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2018-12-23 08:15 50008166 Secret Sandler /r9k/ Christmas Party 2018 #48 (48.jpg 342x355 42kB)
Previous thread >>49962000 This thread is for discussing all things Christmas, how your holidays are going, family issues, general griping, and posting your amazon wishlist or buying for others. >How does the amazon part work? People will post their Amazon wishlist link according to the instructions in the next post down, thanks to you all. People who enter the thread may post their liist at will, and it is your decision to gift who you want. ----------------------------- FAQ: >Does my address get shown? Your city and state, and shipping name. Refer to the instruction image below. Shipping name can be anything you want. >How will I know if something has been bought for me then? Items disappear off your list after being purchased. You can also go to your list, press Filter and Sort, then select Purchased. >Will the information of the gifter be shown to the recipient? No, all of your information will be protected. The recipient will not see any info. >How can I post my Wishlist without being blocked by the filter then? Press the Share Envelope and copy the permalink. If that doesn't work, remove the dot from your link. >Why should I gift something? I'm not gonna get anything in return! This is a different take on a Secret Santa, where anyone can gift or get from anyone. If you're feeling generous, please do consider giving back to others. >Last year people bought stuff for others and then cancelled them to epic fucking troll us! And they did that the previous year, and the year before that too. It happens when you have Amazon wishlists, it's disappointing to lose out on a gift, but the item will just go back on your list like they never screwed with you at all. Remember to have a good time, a lot of us don't have much else going for us in the year, so this event can be fun if you follow the guidelines. Remember to post images of whatever you get so we can make new comps. Current number of gifts delivered: 140 >IMGUR gifts delivered this year: yTqhTUl

0 min later 50008182 Secret Sandler (r9kinstructionsbetter.png 944x1320 445kB)
>>50008166 DO NOT "INVITE" PEOPLE TO YOUR LIST, use "send list to others" instead as the choice THINGS TO IGNORE: >PEOPLE BUYING THE ENTIRETY OF YOU AND OTHERS LISTS, NO MATTER HOW EXPENSIVE >heh, you fuckin idiots...last year i got an epic haul by making fake addresses and got tons of gifts for free...im doin it this time again too :)))) >look at all these things you guys bought my baby, that i totally didn't buy off my own wishlist and post pics with to fuck the thread up! >god damnit this shit again??? clogging up the top threads of r9k, how else am i gonna see 10 trap threads????? >DISCORDS DISCORDS DISCORDS discords BEST PRACTICES: >Grinchers want attention, do not give them attention thanks >content contribution is encouraged >keep the thread comfy >If you claim to have bought something, post prooof in the thread >Trip codes are welcome and even encouraged in this thread >Do not respond fall for, "Hi, just off to work, I'll look when I get back but here is my list NOW" or "I don't have money rn, but I get paid this Friday, this is my link NOW btw" thanks you guys oregano >Don't reply to bait in general thank you everyone Thanks, guys, have a very good christmas everybody here.

3 min later 50008223 Secret Sandler
I hope you all are having a fairly decent christmas weekend and buildup to christmas eve and day. How are you all hanging in there so far, doing any drinking, got any family annoying the shit out of you?

4 min later 50008254 Anonymous
>>50008166 >>50008182 >>50008223 The previous thread hasn't even hit the bump limit yet ffs

4 min later 50008258 Anonymous
>>50008223 im really happy myself! i've never, ever celebrated christmas and i won't be able to for a while although i really want to. this thread is comfy to me! (but last thread someone got really mad and i dont wanna upset any other people so no list posting for me) i hope you're okay too sandler?

4 min later 50008259 Anonymous (2d72b91ff5d36298eecabe9784da50b64e43b4fcf974ab1eccb6a8762b1f09dc.jpg 960x720 106kB)
You won't BELIEVE the third item on this list. It's never been seen on any other wish list ever! http://amzn.eu/eWmXSfG

5 min later 50008271 Anonymous
thx sandman http://a.co/f91BgF5

5 min later 50008290 Anonymous
>>50008166 https://store.steampowered.com/wish list/id/ILoveMordred/ http://a.co/cEx8FYR Did have another amazon wishlist around thread ~20, but since it got fucked by grinching I remade it. Not trying to be deceitful to anyone. >>50008223 Im finally breaking open that bottle of Suntory Hibiki japanese whisky i was talking about 20 threads ago! No way in hell I can handle the holiday sober. Family should be fine. It's just my mom, grandma, and grandmas new boyfriend. Get along fairly well with em all. Gonna eat like pigs and call it a night.

6 min later 50008300 Anonymous
>>50008223 no but im working alll weekend. didnt get a christmas bonus either so im working slowly and takin lotsa bathroom breaks

7 min later 50008313 Anonymous
>>50008259 >>50008271 >>50008290 >Still posting wishlists What a bunch of idiots.

