex she asked me if I was and I just broke down and cried. She comforted me through the night but ghosted me after.

2 hours later 50010874 Anonymous (1529945839443.jpg 599x795 120kB)
>>50010797 >>50010853 he obviously meant this fren

2 hours later 50010898 Anonymous (il_570xN.1054566152_6eo0.jpg 570x620 55kB)
Thinking of getting pic related. Haven't bought any clothes in a very long time and thought I could get something nice to make myself look a bit better than just jeans and tshirts.

2 hours later 50010906 Anonymous
>>50010820 Yes, listen to guy obsessed with serial killers instead

2 hours later 50010930 Anonymous
>>50010898 I actually cackled and laughed out loud anon.

2 hours later 50010931 Anonymous
>>50010898 Hmmmmmm maybe not I have a Legend of Zelda hoody that I really like but can't wear because of how autistic it would look.

2 hours later 50010936 Anonymous
>>50010898 Looks shit and autistic.

2 hours later 50010941 Anonymous
>>50010898 >Thinking of getting pic related think longer and harder next time

2 hours later 50010947 Anonymous
>>50010906 Ad hominem, it's completely unrelated

2 hours later 50010951 Anonymous
>>50010871 I only lied because I like her and didn't want to scare her off but I think I'm just gonna tell her the truth and see what happens

2 hours later 50010968 Anonymous
Lee Anthony Hoyland giving the example of "the process by which a pilchard gets from the sea to a plate" when being asked to explain what logistics means

2 hours later 50010981 Anonymous
>>50010871 >broke down and cried she didn't care you was a virgin mate. this mental behavior is what scared her off.

2 hours later 50010983 Anonymous (vsAliens.png 1023x577 551kB)
Decided to watch this show about a ragtag group of Japs defending earth from alien threats. Still kind of want to drink though >>50010874 t-thanks lad u 2

2 hours later 50010984 Anonymous
>>50010951 Don't, just say it's been a long time. Lying about something that big puts a lot of trust issues in your relationship.

2 hours later 50010986 Anonymous
Lee Anthony Hoyland singing "pilchards tonight! Pilchards tonight!" To the theme of chicken tonight

2 hours later 50010998 Anonymous
>>50010898 how about just buying a normal hoodie instead of whatever the hell that is

2 hours later 50011005 Anonymous
>>50010984 its gonna be fucking painfully obvious I lied go to have sex with her and have no fucking clue there's a big difference between being 'rusty' and not actually knowing what to do

2 hours later 50011011 Anonymous
>>50010822 You've made the right choice, Godspeed

2 hours later 50011018 Anonymous
You lads alright? Bit tired tbqh but having a mince pie innit WAHEY

2 hours later 50011029 Anonymous
>>50011005 >not actually knowing what to do put the penis in the vagina

2 hours later 50011030 Anonymous
bit miffed lads. stole a stagecoach on RDR2 and thought i could stash it outside muh camp, but went to sleep and it had disappeared >>50011018 just roasting some chestnuts

2 hours later 50011031 Anonymous
>>50010898 fucking lol'd out loud

2 hours later 50011043 Anonymous
>>50010983 when was the last time you drank? what do the aliens look like?

2 hours later 50011049 Anonymous
>>50011029 yes but I don't know how.

2 hours later 50011051 Anonymous
>>50010930 >>50010931 >>50010936 >>50010941 >>50010998 >>50011031 I guess I'll just fuck off them, what the fuck?

2 hours later 50011061 Anonymous
Lee Anthony Hoyland getting caught by a speed camera on the way home from a speed awareness course

2 hours later 50011072 Anonymous
>>50010898 Do it anon wahey

2 hours later 50011087 Anonymous
>>50011043 >yesterday but only a couple of cans >dont know yet I'll keep you posted

2 hours later 50011088 Anonymous
Lee Anthony Hoyland trying to persuade the boss of Heinz to move the HQ to Milton Keynes by saying "Keynes meanz Heinz"

2 hours later 50011091 Anonymous
>>50010898 Looks like something Lee Anthony Hoyland's mum would buy for him

2 hours later 50011094 Anonymous
>>50011051 Get it you fucking pussy What do you care what a bunch of failed normies think

2 hours later 50011096 Anonymous
>>50011051 They look very cheap and I can't find any for sale other than 20 quid ones on ebay.

2 hours later 50011098 Anonymous
>>50010986 >>50011088 I liked these two lad

2 hours later 50011109 Anonymous
>>50011049 >I don't know how. it's the most natural thing in the world. Were you homeschooled or something?

2 hours later 50011119 Anonymous
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zSO Jk7ggJts asian girls are made for kissing because of how their mouth sticks out

2 hours later 50011125 Anonymous
>>50011109 I've never done it though have I.

