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2018-12-23 08:00 50007914 Anonymous (1545590680024.jpg 501x697 106kB)
>yeah I of course my boss deserve all his HAAAAARD earned money. It's his RIGHT

8 min later 50008053 Anonymous (1545572431122.jpg 477x600 30kB)
I like to be fucked in the ass by capitalists, it's my right as an american. We are freer than the rest of the world, and like, thats why terrorists hate us. They hate us because we're free.

9 min later 50008077 Anonymous
>>50007914 of course the EU deserves all his ROCK HARD earned money its their RIGHT xDD

10 min later 50008081 Anonymous
Why are people so retarded, your "evil boss" works fucking hard too most of the time

11 min later 50008104 Anonymous
>>50007914 >poorfag tries to make an argument >stays poor oh...

13 min later 50008131 Anonymous
>>50007914 The reason people support authoritarian capitalism is merely a reaction to rebellious ideology such as your sentiment.

14 min later 50008148 Anonymous (1544966605437.jpg 1920x1080 801kB)
>>50008081 >useless attempts to explain why it's his bosses right to screw him over. Why do people do this? it's like you have had it engrained in your since pre-school that you should just shut up and stay poor, and defend your bosses right to fuck you over. Keep shilling for the 1% you normie.

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