7 min later 50008315 Anonymous
>>50008254 then you can have the pleasure of posting only 33 more times in it if you liked it so much

7 min later 50008329 Anonymous
>>50008313 aw, what's wrong with them? christmas is a time of giving, what's bothering you anon? :c

8 min later 50008336 Anonymous (1502584709895.jpg 600x656 99kB)
http://amzn.eu/dIdfiAZ Merry Christmas fellas! Currently fighting a fucking brutal hangover so I'm gonna lay back in my chair and go for a nap. Hope you all have a good day!

12 min later 50008399 Anonymous
OFFICIAL WISHLIST RATINGS *updated* >patrician tier mens clothes cooking utensils >honorary aryan tier hygiene essentials >casual tier toys snacks video games art supplies electronic accessories >meh tier weebshit steam gifts flesh lights >deserving of a ban tier consoles crossdresser/womens clothes >nigger kike tier books movies fallout 76 funko pop

14 min later 50008432 Anonymous
>>50008166 registry/wishlist/8K7AZKPRI6IE >>50008271 i was gonna buy you terraria but i couldn't figure out how because i don't have a us account i'm dumb

15 min later 50008459 Anonymous
>>50008432 im sorry that you were called a grinch in the last thread anon, i hope you get something today or tomorrow! (im the other faggot...) id buy you something but idk what that link is

17 min later 50008482 Anonymous (rare elliot 2.png 465x678 422kB)
have a FREE rare elliot. http://a.co/9CWYGXU what are some comfy games to play?

18 min later 50008499 Anonymous
>>50008482 stardew valley and animal crossing!

18 min later 50008502 Anonymous
>>50008166 https://www.origin.com/irl/en-us/vi ew-wishlist/XRNboH5K8ja31YSEVhXfAg- - Happy holidays anons, hopefully, you don't have 50 cousins coming over, asking if you have fortnite on your phone.

19 min later 50008538 Anonymous
>>50008399 >tfw im everything besides deserving of a ban.

20 min later 50008542 Anonymous
>>50008259 >>50008271 >>50008290 >>50008336 >>50008432 >>50008482 >>50008502 Lmao check out all of these faggot ass beggars. Not even realizing that everyone who had money to buy anyone anything is long gone.

20 min later 50008556 Anonymous
>>50008459 thank you :3 you have to put amazon and dot then slash then the link

20 min later 50008566 Anonymous
@50008542 can you fuck off im trying to masturbate

21 min later 50008576 Anonymous (FJXjgSz.gif 640x640 1659kB)
>>50008166 Grinchers waste their time. I hope all of you anon's have a good time this holiday season. Have some hot tea and coffee to feel good. http://a.co/eA4tbad Did anyone read this?

21 min later 50008582 Anonymous
>>50008432 its cool. i tried buying eu a few days ago and it wouldnt let me either

22 min later 50008588 Anonymous
>>50008566 Oops. Meant this post for >>50008542

23 min later 50008600 Anonymous
>>50008588 when you're that desperate for a (you) have one you wild boi

24 min later 50008613 Anonymous
>>50008542 >Not even realizing that everyone who had money to buy anyone anything is long gone. Someone spent $50.00 on me.

24 min later 50008618 Anonymous
>>50008600 can i have one too? i haven't had one in decades

24 min later 50008622 Anonymous
>>50008582 weird, but oh well

24 min later 50008631 Anonymous (46c5bf5a1e9e8bc3a731d642fa47d742.png 1184x701 198kB)
>>50008542 Im still here you double nigger - I just had work, because I'm not usually a useless NEET.

27 min later 50008672 Anonymous
if anyone wants to talk (i have no one to talk to) my discord is takuBloo#5547 and my steam is illio-egg (or takubeard) ill be up all night to see if someone messages!!

27 min later 50008673 Anonymous
Is it worth posting my wishlist if the only thing that's on it is an Amazon giftcard?

29 min later 50008696 Anonymous
>>50008618 sure here you go mate, merry christmas

30 min later 50008713 Anonymous
>>50008672 i'd be up to talk to you if you don't hate women

30 min later 50008719 Anonymous (christmas lights.jpg 400x300 28kB)
a gift would be very much appreciated! thank you for these threads, kind anons. what are you guys gonna be doing on christmas day? http://a.co/5xJpzxZ

31 min later 50008732 Anonymous
>>50008719 Cocaine, if my last paycheck comes in in time. I sure hope the plugs aren't busy tomorrow.

32 min later 50008747 Anonymous
>>50008719 >what are you guys gonna be doing on christmas day? Attempting to cum 15 times in one day. My record is 9.

