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2018-12-23 07:35 50007540 Anonymous (C4A98B80-58E7-4C80-826E-EFB958F84154.jpg 1257x1353 514kB)
Why did God make me a dumb autist?

1 min later 50007564 Anonymous
>>50007540 If you truly are an autist, why have you not done gay sex yet?

2 min later 50007578 Anonymous (CILKNCIUwAAEZCO.jpg 1024x576 74kB)
Autism can be also a gift desu

3 min later 50007587 Anonymous
>>50007564 Im the original definition of autist, someone who daydreams to the point where it becomes a disability.

4 min later 50007596 Anonymous
Kill yourself phone poster scum. I suggest you livestream yourself swallowing your iphone and choking

5 min later 50007610 Anonymous (horriblesubs-rozen-maiden-2013-09-720p-mkv_snapshot_14-12_2013-09-04_20-02-32.jpg 1280x720 84kB)
>>50007587 >implying the sex starving retards on this board aren't autistic

5 min later 50007614 Anonymous
>>50007540 He didn't. Your parents did by ignoring the risk of having babies too late in life.

7 min later 50007636 Anonymous
>>50007614 how do you know god didn't make it happen through his invisible hand? he's in control of everything after all. btw what is god?

7 min later 50007643 Anonymous
>>50007564 Tried. Couldn't get hard for benis. And it was a cute trap from Tinder.

10 min later 50007693 Anonymous (1538737658533.jpg 1992x1308 842kB)
>>50007643 I'm sorry anon but there seems to be no hope for you then.

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