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2018-12-23 08:35 50008531 Anonymous (1533745316119.jpg 2327x2209 1221kB)
>just hit the gym bro Look, I'm all for not being a lardass, but why does it have to be the gym? Why do so many men keep parroting this shit? It's like you're less of a man just because you're not buff or with a perfectly toned body. Have men been brainwashed? Or have women become too entitled?

9 min later 50008691 Anonymous
>>50008531 Humanity has allways been skewered towards the needs and whims of all cunts. Being a woman=life on easy mode. Refute this.

11 min later 50008727 Anonymous
Being fit is awesome and working out is a proven way to reduce depression.

12 min later 50008746 Anonymous
just ignore the people trying to tyrannize your life

13 min later 50008768 Anonymous
the gym sucks, exercise at home

14 min later 50008784 Anonymous
>>50008531 This is why you should go gay. women are dumb

15 min later 50008804 Anonymous
>>50008531 Just stop caring and the problem will go away

19 min later 50008870 Anonymous
How to cure depression!! Go to gym!!

22 min later 50008928 Anonymous
>>50008768 Exercise for the sake of exercise in general sucks, it's boring and monotonous, it's tragic that people don't have better things to do than to go to a special building to run/wiggle/lift objects on the same spot for hours of their day without any reason beyond their looks. The only reason why people now suddenly give a shit about going to gym and working out is because of the rise of social media, where the amount of "success" and "acceptance" is directly proportional to how visually attractive you are. Don't believe me? Just think about even 10 years ago - before instagram, facebook and the rest were big deals, no one besides sports enthusiasts and the obviously mentally deranged frequented gyms. Now gyms are meccas for internet crafted sociopaths.

58 min later 50009521 Anonymous
>>50008928 You're just jealous of guys that are fit, you're no better than tall retards telling any ambitious short person he has a "Nalolean Complex"

1 hours later 50009579 Anonymous
>>50008531 No one actually cares in real life. Sure, being fit makes you hotter, but most men aren't fit and they get laid anyway.

1 hours later 50009663 Anonymous
>>50009521 Haha damn, sounds like your only sense of identity is your "fitness" bro, sorry for shitting on it so completely. Listen though, it's not your fault that you feel your only path to happiness and companionship is by doing repetitive mechanical movements (though admittedly it is much easier than having any form creativity or independent thought), hell all the zoomers on 4chan propagate this shit just as much, if not more than on facebook or instagram. We sure live in a fucked up world now.

1 hours later 50009710 Anonymous
>>50008531 Because women demand a muscle to bodyfat ratio that is ekvivalent of a pro easthetic body male competitor. Honest red pill here. Some guys are gonna have to use steroids to get fit.

1 hours later 50009821 Anonymous (ken-training-790x1133-558x800.jpg 558x800 88kB)
>>50008928 >exercise sucks What the fuck? It's very soothing for me. Almost like meditation. All my worries and stress just vanishes and the only thing that matters is to push the weight or keep running or whatever else. The feeling is like a drug. I even get withdrawal symptoms from not exercising. It's like taking crack but with only positive side effects.

1 hours later 50009883 Anonymous
>>50009821 i used to think this way, i miss it. after i got crohns disease i stopped caring about working out, whats the point, you could die tomorrow so might as well eat what you want and sit around playing vidya

1 hours later 50009912 Anonymous
>>50008928 worst part of it all is that they aren't even exercising because it's fun or because it feels good or whatever. they're investing hours of their free time every day on bodybuilding, only because women ordered them to. women rule their life.

1 hours later 50009959 Anonymous (onepunchman1.jpg 590x666 189kB)
>>50009883 >you could die tomorrow Exactly. That's why I do things I enjoy. Good thing is that that means exercising and eating healthy.

1 hours later 50009996 Anonymous
>>50009821 That wasn't what was written though was it It was >Exercise for the sake of exercise in general sucks I do physical labour every day and cycle to travel. It keeps me healthy while actually contributing towards the production of something. I can't think of anything more pointless than getting on an exercise bike and cycling 40 miles while travelling nowhere or picking up and putting down thousands of kg in weights without building something, and what boggles my fucking mind is that there are people who are actually being proud of doing that. The only way I can imagine it being like a drug for you is if your exercise routine the only physical exertion you do, which is in itself, fucking sad - like a bizarre contrived cultivated lifestyle where nothing actually matters. Do something better with your time.

1 hours later 50010049 Anonymous
>>50008928 Implying that you are more interesting than fit people

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