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2018-12-23 08:15 50008164 Anonymous (1538737658533.jpg 1992x1308 842kB)
Why haven't you gone gay if you're so desperate? >B-But I don't like dicks! Just think about fucking a girl anon! >I don't like guys Have you ever been around girls in your life? How can you not choose your own chromosomes over hoes? >I'm waiting for the right girl By the age of 20 all women have had more or less 50 guys under their belts, you're wasting your time for a dumb roastie with a flabby cunt. Is this what you really want anon?

4 min later 50008246 Anonymous (1541484623531.jpg 850x889 188kB)
>>50008164 How about you fuck off faggot no body wants your aids

12 min later 50008403 Anonymous
>>50008246 Roasties carry diseases too

40 min later 50008893 Anonymous
>>50008164 cuz that's gay lol

45 min later 50008976 Anonymous
gay and sagepilled

47 min later 50009018 Anonymous (othony kaytano.png 1016x696 1282kB)
>>50008164 anyone got a source on the porn pic in the bottom right? or a way to source it?

51 min later 50009082 Anonymous
>>50008164 Better the worst women or staying lone than being a fag

52 min later 50009102 Anonymous
>>50008164 >become gay >start trying to talk to guys >now I'm being ghosted by women and men wow thanks

1 hours later 50009324 Anonymous (RTWgvkC.jpg 2512x2152 816kB)
So many people have told the same story: They tried to get with girls, theor lives were ruined. It was hell and worse. Then they tried some gay. Now everything is much better. Now their life is good. How can you deny this much proof?

1 hours later 50009368 Anonymous (gay men.jpg 721x960 28kB)
>>50009324 >have to either fuck a shitter or be fucked in you shitter for the rest of your life >men across the board see 18 year olds as the prime, whereas a woman will find you attractive as long as you're a similar age >homosexuality is practiced almost onl polygamously I have a bf and it's hell and I don't know how to leave. Even if I did, I don't want a woman because they have insufferable personalities. At least I get cuddled this way I guess.

1 hours later 50009372 Anonymous
Not sexually attracted to man bodies/faces. I am sexually attracted to dicks but everything else attached to them does not turn me on. Woman faces/bodies I am sexually attracted to.

1 hours later 50009377 Anonymous
>>50009324 >anecdotal evidence >proof

1 hours later 50009427 Anonymous
>>50009368 Dude! Fat 1/10 white boy got a 10/10 nigger! Imagine what you can get if you're 2/10

1 hours later 50009448 Anonymous
>>50009102 true red pill right here

1 hours later 50009517 Anonymous
>>50009372 It only makes sense to go with the gender you are 95% attracted to instead of 5%.

1 hours later 50009536 Anonymous
Guys! Its either the rainbow pill or suicide. Look at this wheelie 3ft dwarf girl. She demands 6ft tall able bodied Chad. Goes on date with handsome guy, great good person, but noooo- he was 5ft 9. Do not want. And this girl is serious. If 1/10 women is off the table, you have to break the gender barrier to find new alternatives! https://youtu.be/qjr3VrHkQoc

1 hours later 50009542 Anonymous
>>50009368 i mean that's not the fault of all men that's the fault of your bf presumably. you could leave and get a new bf who you actually like?

1 hours later 50009557 Anonymous (387f993e35b6e92b1183f45b5e13b116.jpg 1440x1428 128kB)
>>50009517 Oh... Well God will just have to find someone else to give this christmas Link good boy bf too then.

1 hours later 50009589 Anonymous
>>50008164 >he thinks traps are less selective than women Anon I've got some really bad news for you...

1 hours later 50009603 Anonymous
>>50009542 Dude, he is just complaining to complain. Look at the pic he posted. He has a 10/10 nigger bf. If he was a 2/10 decent looking nerdy kid he would probably have a 8/10 hapa bf. That is BETTER than the 3ft wheelie dwarf gf who rejected the 7/10 looking guy cuz he was under 6ft tall. This bf is maxed for a 1/10 fat white boi.

1 hours later 50009636 Anonymous (1541701570717s.jpg 125x125 3kB)

1 hours later 50009642 Anonymous
>>50009603 the pic isn't me you stupid fuck

1 hours later 50009645 Anonymous
>>50008164 Lots of arguments for and against getting a bf here. How about this: It makes your dick feel good! You're trying to get women, all this time your dick feels bad! This is not happiness!

1 hours later 50009664 Anonymous
>>50009642 So what. It is still somebody! Some 1/10 white kid achieved that!

1 hours later 50009711 Anonymous
>>50009664 or it's a meme

1 hours later 50009794 Anonymous (itistimetostop.jpg 3976x4008 1033kB)
>>50009711 No. We have the statistics on gay hookup and grindr. The gays are getting laid waaay more than straight people. After tinder women are just fucking 9/10 and 10/10 Chad and reserve Chads. Even the 8/10 are having a hard time now. Decent looking goid men have to fat and ugly smelly sluts. But they could probably have a 10/10 passing latina dickgirl, with a soft voluptous effeminate penis. It is time to widen the horizon.

1 hours later 50009805 Anonymous
>>50009794 I don't disagree. But the picture was still a meme

1 hours later 50009818 Anonymous (thepriceofpussyistoodamnhigh.jpg 3448x3274 1022kB)
>>50009536 Look at this shit! They can afford throwing anything next to perfect overboard. Even if they are a 1/10 uglyugly on wheels.

