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2018-12-23 07:51 50007755 Anonymous (1499310348006.png 509x619 7kB)
> Failed the toilet paper test

2 min later 50007793 Anonymous
>>50007755 >toilet paper test explain pls

9 min later 50007915 Anonymous
>>50007793 The tp roll test is to see if your dick(erect) can fit inside the hole of a tp roll, and supposedly if you cant fit your whole dick in, you pass the test and you have good girth. There is a second test, if you can fit your dick inside, see if your whole head sticks out to see if you pass the lenght test.

1 hours later 50008852 Anonymous
>>50007793 I thought it was like the toilet paper test in school when they would randomly make you wipe and show the rest of the class. If it was clean & white you would pass, if there was poo residue you had to go to the headmaster's office

1 hours later 50008880 Anonymous
>>50007755 How do I cope with being a dicklet?

1 hours later 50008956 Anonymous
>>50008880 This is impossible to convince you, but if you're average (literally anything more than 5in (130mm) length and like 4in (110?mm) circumference) you're fine. It sucks finding a size queen but it's better to get them out of your life.

2 hours later 50009994 Anonymous
>>50008956 Thank you for the cope anon

3 hours later 50011259 Anonymous
>>50008880 you don't have to if a girl wants to fuck you, she won't give a shit about your dicksize (unless it's just a super casual hookup)

3 hours later 50011277 Anonymous
>>50007755 I attempted the toilet paper test when I was in middle school. I couldn't get past the head of my dick.

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