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2018-12-23 07:58 50007875 Anonymous (fasting-image.jpg 1565x1250 807kB)
Anyone here do fasting? Is it good for your health? I heard it's as powerful as heroin after day 4

5 min later 50007974 Anonymous
>>50007875 >>>/fit/fast has a lot of resources

7 min later 50008013 Anonymous
I lost 50lbs in 3 months from basically not eating. Obviously are a bit but hardly anything. Gained it all back in about 6 months, though.

1 hours later 50009122 Anonymous (DjXJYeiVsAAc4bu.jpg 1200x1196 151kB)
>>50007875 i lost 22 lbs after a month of fasting, and were it not for my whore mom who thinks i have an eating disorder i would have reached my goalweight in no time. fasting is definitely one of the best things to do to lose weight or just to feel better. its definitely good for health.

1 hours later 50009160 Anonymous
>do 2:3 intermittent fast >gain a 13x spike in HGH production

1 hours later 50009226 Anonymous
>>50008013 diet & fasting > fasting for this reason if you don't change your eating habits you'll just eat your way back to the weight you lost

1 hours later 50009388 Anonymous
>>50009122 >22lbs how tall and fat are you? orig~

1 hours later 50009452 Anonymous
>>50007875 getting past the first 3 days is fucking impossible though. the first day alone is too much also, it can't REALLY be good for you right? it's unnatural

1 hours later 50009496 Anonymous
>>50007875 just follow the /fit/ guide and don't eat that much. I've lived alone for the past 3 months and it helped really much. I only lost 8kg-s in this time without suffering and now I don't have the appetite I had before and I don't plan to stop.

1 hours later 50009681 Anonymous
>>50009388 5'6 tall and 119 punds or so

1 hours later 50009717 Anonymous
i've been doing keto and if lost 30 kg n 3 months

1 hours later 50009775 Anonymous
>>50009681 Sounds good. I'm 5ft7 105 lbs and I wish to be slightly bigger. You don't need fasting, if you wanna lose weight (i.e. you're a girl) do it slowly.

2 hours later 50010386 Anonymous (1542298513252.png 190x170 35kB)
>>50009775 thats a very good weight then, do you wanna gain muscle? id like to get down to 99 or so but gay mom would force me to go to the psych again probably

2 hours later 50010724 Anonymous
>>50010386 I don't wanna be fat, but muscle definition looks really good on guys. Also, I think my weight and my eating habits are running my hair... skinny and balding is a dramatic combo. I think you can reach your goal of you're carful on what you eat, but fasting on purpose is a bad habits at your weight.

3 hours later 50011113 Anonymous
I've done intermittent fasting; no food two days out of the week. Other five days; one good healthy meal, with healthy snacks during the day, lots of water. It has healed a few health problems and I have lost ten pounds in two weeks(12-13 if I weigh after the morning deuce), and counting!

3 hours later 50011178 Anonymous (1543052909462.jpg 241x231 17kB)
>>50007875 >I heard it's as powerful as heroin after day 4

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