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2018-12-23 07:29 50007461 Anonymous (todd help.jpg 1023x665 64kB)
>literally do nothing all day >no energy or urge to watch movies >or tv shows >or play games >just want to sleep all day my life is good, why am I like this

5 min later 50007537 Anonymous
2/10. reddit blog

6 min later 50007544 Anonymous
>>50007461 Do you smoke? Because you add smoking cigarettes to that list and we're equal

7 min later 50007558 Anonymous
i'm thinkin about deleting all the games on my computer but i will just want them back because i'm addicted but i don't enjoy them they just give me the illusion i'm getting somewhere but i don't have time for many games so i spend more time thinking about games but it's actually torment to boot them up knowing i have to play them for 40 hours to get to the end, i just play games for the end, idk, i'm so fucking stupid, i have dumb desires. Video games literally make me anxious, looking at the icons on the desktop and knowing i have emulators and games i "want to play" or "want to beat" depresses me for some reason. I think i like games or hate themm a lot idk. it might kill me to read a book as well, i'm afraid of the future and i'm neet but beinga wagecuck there was no time for games and that tormented me. I hate life, i uninstalled tekken because it felt like half torture and a waste and there are games i avoid. idk i'm in chaos.

9 min later 50007585 Anonymous
there are also too many games, i'm looking for meaningful games but don't really find them, i got caught up online fps shit and yugioh duel links and they are eating my time, and i played a cancerous game i uninstalled recently i won't mention. I don't really know what i should be playing or if i should be playing anything at all. but i guess they're fun that's why i get the urge to play them in the first place.

12 min later 50007613 Anonymous
>>50007585 I guess fomo is a good way to explain my insanity around games or at least part of it. anyway thanks op

32 min later 50007931 Anonymous (1422987594829.jpg 319x255 43kB)
>>50007461 I was in this cycle for years. The truth is, you need to force yourself to do things in order to have energy. If you do nothing, you'll feel lethargic and depressed. People need exercise, socializing and most of all, a feeling of accomplishment to feel energized and healthy. Start out small. Dedicate 1 hour every day to exercise. Whether it be lifting weights or just walking outside and listening to music. Don't get trapped in a life of nothingness. Going through pain and hardship is better than nothingness as you grow and learn through it. If you do nothing, you become nothing.

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