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2018-12-23 08:14 50008147 Anonymous Attention (5450e02d5848f556f950cf3d765a3cde.jpg 726x1089 108kB)
You are now aware that the average 20 year old girl has had 5 dicks inside That shy nerdy girl in your class? 5 dicks since she was 15 That weeb you talk with on discord? 5 dicks + a bunch of sexting/nudes with randoms That casually dressed cute girl on the street today? Oh boy don't get me started How does this make you feel?

3 min later 50008218 Anonymous
>>50008147 that's a nice bum

4 min later 50008233 Anonymous
>>50008218 Yeah Mia Malkova is sweet

4 min later 50008245 Anonymous
>>50008218 I know and I am glad it did its job of getting you post on my thread but please discuss the topic at hand :(

5 min later 50008253 Anonymous
>>50008147 >average 20 year old girl has had 5 dicks inside That's a conservative estimate

5 min later 50008265 Anonymous
As a present drunk this thread is suicide fuel. Legit

5 min later 50008268 Anonymous
>>50008147 >how does that make you feel Heh I was one of those 5

5 min later 50008270 Anonymous
>>50008253 There is a few virgins left dragging it down (as rare as they are)

7 min later 50008296 Anonymous
>>50008265 This is unironically my only gripe as far as dating goes. I don't feel lonely (much) and don't care about sex or finding my waifu, but knowing that if I do I find a girl match with she's most likely gonna have had a bunch of other men inside her is just.... fuck

7 min later 50008312 Anonymous
>>50008296 Yeah makes me just wanna accept my right hand

10 min later 50008361 Anonymous
>>50008147 Why blame women for doing something anyone would do in their situation. Just be glad you'll have a chance when they're 30+ single moms.

10 min later 50008364 Anonymous
>>50008147 >How does this make you feel? Like being #6 but not really wanting to jump though the hoops she is putting up.

12 min later 50008380 Anonymous
>everyone believing OP's numbers he pulled out of his ass

13 min later 50008405 Anonymous
>>50008147 >implying women arent all lying What do they have to gain from the truth

13 min later 50008413 Anonymous
>>50008380 I lost my virginity at 15. The girl i lost it to had already been with 4 other guys, If anything OPs number is on the safe side.

13 min later 50008414 Anonymous
I'm in my mid 20s and my dick has been in like 60 diff girls so who am I judge at this point?

16 min later 50008450 Anonymous
>>50008361 This, mostly. If I was a cute girl i'd suck every dick within a fifty mile radius. Wouldn't fuck no single moms though, that's just one huge red flag for everyone involved.

17 min later 50008465 Anonymous
Does the average guy ever get to be with a virgin girl when he's also a virgin? Do manwhores get virgin girls? Is it the inept beta loser who's with her first then she decides that's not good enough then goes for Chad? How does it work? I've dated a lot though I've never had sex because every girl I've met had been with multiple guys before and tried to pass it off as no big deal, the only virgin girls I've ever met were online.

18 min later 50008485 Anonymous
>>50008413 >my anecdotes extrapolate into accurate numbers

18 min later 50008490 Anonymous
>>50008147 I think its sad for a woman to find a partner she can stay with that she has to sleep around until she find one that stays

18 min later 50008493 Anonymous
>>50008465 Stop having a virgin fetish and you will find a gf.

19 min later 50008503 Anonymous
>>50008270 >implying fat girls aren't the biggest whores of all.

19 min later 50008520 Anonymous
>>50008380 Yeah u are right. He is underestimating tremendously. :(

21 min later 50008561 Anonymous
>You are now aware that the average 20 year old girl has had 5 dicks inside More like >You are now aware that the average 20 year old girl has had 5 dicks inside this month Or even >You are now aware that the average 20 year old girl has had 5 dicks inside at the same time

23 min later 50008601 Anonymous
>>50008450 Most women over 30 are single moms. Unless you are rich that's what most men date.

25 min later 50008617 Anonymous
>>50008493 >lower your standards and be with a slut That's like saying date a fat chick, of course I *could* get a gf if I went out and pretended to be a regular dudebro chad and be okay with a girl who's taken miles of dick and also get to fuck her myself but I don't want that. I've had multiple opportunities and I see absolutely no reason to be with a woman who's sullied herself, not to mention I'm not the same extroverted type so what the fuck would we have in common?