1 hours later 50009831 Anonymous
>>50009018 Do you mean the bottom left Are you a autist?

1 hours later 50009862 Anonymous
Why not just get an ftm boyfriend?

1 hours later 50009900 Anonymous (InShot_20181223_000557627.jpg 1920x1920 1081kB)
The problem is pussy monopoly. As long as only womens pussy gives men honour and bragging rights, women can set the value unopposed. Right now, any pussy is worth a chad, making average dick valueless. But if boipussy was allowed to compete. And we stopped buying pussy, we sell all pussy and stock up on boipussy. Meme gaysex as the new prog normie fad. Then a guy has two options! This fixes everything!

1 hours later 50009911 Anonymous
>>50009831 I do mean that guess I ruined my chances of finding it huh

1 hours later 50010050 Anonymous (breakthemarket.png 3186x1920 742kB)
As men realize that bedding a 10/10 super hot shemale is actually better than some fat smelly 5/10 slag, this fucks with theur pussymonopoly, devaluating their pussy. What happens then is that the pussy must be saturated. Meaning we, the men, can make demands. Like, no hymen no diamond, and it actually works. Cutting off at least two thirds of Chads harem. Lets be honest here. 3ft dwarf wheelie stinky retard gf, with brittle bone disease. You can't fuck that! So, a 10/10 twink bf is gonna be at least holding a value higher than a 1/10 gf. The higher we meme that value. The more the market value of dick will go up, as the BP steals huge market shares from the current pussy monopoly. Preferably all men who are not Chad, should fuck some gay, some trap and some futa. Its called beggars cant be choosers. We cant choose if there are not more than one option.

1 hours later 50010092 Anonymous
you can't choose gay, i tried. dicks are fun but i'm not attracted to men

1 hours later 50010101 Anonymous
>>50008164 Most women are whores all traps are

2 hours later 50010171 Anonymous
Nobody can just become gay you freaks

2 hours later 50010344 Anonymous
>>50009818 >average 7/10 guy >average >7/10... see i think this is where many men are getting confused. 7/10 is an attractive man. 8/10 is a hot guy. 9/10 is a slayer. 10/10 does not exist i say this is as a solid 6 who only gets that because i'm 6'1 with no obvious deformities. msot of you are 4's or 5's. you're getting confused, thinking of ratings like video games where a 7 is "average." most guys are 5's

2 hours later 50010416 Anonymous
>>50010344 Actually, 20% of men are the only ones tindr sluts date. 80% are beneath their standards. That means if you divide all men on tinder into ten lines, 2 of the lines get dated. These are the objectively measured 9 and 10s.

2 hours later 50010534 Anonymous
>>50010416 i feel like you're pulling numbers outta your ass and that it's way, way less than 20% of men i see guys on this board rating themselves 8+ all the time yet still complaining they can't get a girl. they're deluded. go visit the city closest to you, has to be a big city. spend a day there. the hottest guy you see all day is an 8. if you're lucky, you might see some 6'5 genetic god adonis face 9. 10 does not exist do this enough times and you get over your delusions and realize how painfully average you are. most men are grotesque. you can pose and pout in a mirror in favourable lighting and think you look good, but you're not taking in the bigger picture we have two options. war - where women will naturally cling to those who can protect them and their infants (this is what most men have done throughout all of human history), or robot waifus personally i'm holding out for the latter cause i'm probably too autistic to get a female even if i turned out to be a great warrior. but a good war might be fun anyway tl;dr we're on r9k, let's get over our delusions. we're not hot

2 hours later 50010549 Anonymous
>>50009794 >>50009818 >>50009900 >>50010050 hearty laugh anon, thanks

2 hours later 50010612 Anonymous
>>50010050 I'm buying BP

2 hours later 50010626 Anonymous
>>50008164 Traps only want chad.

2 hours later 50010636 Anonymous
>>50010534 10/10 do exist. Stop coping. The 9 and 10 are the ones who get all the pussy. No 8 looking guys get pussy on a average rating anymore. Women will literally rather fly across oceans to fuck a 10/10. Just take a male model 10/10 pic. Make a tinder profile and see how women talk differently. They talk like they want sex upfront. Women are only fucking the elite. You either go gay or go solo forever

2 hours later 50010721 Anonymous
>>50010636 >coping fucker i gave up long ago don't label me with cope, that's some very recent sadboy lookism term that i do not subscribe to. i don't cope i endure >go solo forever is a robot waifu solo? do androids dream of electric sheep? who can own a soul? who can own a tree? who can own a rock? only the great spirit

2 hours later 50010922 Anonymous
>>50010721 >the robot waifu will come and save us COOOOOOPEEEEE

2 hours later 50010948 Anonymous
>>50010721 You have to pull that robot waifu bandaid off right now. It keeps you from all the gay sex yiu need to ve having

2 hours later 50011025 Anonymous
>>50010922 acceptance shitting millenials thinking they can apply a blanket meme term to a very complex situation. you can spend your entire life in frustration, loneliness and misery, or you can start looking for a practical solution right now, saving yourself lots of time and money you're not a sexy male. you're here arguing with me, no woman will ever love you like you love her. if you're okay with that, proceed with your mundane life... if not, join the rest of us and physically build something better. that's what men are supposed to do >>50010948 i fuck trans hookers all the times but i'm not attracted to men at all. i'm just sort of attracted to cock. wish it was attracted to men, but i'm not

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