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2018-12-23 07:51 50007760 Anonymous (46649592_385274908878902_8890799476886407364_n.jpg 1080x1080 52kB)
Alright, I'll admit it. I'm scared, ok? They're only going to leave us with scraps that weren't good enough for them at this point.

1 min later 50007778 Anonymous
>>50007760 cute couple. I like this picture

2 min later 50007804 Anonymous
They can have white women, Asian women wear white cock better anyway.

8 min later 50007892 Anonymous (43718978_2112875545689927_9060466489805880353_n.jpg 1080x1350 84kB)
It's happening every day now here in New England. Every fucking day. You're out doing whatever and you see this cute fucking chick... A 10/10 bubbly little thing with the sweetest voice. You watch her trotting along, just being gorgeous and she goes right into the arms of her boyfriend and you look up and it's a FUCKING CHANG. This is what happens when you let these guys into your country. There's no way to compete with them. It's just "You lose. The end."

18 min later 50008068 Anonymous
Are you high? Asian men have it the worst when it comes to dating.

20 min later 50008099 Anonymous
>>50007892 >>50007760 Ok, I don't get how asian guys post this stuff but then simultaneously consistently always say they have it hard in dating.

21 min later 50008113 Anonymous (8971011.jpg 801x534 32kB)
>>50007760 >>50007892 I'm sorry, but we all know Asian men are at the bottom of the totem pole. I just cant buy this. We all know most White women just wouldnt date Asian men The reverse, however....is notorious...there is a CLEAR natural attraction between White men and Asian women

22 min later 50008126 Anonymous (IMG_6800.jpg 1095x1611 342kB)
>>50007760 >me and my girl in a few months Except height will be reversed Pic related t. Rich

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