25 min later 50008626 Anonymous
>>50008601 Which is why you do not even try to date women over 30, as simple as that. Find younger ones or pay for whores.

26 min later 50008643 Anonymous (unknown.png 900x599 33kB)
>>50008380 Your mom xD Now read my image >>50008414 Leave the board desu And prostitutes don't count >>50008450 You can still suck a bunch of dick anon it ain't hard >>50008490 Best b8 post in this thread yet no replies, fuck the Earth >>50008561 Let's not get ahead of ourselves. That does happen but it's not the average

28 min later 50008670 Anonymous
>>50008617 This is exactly how I felt and I was confident in my choice. But being a 21 year old virgin and watching all these 20 years old with MODEST bodycounts of 5.... it kinda hurts >>50008503 Who mentioned fatties? Virgins do exist they're just rare and a lot of them are really insecure about it

30 min later 50008701 Anonymous
>>50008643 graph is not accurate, these bitches be lying.

31 min later 50008728 Anonymous (unknown (1).png 1208x617 414kB)
>>50008701 Then what is the TRUE average?

32 min later 50008740 Anonymous
>>50008643 According to your unsourced graph, only something like <5% of girls age 20 have had 5 or more sexual partners.

33 min later 50008756 Anonymous
>>50008740 AFTER 18

33 min later 50008760 Anonymous
>>50008617 How is having a virgin fetish a standard? That's like a guy with a fat fetish refusing to date slim girls because he doesn't want to "lower his standards".

34 min later 50008780 Anonymous
>>50008756 How do you know this? It doesn't say this in the graph. And the graph doesn't even have a source.

35 min later 50008783 Anonymous
Ok my robots Real nigga hours What's your age and what's the max bodycount you'd be OK with your future gf to have? For me anything over 5 would be a big no-no

35 min later 50008792 Anonymous
>>50008760 I never said virgin fetish, the guy I replied to did. I'm a virgin, therefore I would like to be with another person who has the same values as me. So yes, for the same reasons that someone may not want to date a smoker, I don't want to date a slut. Pretty simple. Stop trying to split hairs.

35 min later 50008795 Anonymous
>>50008728 Looks like GSS data, got a link to said table?

36 min later 50008809 Anonymous (1522329029309.jpg 540x720 53kB)
>>50008783 Anything over 2 is a big no no.

36 min later 50008826 Anonymous
>>50008792 Why would she have saved her virginity for you? Let's day she had a bf for a few years and only had sex with him. Why would you not accept such a girl, other than your insecurity?

36 min later 50008831 Anonymous
>>50008780 It says so at the very top Here you go btw http://www.slate.com/articles/life/ moneybox/2015/05/sex_history_calcul ator_is_your_number_of_sexual_partn ers_low_average_or.html?via=gdpr-co nsent Dunno why roasties would lie on an anonymous site

38 min later 50008857 Anonymous
>>50008826 Again, you're trying to split hairs and act obtuse for the sake of being a faggot baiting people. > Why would you not accept such a girl, other than your insecurity? Because I don't know what lead to the breakup, it has nothing to do with insecurity and everything to do with picking a partner that doesn't make shitty decisions like spending years with a person they had no intention of marrying.

40 min later 50008890 Anonymous
>>50008795 Not really. It was on a detailed pdf but dunno where I got it >>50008809 Good luck with that my dude lmao >>50008826 >Why would she have saved her virginity for you? What a strawman

42 min later 50008910 Anonymous
You really can't blame them though. Woman are able to fuck the hottest guys around them from the moment they hit puberty, and they always go through a phase where they don't realize being able to fuck the alpha male does not mean you can keep him, that's why their body count gets so high, always wanting the guy others girls want and not expecting him to get bored.

42 min later 50008917 Anonymous
>>50008890 >Good luck with that my dude lmao what's the alternative then? settling for a girl who's decided after being treated like garbage by "bad boys" and getting her cunt stretched out to hell and back that she's ready for a nice guy? No thanks. I'll take my chances on finding a girl who hasn't ruined herself and if I can't find that, I'd rather be alone.

