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2018-12-23 07:31 50007480 Anonymous (FF1D4EA6-945D-4356-9EEC-9A4EE5B7E661.jpg 720x847 36kB)
I had sex for the first time 2 hours ago. It was pretty good but few things worry me. We fucked without a condom first and I was rock solid but after I went to get a condom I didnt feel a thing and couldnt even get hard. I could only get hard by fingering her and looking at her face after that. Did I become asexual while having sex? Is it because Im circumcised that I didnt feel a thing? Did I go soft because of stress? The girl was a virgin and really tight, like really tight and she told me it hurts even hours after sex. I also worry that after fucking her I told her to turn around and I wanted to fuck her doggy but in the meantime I became soft. Would I feel it if I came? Because it felt like I didnt and it worries me. For fucks sake I wanted her first time to be enjoyable but I fucked it up

1 min later 50007496 Anonymous
You don't belong here normalite.

1 min later 50007500 Anonymous
You were just anxious anon. Likely she was too. The first time is never good. You can't romanticize it. The more you worry about it the worse it's going to get. Just let it go and keep at it. You'll both get more comfortable and the sex will get better and better.

1 min later 50007504 Anonymous
>>50007480 try having gay sex you useless fag

2 min later 50007507 Anonymous
>>50007480 Condoms are shit. I can't fuck with them on, at all. Don't feel bad.

2 min later 50007516 Anonymous
>>50007480 >asking about sex advice on a board full of virgin losers are you retarded OP because we already know you are a faggot

5 min later 50007543 Anonymous
Condoms are the worst thing. I always got soft putting one on. Luckily my wife is allergic to latex so she ended up getting on the pill early in our relationship so I haven't had to use one in a decade.

5 min later 50007557 Anonymous
>>50007500 Thank you. Lord knows I needed that. >>50007507 Thank you for ecouraging words

9 min later 50007598 Anonymous
Who tf even use condoms. Nigga just pull out. I was doing it with my ex and it never was a problem. Fucking your gf with condom is first step to become cuck.

12 min later 50007640 Anonymous
>>50007557 >Thank you for ecouraging words They not just encouragement. They cut off bloodflow to the penor and numb the fuck out of them. I'm circumcized so it's even worse.

14 min later 50007669 Anonymous
It's just condom anxiety friend. I got it really bad when I dated a girl for a few months last year. Even though it was my first relationship in 9 years and I was hard as carbon fibre diamonds I still instantly lost my erection when I tried to put the condom on. Then it got in my head "well the next time I go over the same thing is going to happen" it's a cycle of anxiety

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