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2018-12-23 07:52 50007769 Anonymous Anti-Sissy and Hetero Robots General (image0-5.png 500x358 81kB)
If you hate mentally ill fags or you are heterosexual, this is the thread for you!

2 min later 50007814 Anonymous
>>50007769 This board is dead since early 2017, just let it go and move on with your life.

6 min later 50007877 Anonymous
>>50007814 I won't until I get a GF

6 min later 50007879 Anonymous (CRINGETRAP1.png 1258x350 105kB)
>>50007769 >>50007814 this is some cringe i found on r9k

7 min later 50007902 Anonymous
>>50007769 fuck fags and fuck the jannies

8 min later 50007908 Anonymous
Is there any goddamn place on the Internet for people like us anymore?

11 min later 50007957 Anonymous
>>50007908 I'm not sure... I never expected 4chan would like this...

13 min later 50007991 Anonymous
>>50007908 >>50007957 i dont think so maybe 4chan is just bad and not funny or doing anything just pointless meme threads and tranny porn

13 min later 50008007 Anonymous
I fucking hate this timeline. I don't want to fucking question my sanity every time I look at a girl to make sure she is real, it's fucking hell

14 min later 50008024 Anonymous
>>50007957 anon I lost a lot of money on the stock market because of Trump's bullshit, if there is something that pisses off the kind of people that voted for him I'll support it.

1 hours later 50009420 Anonymous
>>50007769 fuck you anon getting my hopes up

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