44 min later 50008946 Anonymous
>>50008831 It says nothing resembling a source. Take a look again. Thanks for a link btw.

44 min later 50008953 Anonymous
>>50008917 Nothing wrong with that But as I said, good luck In my experience it's usually virgins/1 partner or 5+ Hopefully you'll find one of the rare virgins but be ready for slight autism >>50008910 >You really can't blame them though. Yes I can't. I mean I don't judge them, everyone is free to do w/e the fuck they want, I ain't judging but I can use it as a standard to dating

45 min later 50008973 Anonymous
>>50008946 Are you retarded? The link itself is the survey/source

45 min later 50008978 Anonymous
>>50008857 How are you supposed to know right away that someone is the person you will spend the rest of your life with? Hopefully no girl will make a shitty decision to accidentally dating you before realizing it was a colossal mistake.

46 min later 50008988 Anonymous
>>50008910 Or you could, you know, hold a higher standard to the intelligence of half the population rather than just throwing your hands in the air and thinking "meh, whatever"

47 min later 50008993 Anonymous
>>50008973 The graph posted was called unknown.png. The only text was "number of sexual partners" at the top.

47 min later 50009009 Anonymous
>>50008988 I mean some people don't give a fuck. Some men have high bodycounts as well Some are even ok with fucking prostitutes I dunno why those fags can't understand that some of us are not like them and find certain things unappealing

48 min later 50009019 Anonymous (1545424486148.jpg 250x176 4kB)
lol i knew a 15 year old who had fucked like 50 dudes, now shes a 21 year old who has graduated on to fucking coke dealers, her number is up in the hundreds by now, last i talked to her she would actually brag to me about how she cheated on her bf of 3 years like over 50 times, gave me these long hugs. disgusting. i could have smashed too if i wanted but she's such a whore. maybe i should hit her up and get her to suck my dick

48 min later 50009022 Anonymous
>>50008978 >How are you supposed to know right away that someone is the person you will spend the rest of your life with? Maybe one real easy way to do that is not jumping into bed with a person immediately due to impulse. And maybe our society wouldn't be so shit and run on narcissism if faggot cucks like you didn't enable people to act on hedonism. I'm sure you'll be a real good catch for a single mother with 4 half nigger kids

49 min later 50009027 Anonymous
>>50008910 Women and men have the same number of sexual partners so your story doesn't add up.

49 min later 50009030 Anonymous
These threads are complete bullshit btw I've met a lot of girls who at 18 had only been with their one bf. Met one at uni who was still a virgin and her friends laughed at her. Yes there are turbosluts but they're easy to spot from a mile away. They're the ones who have at least 3 men around them at any one time and go out of their way to look like a slut.

49 min later 50009034 Anonymous
>>50008361 yeah cuz settling for her sloppy 42nd's is awesome and what we should be happy we get to do. Fuck you but i'm the prize so thinking I should wait til after she's rode the dick ride for 15-20 yrs than marry me? fuck you cucky

49 min later 50009035 Anonymous
>>50008988 Incels are even dumber than women though

52 min later 50009080 Anonymous
>>50009019 I'd feel disgusted but you do you >>50009027 Only if you count prostitutes. Otherwise 80/20 rules apply >>50009030 >I've met a lot of girls who at 18 had only been with their one bf. 18, not 20 >Met one at uni who was still a virgin and her friends laughed at her. That supports my thread though >Yes there are turbosluts but they're easy to spot from a mile away. Yeah and those have fucked like 30 guys. What your dumb ass doesn't notice is that average/plain looking girls are on the 5+ count and they simply don't tell you.

52 min later 50009087 Anonymous
>>50009022 A pretty common thing is for a girl to date her first bf for quite a while before giving up her virginity. You are just an angry bitter virgin who is buttmad that girls are not saving themselves for you.

52 min later 50009093 Anonymous
>>50008988 You really can't expect much from teenagers, which is around the time woman start fucking. We would be just as promiscuous if all the hot girls wanted to fuck us. We should be thankful, we're not able to ruin our lives with sex when we are at our most stupid, unless we are chads or tryhards.

