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2018-12-23 08:11 50008095 Anonymous (e43849a4be5e1936606a3a1908db1467.gif 600x400 417kB)
i'm 7.5 inches, am i big ? does anyone have a chart of dick lenght ? i need an answer to boost my self-confidence

2 min later 50008143 Anonymous
>>50008095 Dang, under a foot tall? You should contact the Guinness world records.

4 min later 50008174 Anonymous (Screenshot.png 1092x765 242kB)
You're in the 98th percentile for length

7 min later 50008242 Anonymous
Yeah you're good. Even if you were 5.5 you'd be good if you are with a partner who just enjoys being intimate with you and not trying to feel like she's in a porn. Most girls dont want to feel like their in a porn, they just want to be intimate.

11 min later 50008326 Anonymous
>>50008242 >mfw 5.5 Thanks anon

15 min later 50008384 Anonymous
idk, you should post a picture of it so we can be sure

23 min later 50008534 Anonymous
>>50008095 Lol, maybe 20 years ago 7.5 is the new average...barely

27 min later 50008605 Anonymous
>>50008095 To me that's pretty big and idea. t. would service your dick for hours. No homo though.

28 min later 50008621 Anonymous
hahaha 7.5", dicklet confirmed Everyone knows you need at least 9" to properly satisfy a woman

28 min later 50008628 Anonymous
This seems like the current dick thread so I'm going to ask a question. What do my fellow showers wear for underwear? I've worn briefs my whole life and am getting sick of them as of late at 5.7" flaccid. I swear to God my flaccid size is getting bigger with age and briefs are becoming more and more of a pain. I've tried boxers and wasn't crazy about them.

1 hours later 50009756 Anonymous
>>50008628 Wear panties like a real man

1 hours later 50010024 Anonymous
>>50009756 I'd rather not walk around with a raging hard on constantly.

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