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2018-12-23 08:09 50008059 Anonymous (autistic pacman guy.jpg 1069x742 77kB)
This autistic guy has a wife and friends. Why don't you? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5C_ 99XJqIs4

1 min later 50008079 Anonymous (2me4irl.png 291x285 191kB)
>>50008059 I'd rather die than marry something that fat. As for friends, the world is vapid and I don't like its people.

1 min later 50008080 Anonymous
>>50008059 He's got some serious flow

2 min later 50008101 Anonymous
>>50008059 Because he has a job or ultra rich parents. His wife isn't even ugly and he's tall as FUCK. Did you see how small those chads were compared to him? He could literally punch their heads off with his retard strength.

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