53 min later 50009103 Anonymous
>>50009080 Let's see facts. Prove the "80/20 rule".

53 min later 50009104 Anonymous
>>50009035 Poorest b8 in the thread Everything from the content, to the timing to the delivry was just weak 1/10, please improve

54 min later 50009118 Anonymous
>>50009080 You have never even talked to a girl in real life as an adult. Stop posting before you make even more moronic statements from the basement.

54 min later 50009125 Anonymous
>>50009104 Elliot was a brainlet, like all incels.

55 min later 50009146 Anonymous
>>50009103 You made the first claim, prove that women and men have equal sex partners. Most studies actually suggest men have more partners (though that's bs, unless you count prostitutes) >>50009118 >hurr durr incel basement neckbeard xDDDDDD Get your buzzwords and fuck off back to plebdit

57 min later 50009178 Anonymous
>>50009146 A study was posted right here: >>50008728 . But this is not how it works anyway, you said the 80/20 rule exists without providing evidence. Which is obvious, everyone knows the 80/20 meme is just made up incel bullshit.

58 min later 50009186 Anonymous
>>50009146 Found the butthurt basement dwelling virgin NEET.

59 min later 50009208 Anonymous
>>50009186 Haha, you sure showed that cis scum my fellow equality fighter How do I upvote on this website?

1 hours later 50009228 Anonymous
>>50009087 >A pretty common thing Yet you make a thread dedicated to proving women are whores just to say "Nuh uh you virgin, they're just not having sex with YOUUUU" so either you really are some faggot baiting or you're a toastie roastie. Your holes have no worth, I would much rather find a girl who's worked on herself becoming an actual person rather than a fuckdoll for whatever guy caught her attention at the moment. It's a shame how many women mistake chameleoning themselves in their boyfriend's interests for an actual personality.

1 hours later 50009310 Anonymous
>>50009228 It's all women's fault for being too stupid to want to become your gf amirite?

1 hours later 50009329 Anonymous
>>50009310 Why do roasties get so triggered when someone explains why he doesn't want a girl with a high bodycount?

1 hours later 50009369 Anonymous
>>50009329 A lot of girls have 1-2 bodycount. But that's too high for you, because you are an insecure manchild incel.

1 hours later 50009397 Anonymous
>>50008147 That's not how averages work, retard.

1 hours later 50009413 Anonymous
>>50009369 My max bc is 5 my dude but ok, keep spouting buzzwords Also "many girls" doesn't mean shit

1 hours later 50009470 Anonymous
>>50009329 because they cant handle being judged on anything. so if you show judgement they might feel bad about a choice and that's a big no no in the world of these adult children

1 hours later 50009488 Anonymous
>>50009470 I was actually talking with a girl about how I would personally feel too insecure to date a girl with 15 partners (her bc, apx, she couldn't actually remember) and she started raging saying I was "slut shaming her" and that shit ain't cool in current year

1 hours later 50009573 Anonymous
>>50009488 Things that didn't happen: the post. Why would a girl care about what a raging insecure autistic incel thinks?

1 hours later 50009604 Anonymous
>>50009573 Beats me Do you feel like a big boy calling people "incels" on r9k over and over again?

1 hours later 50009826 Anonymous
>>50009573 If you specifically come to 4chan and post in our threads then surely you care a lot. That's equivalent to me going to a roastie forum on Facebook and trying to prove that I'm worthy. lolllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll llllllllllllllllllllllll hahahahahahaha ;)

1 hours later 50009829 Anonymous
That I've got better shit to do than care about how many dicks people have had inside of them. I really don't care why you impose this kind of suffering upon yourselves. You will never be able to police the behavior of others and what people do with their lives is outside of your control. If you feel like it's not okay for others to decide how you should think and try to change social norms towards something that does not benefit you, you can't do the same to them, so the only sensical thing to do is to stop caring. If it bothers you so much, accept your perma-loneliness and the fact that you give yourself 0 chance to develop meaningful relationships with others because of a fear of abandonment, an inferiority complex and possessive attitude or stop caring so much and at least try to give people a chance. Millions of people develop meaningful relationships with non-virgins and it has always been this way. I don't understand why the state of things actually change that for you. The problem is how you perceive yourself and not the other way around.

