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2018-12-23 07:48 50007722 Anonymous (1538192633024.jpg 851x717 121kB)
>female attention starved Feels not so great.

2 min later 50007749 Anonymous
>>50007722 Attention starved reminds me of when my ex bf posted it in regards to me. He saw my own parents insulting me. That's itn

2 min later 50007758 Anonymous
>>50007722 what's up t. female

3 min later 50007775 Anonymous
>>50007758 Looking for somebody to jerk it with on discord.

4 min later 50007781 Anonymous
>>50007749 Do you have a discord or steam where I can talk to you? Ive always wanted to be friends with a femanon

5 min later 50007800 Anonymous
>>50007775 I'm sure you can find lots of gays who would wanna do that with you

5 min later 50007811 Anonymous
>>50007781 I just posted that your op reminded me of it I got doxed by people I met on here, so sorry can't. Not a excuse, they posted my state. I wish you luck though,

7 min later 50007825 Anonymous
>>50007800 I'm not a fag desu.

7 min later 50007841 Anonymous
>>50007811 Do you have a throwaway email or something else that doesnt give away who you are?

9 min later 50007866 Anonymous
>>50007841 Nah, they ask people for my info. They document me so I don't talk to people on r9k since they demonize me Take this bump so you find a nice girl to talk to,

9 min later 50007872 Anonymous
>>50007825 as the sissies would say: boys make better girls than girls do

10 min later 50007890 Anonymous
>>50007866 this is exactly why I've never added anyone from here. I know they'll all end up being this way

11 min later 50007912 Anonymous (1539312569912.png 1064x1131 682kB)
>>50007758 Thanks for the response, female.

15 min later 50007967 Anonymous
>>50007866 Mind telling me why they demonize you so much?

15 min later 50007982 Anonymous
>>50007872 They absoIuteIy do not.

21 min later 50008076 Anonymous
>>50007781 id be willing to talk to you, if you are OP. are you from the US?

22 min later 50008094 Anonymous
>>50008076 He's not OP, and I'm not from the US.

23 min later 50008105 Anonymous
>>50007722 >this is actually somewhat working Well fuck. (I'm not OP)

23 min later 50008108 Anonymous
>>50008076 Im from the us yeah. I live in California. Not op but I wanted a female friend too if thats okay

30 min later 50008236 Anonymous (1440820959743.jpg 531x471 129kB)
>>50008105 >he believes the larpers are actually women

31 min later 50008257 Anonymous
>>50008236 innocent until prove guilty

34 min later 50008320 Anonymous
>>50008257 shouldn't it be "has a dick until proven otherwise"

39 min later 50008417 Anonymous
>>50008108 do you have an email or throwaway of some sort then? id be more than ok with being friends

41 min later 50008438 mommygf (gh.jpg 627x500 110kB)
>>50007722 how are you doing what have you had for breakfast today did you have any dreams last night

50 min later 50008607 Anonymous
>>50007722 post tits or LARP

55 min later 50008689 Anonymous
>>50008438 can you please ask how I'm doing?

55 min later 50008698 mommygf
>>50008689 how are you doing? how has your day been? tell me about it

56 min later 50008716 Anonymous
not op but also desire female attention applesauce#4890

57 min later 50008724 Anonymous
>>50007722 why not go gay instead?

59 min later 50008752 Anonymous (1491844148885.png 198x291 117kB)
>>50008438 No breakfast. I had a dream last night where I was fell out my chair, but that's all I remember for some reason. Thanks for asking!

1 hours later 50008833 Anonymous
you trannies need to hurry up and become part of the suicide statistics already. Fucking skinwalkers.

1 hours later 50008841 mommygf
>>50008752 thats a weird dream. i barely remember my dreams nowadays, but this seems like something i would dream. you're welcome!

1 hours later 50008898 Anonymous
>>50008841 At least it wasn't a nightmare. Maybe not remembering dreams isn't such a bad thing! Especially if they're unsettling

1 hours later 50009361 Anonymous
>>50008417 0003980apc@tutanota.com Thanks friend. Sorry for the late response too

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