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2018-12-23 08:29 50008428 Anonymous (3D46DF2.gif 500x260 680kB)
I want to fuck my cousin so bad

1 min later 50008449 Anonymous
>>50008428 I fuck mine every Midsummer's when I see her in the homeland (totally legal). It's our family tradition.

2 min later 50008463 Anonymous
>>50008449 What is your homeland? I wish I lived somewhere where it was normal

4 min later 50008497 Anonymous
>>50008463 It's legal, but frowned upon usually. Our family would disown us for sure and her boyfriend would dump her. We got really drunk once and that's how it started. We both admitted we liked the "taboo" of it and continued.

5 min later 50008524 Anonymous
>>50008497 That's hot as fuck. What does she look like?

28 min later 50008930 Anonymous
SwEEt HoMe AlAbaMA oringal post made by me!!!

1 hours later 50009690 Anonymous
>>50008524 >What does she look like? A cross between Kiira Korpi and Pihla Viitala.

1 hours later 50009742 Anonymous
>>50009690 safe to say your homeland is finland?

1 hours later 50009802 Anonymous (1543020335787.jpg 1080x1080 260kB)
>>50009742 Close, my friend,

1 hours later 50009806 Anonymous
>>50008930 .t didn't have a hot cousin

1 hours later 50009836 Anonymous
lmao cousins are made for fucking seriously >not losing your virginity to your cousin failure

1 hours later 50009916 Anonymous
>>50009836 I would fuck her like an animal if I could. There's just never time when we are alone. Maybe I could get drunk with her like OP

1 hours later 50010015 Anonymous
>>50008449 >>50008497 >>50009690 Fuck I have to jerk off now.

1 hours later 50010228 Anonymous
>>50008449 Have you ever came on her face?

2 hours later 50010602 Anonymous
>>50010228 She's on the pill, I cum inside her. Neither of us want to have childs with the other, we just like the fucking.

2 hours later 50010649 Anonymous
>>50009836 >tfw no extended family to grow up with People with cousins cannot be robots

2 hours later 50010765 Anonymous
>>50010602 What's the most dirty thing you've done with her? Is it usually just plain sex. I'm a virgin, I don't know how this works.

2 hours later 50011198 Anonymous
>>50010765 We had a three some with a chick we picked up at the bar in Hotell Viru, Occasional anal (usually my last night there) and light BDSM.

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