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2018-12-23 08:01 50007929 Anonymous (1543012272762.png 395x360 155kB)
Anybody else an heroing on New Year's? >why are you doing it? >how are you going to do it? Also feels thread

15 min later 50008205 Anonymous
i don't have the guts i'm just a pussy that hopes for something to do it for me

19 min later 50008280 Anonymous
>>50008205 I was like that until I realised that I'll only be prolonging it and that it wouldn't matter if I upset somebody because I wouldn't be there to witness it

23 min later 50008363 Anonymous
>>50008280 you're a much stronger person than i am

25 min later 50008381 Anonymous
>>50007929 I wonder how many people on this board have actually followed through with their suicide threats. that sad thing is that we will never know without video proof like that one dude

25 min later 50008391 Anonymous
>>50007929 >>50008205 >>50008280 >>50008363 If you're white, please don't kill yourself. A white person committing suicide just brings shitskins that much closer to taking over.

26 min later 50008408 Anonymous
I'm probably just going to post here about it and then not do it

31 min later 50008478 Anonymous
>>50008391 very much this if you are white (blue/green eyes) do not do it if you are nonwhite, go ahead

34 min later 50008551 Anonymous
>>50008363 Thanks anon, but I'm weak, that's why I'm doing it >>50008381 Well most people wouldn't want to do it because they'd get doxxed like Shauiby >>50008391 >>50008478 I'm 100% white but I have brown eyes. They are going to win anyway, I don't want to suffer because that's what they want.

34 min later 50008564 Anonymous
>>50007929 Not on new years but probably soon after sometime. >why are you doing it? few reasons I suppose >height: 5'11 and 3/4ths MANLET >can't achieve the only thing I would want anyway >wage cucking is not appealing >don't like my family, what they gave me, and how it is now >can't be left alone, I just wanted to be alone all my life and probably the best reason is: I just can't think anymore. It's so hard coping and thinking everyday is the worst part. I just want to be unconscious. I want to forget and never remember >how are you going to do it? Either hanging myself, chugging pills or shooting myself. Super simple and nice. I like it

36 min later 50008599 Anonymous
>>50008564 5'11 and 3 quarters is not manlet but ok, nice bait

53 min later 50008879 Anonymous
>>50008599 Holy fucking shit. I've been getting told this all my life. I'm probably gonna go on HGH and mk677, not kidding. But the thing is. I feel short. If I put on enough weight I look short too. The average in my country is 6'-6'1 and the youth seems to be getting massive. More women than ever prefer that 1 inch. And not to mention I regularly pass girls who are my height. Like what the fuck. Maybe it's just fucking europe. I'm literally glad they import migrants to rape all the women and murder people. Maybe that could help my case.

55 min later 50008908 Anonymous
>>50007929 I like the idea of a /r9k/ mass suicide on 12/31/2018 Anyone with me? We all have to use the same method of suicide. I suggest the belt and doorknob method.

1 hours later 50009156 Anonymous
>>50008478 what if I have brown eyes?

1 hours later 50009249 Anonymous
Life is shit and was always An hero by summer 2019 with fentanyl .

1 hours later 50009327 Anonymous
>>50007929 maybe next year, right now i don't have enough courage to do it.

1 hours later 50009328 Anonymous
>>50007929 How you do it? You really do it at midnight new year? How are you not pussy out?

1 hours later 50009493 Anonymous
>>50008551 you have nigger blood. so yeah, nvm, you can kill yourself

1 hours later 50009511 Anonymous
>>50009156 refer to: >>50009493 orig

1 hours later 50009602 Anonymous (1538667761311.png 363x296 138kB)
>>50009511 fuck I guess I do a dead

1 hours later 50009613 Anonymous
no access to numbing agents or pain medicine. going to be completely painful but yes will an hero on new years.

1 hours later 50009810 Anonymous
>>50008478 I am white and have blue eyes but don't see what does it matter. I am a complete loser either way and me being or not in my room won't change anything.

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