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2018-12-23 07:53 50007783 Anonymous >Reading the r/Hapa subreddit (d3yY9zr.jpg 806x960 84kB)
Holy shit, I never knew these kinds of attitudes existed. I personally know alot of White dudes that have married Asian American women, they are in happy marriages and already have families. I know these men personally and they harbor no hatred or ill will to anyone. They just want to live their lives. I think their subreddit fails to realize that, simply put, Asians manifest more feminine attributes, and that this culminates in a natural attraction and chemistry between White men and Asian women. This kind of attraction doesnt come from "social conditioning", it comes from nature. I never heard of any kind of "hatred" of Asian men, none that I know of, and no hatred towards Hapas either. In fact I'm shocked that the subreddit still exists, because all I see is hatred towards...White men. Basically. White men, as usual, take the "blame" for "taking" Asian women. just my 2 cents

2 min later 50007832 Anonymous
>>50007783 >r/hapa As a half-gook myself (on my dad's side) I've never seen my racial makeup as a detriment to my attractiveness. Being a fat fuck has done a number on me though

3 min later 50007834 Anonymous
>>50007783 why dont you go talk to them about it instead of infecting r9k with more reddit tier bullshite faggot

3 min later 50007850 Anonymous
>>50007783 you're a stupid cracker, that's why you don't get it

11 min later 50007984 Anonymous
>>50007783 FUN FACT: a lot of the Blacked spam comes from hapas

13 min later 50008009 Anonymous
>>50007834 this. nobody cares op. please go back to your own website thanks

15 min later 50008042 Anonymous
>>50007984 See this is why we hate you stupid Caucasians, blacked is literally bought and paid for by the white man.

16 min later 50008058 Anonymous (1505566795794.jpg 1300x650 245kB)
>>50007850 This. Extremely stupid whitoid poster or blatantly feigning ignorance because not acknowledging asian comfort women bullshit they created might mean people won't start giving them shit for it.

16 min later 50008062 Anonymous
>>50008042 >Paying for porn Its not. Its funded by Jews.

17 min later 50008075 Anonymous
>>50008058 >Blaming others for your own shit existence >Creating stereotypes with no proof >Perpetuating Elliott Rodger for years and years literally r/hapa

24 min later 50008199 Anonymous
Yeah, agreed. Good thing I can't have kids but can still enjoy the bwc. t. asian tranny with white husband

33 min later 50008377 Anonymous (1483290872837s.jpg 108x112 2kB)
all these happa, asianmasculinity and aznidentity subreddits are literally a combination of asian /pol/ and incels.me. Its honestly hilarious how dense they are. I remember reading a thread there about some rich asian guy that was dating ukrainian or russian woman and one of the top upvoted comments was something along the lines of this "haha this must make white guys so mad especially since white supremacists consider russians the most pure whites" they also constantly contradict themselves. When its convenient for their argument they claim that white guys dont actually like asian women and just settle for them because no one else wants to date them, other times they claim that whites guys love asian girls and are obsessed with them

35 min later 50008418 Anonymous
>>50008377 the sad thing is they want to do everything in their power to cuck white guys but they can only do it using money and don't realize the girl is gold digging hard.

36 min later 50008427 Anonymous
>>50008075 >not acknowledging predatory psychotic dynamic observable by all >stereotypes don't exist when white men are involved >white men perpetuate elliot rogers but I will find a way to blame something else (You)

38 min later 50008470 Anonymous
>>50008377 >>50008418 Nothing you said is contradictory though but you give yourself a pat in the back anyway and try keep an appearance of superiority. Lmao sad.

39 min later 50008481 Anonymous
>>50008470 >Lmao sad. what is sad about what I said besides your life?

42 min later 50008539 Anonymous
>>50008427 >Making up bullshit >Making up more bullshit >Still perpetuating Elliot Rodger (WAAAH WAAAAH I'M A VICTIM, NO ONE LOVES ME, WAAAAH WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH) (you)

44 min later 50008580 Anonymous
>>50008539 >TRIGGERED because people visibly saw through his shit >but I have no argument >I hope this tantrum works lmao classic fragile whitoid

46 min later 50008623 Anonymous
>>50008580 >Tries to write a comeback >Proceeds to project and admits he has no argument >Admits to throwing a tantrum Damn, it really sucks to be you. I can't imagine blaming anyone else for my own personal failures and shortcomings. I guess that's for weak people like you. Sucks to be you, loser.

51 min later 50008695 Anonymous
>>50008623 >still triggered and booty bothered >no argument >me laughing at a distance while simultaneously getting bored by the minute

57 min later 50008800 Anonymous
>>50008695 Not him, why do asian and hapa men seem invincible to criticism? we always call them out for their shit lives, being incel, or neets, but it doesn't affect them. are they just so broken and soulless with no expectations that nothing can phase them anymore?

1 hours later 50008871 Anonymous
>>50008695 >more projection No one is forcing you to post in this thread. You're the one that's bothered rofl. I'm gonna go ahead and watch the last samurai. One of my favorite movies. You know Tom Cruise tapped that Asian ass. He fucks the widow of the dead husband he killed. The ultimate final cucking

1 hours later 50008909 Anonymous
>>50008580 You're a dumbass, he's making fun of the fact that all you hapas do is whine about all this imaginary hatred against you I swear to God it's all become a race to who is the biggest victim. Sad

1 hours later 50009196 Anonymous
>>50007832 Stop being a fat fuck then

1 hours later 50009234 Anonymous
>>50007783 Most asian women who date white men hate asian men. Most white men who date asian women are literally racists. I've met and know of multiple nazis(self identified) who dated or want to date asian women.

1 hours later 50009332 Anonymous
>>50009234 >My ancedotes are fact cause I say so!

1 hours later 50009367 Anonymous
>>50009234 Wrong, I'm an asian male (female) dating an asian female (male) and I'm not white or racist.

1 hours later 50009550 Anonymous
>>50009332 It's an established fact that white supremacists prefer asian women. They date them because asians don't date blacks and are more obedient than white women.

2 hours later 50009913 Anonymous (1537183598868.jpg 400x312 47kB)
This thread was started by a self hating Hapa. All this proves is that r/hapa and the websites of that ilk are allowed to stay up because its ultimately anti White male propaganda, and by proxy, anti-white propaganda. This is why there are so many mainstream media articles hating on White male-Asian female relationships, because White men are not allowed to be happy. Clearly, they are happy with Asian females, but they are not allowed to be with them. The hypocrisy is evident when White male-Black female relationships are applauded instead. >Most white men who date asian women are literally racists Yeah they cant possibly be normies that happen to meet a female they are attracted to. It always has to be racism its just more DIVIDE AND CONQUER by the media White men cannot do anything right, by them.

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