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2018-12-23 07:58 50007869 Anonymous (cyrodiil.jpg 1280x637 276kB)
Play Oblivion Get comfy

2 min later 50007921 Anonymous
Oblivion is too goofy to get comfy with. I'm just laughing at it more than anything.

14 min later 50008112 Anonymous (26954e0916f1b635875fb531b86337bd.jpg 736x815 36kB)
>>50007921 It's part of the charm Autistic potato heads chatting absolute nonsense to each other is oddly comforting. Maybe it reminds me of this place

49 min later 50008751 Anonymous (IMG_6871.jpg 1800x882 268kB)
>>50007869 There's light at the end forest. But there are two paths... *take out scroll "There are two paths that lead you out of the Dark Forest. One path lead you safety while the other lead you to an excruciating death." Left or right?

55 min later 50008863 Anonymous
>>50008751 the right looks like a cave since im not inna cave im gonna hav to pick left side image thank you sir.

2 hours later 50010041 Anonymous
>>50008751 since someone else picked left i will pick right, that way at least one of us lives and can send for help

2 hours later 50010056 Anonymous
>>50007869 >can't get motivation to play any video games at all If only.

2 hours later 50010090 Anonymous (images (10).jpg 242x208 10kB)
>>50007869 Very, VERY based. Skyrim has shit cut out that shouldn't have been and not as much content, but it's still comfy too.

2 hours later 50010711 Anonymous
>>50007869 I just cant get into it, it's too clunky and outdated.. sucks because I'm sure I'd like it. Maybe if Skyblivion doesnt turn out to be a total mess or never released i'll get into it

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