33 min later 50008777 Anonymous (ed2a13e703299ac367a3556ef0042236.png 950x794 389kB)
>>50008166 STILL HOPEFUL STILL IN NEED OF BAPH-GF http://a.co/2KllPXi

35 min later 50008806 Anonymous
>>50008719 Hiding from family and drinking heavily

35 min later 50008825 Anonymous
>>50008747 doesn't that hurt after like 3?

36 min later 50008834 Anonymous
>>50008825 Nah, not really. I've gone up to 7 in one day and they start feeling better after the first couple Just remember to use plenty of lube so you don't burn your cock off

52 min later 50009092 Anonymous (DvA5X2FUwAEuR4O.jpg 1200x756 144kB)
Just a few things - not sure what wireless headphones are like and wondering if there are any worth around the 20 dollar range http://a.co/5YxlVFt been into kpop recently here's a nice song https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TQn m_qvTFNE

58 min later 50009204 Anonymous
Here we go again. All I want for Christmas is a million bucks in my wallet im sick of being broke http://a.co/ghSXXZb

1 hours later 50009374 Anonymous
Am i ignored? Even in group of people same as i? How can i be no one in group of no ones? How can i not be gifted anything, from the very first thread, wanting cheap shit, while others get switch or whatever fuck else, just because they are lucky. Screw these threads, luckily it will be over soon.

1 hours later 50009385 Anonymous
>>50009374 no one got a switch you mouthbreather

1 hours later 50009407 Anonymous
>>50009374 Nobody cares about anyone faggot. Go suck a dick and cry like a bitch elsewhere.

1 hours later 50009412 Anonymous
>>50009374 I'm feeling ya, man. Fuck these assholes.

1 hours later 50009422 Anonymous
>>50009204 You will be poor forever.

1 hours later 50009482 Anonymous
>>50009374 >>50009412 >IM ENTITLED TO A GIFT YOU BETTER BUY ME SHIT Gift other anons, post proof alongside a reasonable list. It's not that hard. Stop being a whiny faggot, when you post proof of gifting to others with your list kind anons usually repay the favor.

1 hours later 50009501 Anonymous
>>50008432 i'd also be happy to do a gift exchange, i like giving others gifts but it doesn't seem to work with americans

1 hours later 50009504 Anonymous
>>50009482 Shut the fuck up and sit down. Do some gifting yourself, kike.

1 hours later 50009538 Anonymous (1526162558112.jpg 997x996 303kB)
>>50009504 >no u: the post ok

1 hours later 50009643 Anonymous
>>50009482 You can stuck up that those gifts up your asshole, along with dicks of other weeb faggots here.

1 hours later 50009702 Anonymous (gift.png 357x512 63kB)
>>50009482 I gifted an anon. Do I have a reasonable list? http://amzn.eu/1RLnvn0

1 hours later 50009737 Anonymous
>>50009702 Yes. If you haven't been gifted yet, it'd be nice if you were.

1 hours later 50009750 Anonymous
>>50009737 I can only hope a kind Anon comes by.

1 hours later 50009870 Anonymous
>biological mother has once again used fake illness to fool a bunch of people into donating stuff to her and my little brother (I don't live with or speak to them) when she gets plenty of money from the government every month. She literally spends december calling people up and fake crying and they show up to her house handing her cash and presents and she hides them and rinses and repeats over and over again each time a new person comes.

1 hours later 50009975 Anonymous
>>50009374 >>50009412 >>50009504 >>50009643 No one is buying you a Switch you autistic faggot. Kill yourself.

1 hours later 50010043 Anonymous
>>50009975 I didn't even post my wish list, faggot. So stop assuming anything, you are fucking bad at it.

1 hours later 50010107 Anonymous (gift2.png 705x311 36kB)
>>50009702 This is the other gift I bought. Did any one see it posted?

2 hours later 50010235 Anonymous (order2.png 988x205 21kB)
>>50009702 slow ass delivery but enjoy when you get it

2 hours later 50010283 Anonymous
>>50010235 Oh wow, that's fantastic! That was the one I wanted the most. Slow delivery is okay. They ship from Japan and I'm okay with waiting for such an awesome kit. Thank you and Merry Christmas anon!

2 hours later 50010313 Anonymous
>>50010283 not him but I just can't get used to the astray, it's such a busy design. it's cool if you dig it though

2 hours later 50010345 Anonymous (keep the change you filthy animal.gif 268x175 1965kB)
I hope everybody has a merry christmas this year. http://a.co/eKZBdyJ

2 hours later 50010381 Anonymous
>>50010313 The original Astrays are cool. The blue frame is under loved, I enjoyed reading the Serpent tail stories.

2 hours later 50010515 Anonymous
might be too late as I just recently learned how to edit the list so its third party shipping. just some things to replace the ones, have a merry christmas robos http://a.co/7NXObWy

2 hours later 50010564 Anonymous
http://a.co/7Q8nx9q What's your favorite Christmas treat or food anon?

