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2018-12-23 07:34 50007531 Anonymous (Screenshot_2018-12-22-16-10-08-1.png 720x720 286kB)
Hey guys, whats this board about?

6 min later 50007606 Anonymous (11264170_1597759500481764_350745435_n.jpg 480x480 48kB)
>>50007531 >depression >insecurity >originality >inadequacy >hatred >death

7 min later 50007618 Anonymous
ccvbd xghf c

9 min later 50007653 Anonymous (1502192667350.png 554x400 888kB)
>>50007531 This board is the reddit catchnet basicly you can talk about anything like memes your life hobbies or how things go with your gf here it serves the purpose to give new people a easy entry into 4chan culture so you arrent too shocked once you visit the serious and real boards i hope you enjoy your stay and take care in this community ;)

10 min later 50007664 Anonymous
>>50007531 Shh the robot's watching

11 min later 50007682 Anonymous
>>50007653 This, /r9k/ and /pol/ are gateway boards.

11 min later 50007687 Anonymous
>>50007531 it's like a worse version of /b/

12 min later 50007708 Anonymous
>>50007531 This is the 'worship women as Gods while simultaneously loathing that they're put on a pedestal' board, anon.

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