2 hours later 50011140 Anonymous

2 hours later 50011142 Anonymous (kikyou-katana-samurai-sword-esa815-24446565066_6c457a60-4685-4525-bc69-fc1125b40e2f.jpg 800x800 83kB)
Thinking of buying pic related. I have wanted a traditional Katana for as long as I can remember. Probably since I was 13 and I got Ninja Scrolls from HMV Oxford Street for 11 pounds. The shop assistant didn't even ask me for ID. I love the sleak design of traditional Japanese bladed weapons. The Nihon-jin sword smiths are truly the greatest in the history of the world. This white blade will match my spirit. I am lawful good and I feel that this truly represents my inner strength. This "Kikyou Katana" is only 170 pounds. https://www.bladespro.co.uk/product s/hand-forged-1060-white-carbon-ste el-katana-samurai-sword-esa815?vari ant=35144004874&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIo by9mPu23wIVCJ3tCh0-bwXCEAkYASABEgJZ wfD_BwE I have the funds and I think I deserve this treat. Any other Katana lads in? Why Katanas are so special! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Vj -Vjsgdag

2 hours later 50011153 Anonymous
>>50011142 Even for bait this is pretty cringe lod, try again tomorrow

2 hours later 50011157 Anonymous
>>50011140 don't play silly buggers with me its more involved than that

2 hours later 50011164 Anonymous
>>50011051 People will give you funny looks and judge you if you wear that out in public lad. I wouldn't personally but if you don't care then more power to you

2 hours later 50011170 Anonymous
>>50011142 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jb3 UobSZl34

2 hours later 50011175 Anonymous (pig in blankit.png 582x441 60kB)
mmm pig in blankit luvly crismas treet

2 hours later 50011203 Anonymous
>>50011175 but they really are delicious

2 hours later 50011205 Anonymous
>>50011175 Literally the most based food in existence

2 hours later 50011211 Anonymous
FUCK IT. Going to the shop what do you lads want?

2 hours later 50011224 Anonymous
>>50011205 honestly never seen the point in them a sausage without bacon is nicer I only eat them because I'm ashamed to say I don't like them when everyone else is super excited

2 hours later 50011225 Anonymous
>>50011170 What a weird accent. Properly autistic lad. Shame he was bullied heavily in the comments.

2 hours later 50011249 Anonymous
>>50011170 >lT'S TAPE

2 hours later 50011251 Anonymous
That sausage rolls Christmas song made me depressed and want to slit my throat

2 hours later 50011256 Anonymous (1530362645454.jpg 400x525 87kB)
>>50011224 *storms into your family dinning room on Christmas day* listen you cunts anon here doesnt like pigs in blankets so piss off

2 hours later 50011276 Moni
Gonna eat some cheese slices

2 hours later 50011295 Anon's Mum
>>50011256 *looks at anon* Get out. Get the fuck out. I'M ASHAMED TO CALL YOU MY SON, GET THE FUCK OUT OF THIS HOUSE AND DON'T CONTACT ME EVER AGAIN!

2 hours later 50011304 Anonymous
>>50010898 fuck sake lad reminds me of being 13, i wanted to make a cape out of some curtains for school

2 hours later 50011311 Anonymous
>>50011276 real cheese or that plastic alien shite?

2 hours later 50011312 Anonymous

2 hours later 50011315 Anonymous
>>50011295 >I'M ASHAMED TO CALL YOU MY SON kek my mum literally said this to my this afternoon

2 hours later 50011328 Anon's Racist Uncle
>>50011256 doesn't like pigs in blankets, eh? he's just like one of them bloody muslims, isn't he, eh? *awkward silence*

2 hours later 50011330 Anonymous
>>50011256 >>50011295 >>50011315 no don't do this

2 hours later 50011350 Anon's Granddad
>>50011256 *has a heart attack from the shock and collapses*

2 hours later 50011351 Moni
>>50011311 50% fat reduced cheddar need to finish it off before buying full fat for my keto diet

2 hours later 50011355 Anonymous (1545509469087.gif 438x255 1865kB)
>>50011315 what did you do, originally speaking?

2 hours later 50011367 Anonymous
>>50011330 she did tbqh, i normally get "youre an embarrassment" or "youre showing me up" but today must have been a special day

2 hours later 50011390 Anon's 4 Year Old Niece
>>50011256 m-mummy, w-why does uncle anon not like pigs in blankets? that's just silly!