1 hours later 50009837 Anonymous
>>50009573 Even more funny. If I came to your home and raped you in your sleep, you'd get wet and ask for more. All roasties are the same. Useless. A cum dumpster.

1 hours later 50009856 Anonymous
>>50009829 >Millions of people develop meaningful relationships with non-virgins and it has always been this way. It's always been this way... for the last 40 years. Before getting divorced and paying the roastie cuck bux. Before that, people would stone roasties to death.

1 hours later 50009874 Anonymous (stirner.png 413x549 76kB)
>>50008465 I lost my virginity to a virgin, we were both 20 years old, but she was also fat as fuck. The second and last girl that I had sex with was an 18 year old who said she had already fucked 9 guys. I've just totally lost interest in women since, its a lost cause to me.

1 hours later 50009892 Anonymous
>>50009829 I dont care what other people do in general I would care about dating a woman with way more partners than me and lots of women dont wanna date virgins How is being concerned about that dumb?

1 hours later 50009948 Anonymous
>>50008147 >"haha girls you're awful! At least I'm still under 20 guys!" >t. roastie at my work Ugh it makes me quiver with disgust. They're just fucking animals.

1 hours later 50009964 Anonymous
>>50009948 Future mothers btw

1 hours later 50010044 Anonymous
>>50009856 Nigger I encourage you to stop eating memes on the internet and actually open a few history books from time to time and realize that your perfect utopia never existed. In those times, people were unhappy. The social norms encouraged everyone to repress everything they felt. People with mental illnesses or psychological trauma like 90% of this board were locked away to die and beaten by religious zealots for being broken products of Satan himself. People were forced to marry whoever they were offered by their family and most marriage were miserable. I heard more than enough from my parents about the glorious golden age of Catholic monogamism. I'm not saying the alternative is better, just that what you imagine in your head is a complete lie. It wasn't better before and you wouldn't have had your dream waifu back then either.

1 hours later 50010074 Anonymous
>>50009964 It gets worse... >"I told my boyfriend that I'm not going to settle down, but he just doesn't get it! He keeps saying that he wants to marry one day but I told him I'm not interested in that." >t. The same person

1 hours later 50010085 Anonymous (1326608.png 332x333 98kB)
I just wish I had been born a girl. It's so unfair. Thinking about it. I had one shot in this life. 50/50. Live like a princess with unlimited sex available to me, or die like a virgin vagabond. A toin coss doesn't seem like bad odds. Yet here I am.

2 hours later 50010134 Anonymous
>>50010074 Not her fault the dude is retarded tbqh

2 hours later 50010145 Anonymous
>>50010085 Why would being a different gender turn you from a loser virgin into a princess with unlimited sex?

2 hours later 50010159 Anonymous
Makes me want to die alone. I'm going to anyway but still.

2 hours later 50010163 Anonymous
>>50008147 I wish that was me. Only gay men can call themselves robots

2 hours later 50010200 Anonymous
>>50010085 >would rather be a fuck doll that is missable past the age of 30 >would take having tits and an ass over male intuition >would take sucking cock over becoming a sage Yeah maybe you would make a good woman...

2 hours later 50010218 Anonymous
>>50010145 The only thing preventing me from having sex is my penis. If I had a vagina, horny men would be throwing themselves at me. I wouldn't have to approach anyone, I'd just have to not say "no" to the thousands of offers.

2 hours later 50010305 Anonymous
Why do you guys say dumb shit like this and even worse why do you believe each other? What's the point? Instead of being retarded and dragging each other down, post some greentext stories like this board is meant for. And not the same old "I hate normies/chad/women" greentexts. There's always dozens up and nobody cares about you complaining.

2 hours later 50010331 Anonymous
>>50009019 >she cheated on her bf of 3 years like over 50 times Is her bf retarded or is the whore so sly that she literally never caught her? Makes me sick thinking that a filthy animalic whore could cheat on you and you'd have no way to realistically find out.

