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2018-12-23 08:30 50008443 Anonymous (vantage.jpg 700x930 64kB)
>Catch female employee at store looking at me a lot >If I happen to have her as my cashier she smiles and laughs a lot >She's not the most attractive but neither am I, we're pretty close to a looksmatch >Maybe this will be my turn for a gf >Start pumping myself up over the course of days >Simulating different scenarios in my head of how to ask her out >Go to store >Theres a new employee >A guy who looks like me but with a slightly more attractive face and worse- a few inches taller >Leave defeated >tfw probably won't be that close to having a gf for years Pretty sure God was pranking me

1 hours later 50009556 Anonymous
>>50008443 Just ask her out. She might like your initiative.

1 hours later 50009620 Anonymous
>>50008443 A good reminder is that if its her job to be there she doesnt like you

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