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2018-12-23 08:21 50008299 Anonymous (King Arthur.jpg 800x480 193kB)
According to BBC TV shows there were black people all over Europe during the Middle Ages. Some of these shows even make them look like the majority. Does that mean European colonialism in Africa was black people colonizing other black people?

1 min later 50008324 Anonymous
obsessed yikes

6 min later 50008404 Anonymous
duh, where do you think wakanda got all its technology from? the only reason they could get where they are is because they could spy on us from the inside throughout the ages

1 hours later 50009438 Anonymous
>>50008299 My dad listens to CBC radio and you won't believe that propaganda shit they say on there.

1 hours later 50009526 Anonymous
its muslims. they need to get bombed

1 hours later 50009666 Anonymous
>>50008299 They're black washing the shit out of everything to be "politically correct". They should cast the whitest guy they can find in an invictus remake

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