2 hours later 50011401 Anonymous
>>50011355 literally nothing, she just says stuff like that to me, years ago when i was younger shed wake me up in the middle of the night, have a go at me for things i havent done and fuck off back to bed, i think shes mentally ill tbf but ive grown up with it and im used to it now

2 hours later 50011404 Anonymous
>>50011367 Were you looking in your sister's knicker drawer?

2 hours later 50011407 Steve Austin who enjoys spending Xmas at random people's houses (1545347405692.jpg 285x285 12kB)
>>50011256 Listen here you little punk ass bitch, if you dont eat these pigs in blankets then old Stone Cold gonna give ya a Christmas sized ass whooping

2 hours later 50011439 Anonymous
>>50011404 i dont have a sister and she doesnt have a knicker drawer

2 hours later 50011456 Anonymous
Is it weird to not give cards till it's christmas. Everyone gives them out early but i think you should get them on the day. My mum was asking todqy, and i said the same thing i say every year, it's not christmas yet

2 hours later 50011458 Anonymous (clown.png 643x509 53kB)
>>50011312 o-ok pls no booley :( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QQP fPEJsswI

2 hours later 50011538 Anonymous
Hey cola I am printing your submarine now

2 hours later 50011539 Anonymous
Any lads in dubtrack 2night?

2 hours later 50011544 Anonymous (1507846581404.png 1172x675 32kB)
All I done today is play borderlands 2 and eat. Productive day overall I say

2 hours later 50011550 Anonymous
>>50011456 I always thought the same. As a kid if I got cards in the post from family I could open the christmas cards early but never birthday cards. Doesn't make sense.

2 hours later 50011575 Anonymous
>>50011539 Give us 20 minutes I just stuck a pizza in the oven.

3 hours later 50011580 Anonymous
>>50011456 A lady from work gave me one the other day and my family gets some posted to them a lot. So I say its quite normal to get stuff earlier

3 hours later 50011594 Anonymous
>>50011575 Alright lid I'm waiting:^)

3 hours later 50011658 Anonymous
>>50011544 *farts in your face* how is that for productive

3 hours later 50011675 Anonymous (1531083411374.jpg 654x500 42kB)
>playing Tekken >online against some greasy wop >playing a character I've never played against before >manage to come back from 2 rounds down to win the first match >rematch them >he's about to win his third round >alt+f4 OOPS looks like it's a double win for me

3 hours later 50011678 Anonymous (1522345582187.jpg 645x773 48kB)
>>50011658 Good mate let me inhale another please

3 hours later 50011685 Actual Pig (not in a blanket, however) (copper.jpg 736x980 72kB)
>>50011256 *knock knock* We've had a report that someone in this household doesn't like pigs in blankets, now who is this person?

3 hours later 50011711 Anonymous
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MHN b1k7YxeA >filmed in Bristol Looks like a fucking dump.

3 hours later 50011722 Anonymous (1507846766677.jpg 495x362 19kB)

3 hours later 50011747 Anonymous
Gone back up norf to see family and my 14 year old brother is 6'5. I'm 6'0 and feel like a manlet.

3 hours later 50011775 Actual Pig (not in a blanket, however) (OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOI.jpg 736x980 40kB)
>>50011722 *wrestles you to the floor and handcuffs you* There'll be no tolerance for those who dislike pigs in blankets in this country, they're objectively the best Christmas food!

3 hours later 50011778 Anonymous
>>50011747 Six foot is manet tier these days to be fair

3 hours later 50011836 Anonymous
Who's out tomorrow for crimbo eve? Going to get fucking steamed. Brother round tonight and we've had a few stellas. Tomorrow morning we'll go upto the butcher and get the meat for christmas dinner then in the pub by 4 onwards til time.

3 hours later 50011846 Anonymous (gud post.png 824x896 385kB)
>>50011295 >>50011312 >>50011328 >>50011350 >>50011390 >>50011685 Thanks lads havent had that many (you)s in awhile

3 hours later 50011856 Anonymous
>tfw didnt get any, not a single one ;_;

3 hours later 50011858 Anonymous
>>50011836 Yes mate going for a few with granddad and probably sister and step dad.

3 hours later 50011863 Anonymous
>>50011722 >>50011775 Guys I'm sorry about the pigs in blankets, wish I hadn't brought it up now.

3 hours later 50011875 Anonymous (krissmess wif mi fren gondola.jpg 1028x508 87kB)
>>50011846 you're welcome lad, was pretty funny have this christmas helper

3 hours later 50011883 Anonymous (PHWOR.png 646x720 14kB)
Back from the shop couple of slags in there buying fags wahey

3 hours later 50011899 Anonymous
>>50011856 *gives you a good one*

3 hours later 50011908 Anonymous
>>50011883 >they're smokers instant turnoff tbqhwyl

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