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2018-12-23 08:13 50008129 Anonymous (Pocket-X-ray-with-bow.jpg 1000x750 384kB)
Panties are by large cuter, comfier, stylish and an all round superior alternative to boring guys underwear. I recommend making the switch to panties today.

2 min later 50008186 Anonymous
>>50008129 I've bought used panties off a random girl uploading vanilla non-nude, non-sexual foot fetish pics on the internet

4 min later 50008217 Anonymous
>>50008186 Time to wear those panties anon :)

14 min later 50008416 Anonymous
>>50008217 no thanks, why pollute them with my smell? i keep them in the original zip bag she sent them in and take them out to inhale her beautiful pussy scent deeply while i jerk off over her pics

15 min later 50008426 Anonymous
>>50008129 na you're just a dicklet lmao

15 min later 50008430 Anonymous
>>50008416 That's why you just get your own. Order from online or Wal-Mart

18 min later 50008468 Anonymous (1545515767979.gif 290x200 966kB)
>>50008129 >get a guys pants off >see lacey panties on him >pull away with a straight face >walk out and never return

22 min later 50008568 Anonymous
>>50008430 i dont want to so that's why

31 min later 50008714 Anonymous
>>50008129 >constant wedgie >provides no actually warmth >doesn't contain benis

33 min later 50008738 Anonymous
>>50008129 If you wear panties your boipussy should be filled with cum (my cum)

34 min later 50008757 Anonymous
>>50008738 I dont want fat neckbeard cum in me sry

43 min later 50008923 Anonymous
>>50008186 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eX3 r7LtwMS0 You.

53 min later 50009079 Anonymous
>>50008738 I won't mind desuuu. Even if neckbeard cum

1 hours later 50009337 Anonymous
>>50008714 why would you want your balls to be warm you fucking autist? that literally kills your test and sperm count.

1 hours later 50009400 Anonymous
>>50009337 Panties are designed for schlongs and will compress your junk which is even worse

1 hours later 50009425 Anonymous
>>50008923 Because every girl on the internet is actually a guy even if they send you verification pics of them wearing the panties? Lol

1 hours later 50009572 Anonymous
>>50008714 Usually it'll hold your benis in place, it's your balls that always fall out, they have no support. Boyshorts are better, but they're basically boxer briefs at that point.

1 hours later 50009880 Anonymous
>>50008129 But panties are too small to fit a dick inside them unless you're like only 2 inches

1 hours later 50010035 Anonymous
>>50009880 I'm 4 inches hard and like 1 soft. They fit

3 hours later 50011338 Anonymous
i have a major fetish for thongs, my dink jumps then

3 hours later 50011620 Anonymous
>training a sissy >she keeps panties in her closet >make her keep them in her normal drawer instead >make her throw out her guy underwear gradually

3 hours later 50011694 Anonymous
>>50010035 >4 inches hard >1 inch soft Fucking dicklet.

3 hours later 50011721 Anonymous
>>50010035 You should get a chastity cage so you can stay soft and fit even better.

3 hours later 50011805 Anonymous
>>50008129 mu dick would be hard all the time

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