2 hours later 50010334 Anonymous
>>50010305 >This board is for youtube greetexts Plz leave

2 hours later 50010355 Anonymous
Christianity is the answer.

2 hours later 50010357 Anonymous
>>50008147 Since I put my dick in numerous girls you described I am not realy impressed.

2 hours later 50010364 Anonymous
>>50008147 >how does this make you feel? amout of flying fucks i give:

2 hours later 50010382 Anonymous
>>50009118 >You have never even talked to a girl in real life as an adult. That's almost statistically impossible. There are teachers, colleagues, coworkers, relatives all of which must include females. Not talking to a female is impossible. Neck thyself.

2 hours later 50010391 Anonymous
>>50010218 >I'd just have to not say "no" to the thousands of offers Thats true however there is huge risk in saying no. I've been punched, choked and almost run down by a car. I've been sexually assaulted, threatened with death, had my car keyed, tires slashed and my apartment broken into and everything smashed. Oh, and getting a restraining order, not worth the paper they are written on because all there guys got to me, one of them killed my cat. So don't cry to me about having a hard time.

2 hours later 50010453 Anonymous
>>50010391 fuck off with your female privilege, not interested

2 hours later 50010471 Anonymous (Tsar01.jpg 389x256 12kB)
>>50010355 >implying Christians girls aren't sucking everyone's dick in Church There's only one solution

2 hours later 50010497 Anonymous
>>50010391 I have a dick and lots of men have picked fight with me for no reason You objectively have it better

2 hours later 50010500 Anonymous
>>50010391 How many cocks have you been riding to get that shit

2 hours later 50010523 Anonymous
>>50010471 Christian girls have sex all the time, they just expect you to keep the baby.

2 hours later 50010544 Anonymous
>>50010500 I get this for saying NO anon, not yes. I do get a lot of offers however. I only had sex with 3 guys and one of them was a long time bf and one guy threatened to kill him when I wouldn't go out with the guy.

2 hours later 50010560 Anonymous
>>50008147 nothing. can't feel anything since i hit 21

2 hours later 50010596 Anonymous
It's true and I feel it's even worse with you zoomers. My 16yo nephew is a futur Chad and already had like at least 4 gf, sex, etc. My god I can't even imagine the absolute state of those future women in the next decades... Good thing the great big collapsing is coming, it was about time.

2 hours later 50010641 Anonymous (n.jpg 480x305 14kB)
>>50010544 Oh boo hoo I'm having too much sex. I have so much sex that I don't want any more, and then people still want to have sex with me. Poor me with all of this sex.

2 hours later 50010653 Anonymous (arthur-schopenhauer.jpg 550x699 101kB)
>>50008147 Love and sex is just pointless, tedious agony.

2 hours later 50010714 Anonymous
>>50008147 I don't really care how many dicks have been inside her as long as I'm on the list Women are cock sleeves. Look at it this way, when you're on amazon, you get the product with 0 reviews and a shady background or the 5000+ reviewed Amazon Best Seller free shipping package?

2 hours later 50010737 Anonymous
>>50010653 schope looks a little younger here than normal. and a little less mad. he must've been having a rare good day when this portrait was made.

2 hours later 50010791 Anonymous
>>50010641 Did you miss the total hell these beast put me through? They destroy my property, stalk me like an animal, physically batter me and sexually assault me. This has nothing to do with sex other than my refusal to have sex with them.

2 hours later 50010803 Anonymous
>>50010714 What a terrible analogy. Here's a better one: would you think a lock that opens with a lots of keys is a good lock?

2 hours later 50010829 Anonymous
>>50010791 because you got too greedy, trying to string along 4 chads at once

2 hours later 50010836 Anonymous
>>50010803 Depends on what the lock is for, my friend If I'm getting some heroin like high every time this thing unlocks and I go my key fine? Let it be opened

2 hours later 50011111 Anonymous
>>50010791 if it's real sorry to hear

3 hours later 50011519 Anonymous
>>50008147 >5 dicks since she was 15 Why don't you go for 15 year olds?

3 hours later 50011593 Anonymous
>>50011519 strong argument actually

3 hours later 50011845 Anonymous
>>50011519 I camt see myself dating someone that young

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