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2018-12-23 08:01 50007932 Anonymous (1538345164926.png 1000x916 23kB)
>tfw absolutely massive dick I honestly can not imagine what it's like to have a small dick. Fucking hell imagine having a dick that isn't twice as big as your hand. The only downside is that my homemade vaginas are too small for my dick

2 min later 50007969 Anonymous
>>50007932 >massive >doesn't give actual size sure kid

3 min later 50007992 Anonymous
>>50007969 7 inches long. I don't know the girth but it's certainely thick as fuck, god damn I love my dick

4 min later 50008012 Anonymous
>>50007992 7 inches is the 6'0 of dicks.

5 min later 50008032 Anonymous
>>50007992 >7 >massive lmfao, that word can only be used with 9 and above. 7 is average

6 min later 50008037 Anonymous (pobrany plik (2).gif 500x281 1608kB)
>>50007932 i have a small dick and i wish i had no dick, having a dick suck. They're annoying. Id cut it off if i could but i don't want a nasty infection (all my knifes are rusty)

8 min later 50008078 Anonymous
Be pretty cool if you're ever able to use it.

10 min later 50008107 Anonymous
>>50008032 The average size in USA is 5.6 inches >>50008078 I'll probably fuck a hooker soon

12 min later 50008136 OpHasMicroHands
>>50007992 >7 inches >twice as large as my hand What kind of nano sized hands do you have

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