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2018-12-23 08:20 50008277 Anonymous (peperu.png 129x195 34kB)
What the fuck are you doing on NYE anons

36 min later 50008911 Anonymous
deciding wether or not to go to NY in times square to be an npc normie/ get drunk at times square or stay home and have a few beers with other neets on discord/ brother

43 min later 50009036 Anonymous
>>50008277 >What the fuck are you doing on NYE anons unironically your mom

44 min later 50009042 Anonymous
4chan and sleeping.

1 hours later 50010186 Anonymous
piss on my partying faggots neighbors door

2 hours later 50010716 Anonymous
probably hanging with friends aka coworkers aka the kind of friends that aren't close and you stop talking to gradually once you leave the job. I hate new years becauase of the whole kiss someone at 1200. that never happens

2 hours later 50010754 Anonymous (0e9.jpg 499x499 26kB)
>>50008277 Alcohol and suicidal thoughts. I might actually make it this time. Wish me luck frens

2 hours later 50010802 Anonymous
Same thing I do every day post here walk, play video games.

2 hours later 50010912 Anonymous
probably boozing with 2 guys who would fit for r9k i think

2 hours later 50011003 Anonymous
i hate new years eve, several yrs ago i was at least shooting fireworks but nowadays 31.12 and 1.01 are the most depressive days for me, i realize i lost another year and another years going to pass faster and faster and...

2 hours later 50011032 Anonymous
i know exactly what i'll be doing laying in my bed being depressed/suicidal browsing either here or youtube

2 hours later 50011059 Anonymous
could have fucked two fat girls i was watching anime with at their house last NYE now im alone, havent eaten all day, probably havent gotten any gifts, and work at 8 am tomorrow funny how life change...

2 hours later 50011092 Anonymous
>>50008277 Same for the last 3 years so far. Nothing.

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