2 hours later 50010611 Anonymous
Here we go: http://a.co/7Zo51G4

2 hours later 50010778 Anonymous (DuXf2I_VYAApfqF.jpg 1200x1200 82kB)
>>50009092 I don't know if I'm reading it right, but it says that an anon (or anons?) bought everything on my list - I just wanna say that I'm very grateful and honestly in tears right now because you'd made my year. This has been the worst year of my life, but you've made me very happy in the end. I didn't really expect anything and more than material things, I'm happy anyone even gave a shit about me enough to spend on things I wanted. Thank you so much anon(s). I hope that whatever is it that you want in life, you get it. I hope I'm expressing how thankful I am properly https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=92R a4vqc7oY

2 hours later 50010798 Anonymous
>>50010778 imagine not knowing you got grinched

2 hours later 50010852 Anonymous
>>50010611 Fuck off roastie ioriughinal

2 hours later 50010869 Anonymous
Time to go die http://a.co/h1EeLFS

2 hours later 50010877 Anonymous
>>50010798 oh, didn't know that was a thing well that sucks

2 hours later 50010880 Anonymous (344.gif 400x300 632kB)
>>50010778 aw jeez who's gonna tell them

2 hours later 50010942 Anonymous
Couldn't care less if stuff arrives after Christmas, just happy to get a gift from someone that isn't family http://a.co/4YnPbga

2 hours later 50010991 Anonymous (comfy pepe.gif 666x386 350kB)
Anything on this list would be great http://a.co/aSSEISl

2 hours later 50011060 Anonymous (1533645808253.jpg 493x658 44kB)
>>49977943 Done with your request, friend. Hope it's okay. SO MANY GUNDAMS, MAN. But it's chill because you're a cool anon.

2 hours later 50011070 Anonymous
>>50010869 This is Rog. He is one of the grinchers. He grinched the roastie then posted his list.

2 hours later 50011075 Anonymous
New thread, and I'm a poorfag. So I will shamelessly put it here again. http://a.co/6X6oeAr

2 hours later 50011107 Anonymous
>>50010942 >http://a.co/aSSEISl >>50011070 This is another one of his sock puppets.

2 hours later 50011149 Anonymous
>>50011070 >He grinched the roastie Based.

2 hours later 50011165 Anonymous
>>50011070 Imagine not grinch proofing your list. You kind of deserve it at this point.

2 hours later 50011168 Anonymous
>>50011107 no wut? Ive just been chilling in these threads

3 hours later 50011221 Anonymous
If the grinches are back only gift people who can post evidence of gifting another anon. No evidence no gift. Look for lists with gift pictures with them.

3 hours later 50011226 Anonymous
>>50011221 The grinches never left retard

3 hours later 50011250 Anonymous
>>50011226 Yeah, exactly. I'm one of the grinches and I've been hanging out in every single thread.

3 hours later 50011301 Anonymous
>>50011221 What would be the point of this thread then if you have money to buy gifts why not just buy your own shit? This thread should be for people who can't really afford the things they want. Fuck off, asshole.

3 hours later 50011352 Anonymous
>>50011301 The point is to get gifts from a stranger and to gift others. You all spend a little and get a little to spread the Christmas cheer and make something you own special.

3 hours later 50011365 Anonymous
Literally too retarded to mod my 3DS but wanna get into vidya more. http://a.co/dQY4aLi

3 hours later 50011393 Anonymous
>>50011301 >>50011352 You're both technically right, because the criteria for getting someone a gift is up to the person.

3 hours later 50011395 Anonymous
>>50011352 Well the majority of people who post their wl's in this thread are poorfags and this is one of their few chances to get some things they have wanted. Some of us dont have $5 to spare

3 hours later 50011463 Anonymous (bathroom_gun1.jpg 532x296 25kB)
Merry Christmas Eve Eve guys. http://a.co/2uQvkzR Recently hacked my 3ds, since I never use it, and got a bunch of games for it. A grip could be neat. Also bought an old used car recently which only has a CD player. Hoping some tunes would make my commute to work a little less insufferable.

3 hours later 50011513 Anonymous
>>50011463 Hacking the 3ds was the best decision I made with the thing, played it more in a month after doing that than I did for the entire three years I owned the thing. Fucking great system with hacks. For the music situation, I'm in a similar case with my car, only has a CD player too. I use a wee bluetooth radio player, connects to your phone then you plug it into the cigarette lighter and you use the radio on the dash to listen to it.

3 hours later 50011516 Anonymous (1532363056204.jpg 875x700 63kB)
http://a.co/7VvmoTm Could somebody buy me the toy car please?

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