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2018-12-23 07:28 50007451 Anonymous (1511273695754.jpg 3264x2448 1236kB)
Is there anything in this world amazing as Latina butthole?

1 min later 50007470 Anonymous
I love videos of thick latina women smothering other women with their asses

2 min later 50007486 Anonymous
>>50007470 that is so fucking hot. any particularly good ones you'd recommend?

3 min later 50007488 Anonymous
>>50007451 they smell too strongly

6 min later 50007530 Anonymous
Hi Latina Shill r9k guy. I haven't been back to the restaurant yet to visit the cute Latinas. But I did feel bad for not going. Thanks for the reminder.

7 min later 50007547 Anonymous
>>50007488 Latinas have the best smells, what are you talking about

13 min later 50007617 Anonymous
>>50007451 Spic here. Sometimes I meet a cute spic girl but its always ruined by her ability to speak Spanish (shit feels like incest) or her inability to speak Spanish (what kinda whitewashed shit?)

13 min later 50007626 Anonymous
>>50007451 >those puffy lips saying hello

13 min later 50007628 Anonymous
>>50007451 Patrician taste, friend. This video has become my new favourite (pic related). What's better than one sweaty latina butthole? Two of them. What's better than two sweaty latina buttholes? When one accidentally gets dirty.

14 min later 50007633 Anonymous
Yes. A 2D butthole.

14 min later 50007639 Anonymous (latinas are goddesses.jpg 1035x767 108kB)
>>50007628 Whoops was too horny and forgot to attach the pic

14 min later 50007644 Anonymous
>>50007617 Who cares about speaking Spanish? Italian-Americans and German-Americans don't speak Italian or German unless their parents are from those countries. Bilingual Latinos in the US are a dime a dozen, there's not a real advantage of knowing Spanish.

15 min later 50007656 Anonymous
>>50007639 which one do you think has a stronger smelling ass?

17 min later 50007681 Anonymous
>>50007656 one on the right clearly has more stink

18 min later 50007698 Anonymous
>>50007644 >Who cares about speaking Spanish? My mom, who predominantly speaks Spanish. Want to know how I can tell these threads are never made by Hispanic guys?

20 min later 50007726 Anonymous
>>50007698 Well your mom should learn English because this is the US and not Mexico. I'm kinda kidding about that but my point is that Latinos have an autistic obsession with the Spanish language, but in reality it's not helping them in the US. If anything, it's hurting them when they're born in the US to two non English speaking parents. Why would Latinos make Latina threads? White guys don't make white threads

24 min later 50007784 Anonymous
>>50007726 Does it actually surprise you that someone would prefer to speak their native language at home and with friends and family? Do you expect a white guy to speak nothing but fluent Thai for the rest of his life if he goes expat? >White guys dont make white threads Uh, yeah they do.

28 min later 50007856 Anonymous
>>50007784 I have no problem with people speaking a different language at home, my point was that Latinos who make a big deal about US born Latinos not knowing Spanish are retarded No white guy makes white threads unless it's a specific kind of white like redhead

29 min later 50007873 Anonymous (1542554091927.png 1024x1096 176kB)
>>50007451 ew it probably smells like day old rotting tacos desu

31 min later 50007903 Anonymous
>>50007873 no, it smells like heaven. I actually sniffed two of them and they were fucking awesome

35 min later 50007970 Anonymous
>>50007856 I am a first generation US citizen, and although I was born here, I lived in Juarez for a while when I was really little and even went to school there. Spanish was my first language. Maybe if my grandkids didnt know Spanish I wouldnt think it so was so weird. I actually prefer English myself, but a second language can actually be pretty handy, believe it or not.

36 min later 50007983 Anonymous
>>50007903 >no, it smells like heaven. that could still be day old tacos for some

38 min later 50008025 Anonymous
>>50007983 To be fair lots of white girls in certain parts of the US probably smell like tacos, too. Texas and California, for sure.

38 min later 50008027 Anonymous (latinas are goddesses1.jpg 1222x594 79kB)
>>50007656 The right one in that picture, but the mystery is more relevant in this video between two new latinas. I wish I could taste those anal beads.

39 min later 50008046 Anonymous
>>50008025 true, but they have a different body type usually (not as short and stocky)

40 min later 50008050 Anonymous
>>50008025 And New York, increasingly

41 min later 50008066 Anonymous
>>50008027 I think the right one definitely has more stink

42 min later 50008092 Anonymous
>>50008050 I thought NYC was more Rican than Xican.

44 min later 50008114 Anonymous
>>50008092 There are a ton of both. The neigborhood I hang out in a lot as a lot of Mexicans

44 min later 50008116 Anonymous
>>50008046 I like tall white women and I cannot lie

45 min later 50008127 Anonymous
>>50008114 Oh and adding to this, Mexicans are capitalizing on drunk white hipsters and selling tacos til 5 AM

1 hours later 50008545 Anonymous
>>50008127 tacos are great drunk food. tortas too, I got one from a truck in Brooklyn after a night of drinking and it was so satisfying

1 hours later 50008941 Anonymous
>>50008545 I try to stay away from tortas because it really is just taco meat with a fuckton of bread that is often pan fried with butter or even mayonnaise but they are pretty good

2 hours later 50009483 Anonymous
>>50008941 It has no more bread than a regular sandwich. It might seem unhealthy but it's filling

2 hours later 50009512 Anonymous
I just realized that a lot of Latina live in places like Arizona and New Mexico that are hot every day, imagine how good their sweaty buttholes smell after a day of walking around! At least one of you must have experienced this

2 hours later 50009626 Anonymous
>>50007486 Jennifer Giardini

2 hours later 50009665 Anonymous
>>50007451 Getting the F-100D super saber in war thunder

2 hours later 50009893 Anonymous
>>50007451 >Is there anything in this world amazing as Latina butthole? Yes, Latina soles. >tfw Latina gf

2 hours later 50010002 Anonymous
Latinas are literally designed for anal play.

2 hours later 50010029 Anonymous
>>50007639 link the video you triple nigger

2 hours later 50010110 Anonymous (latinas are goddesses2.jpg 1031x765 106kB)
>>50010029 Can I trade for a similar video you might have instead? The video you want isn't on the Internet anymore -- at least not for the public. It's nesting with a bunch of other dirty amateur lesbian porn on my HD.

2 hours later 50010189 Anonymous
>>50007451 As long as she has a nice boiclit to suck on and maybe ride

2 hours later 50010282 Anonymous
>>50010110 don't be like that lad, we're all here for the same thing

3 hours later 50010466 Anonymous
>>50010282 Yes, it's just that the video isn't online anywhere (that I know of). Meaning I'd have to create an account somewhere to upload it. Not really worth it if there's nothing in return.

3 hours later 50011004 Anonymous
>>50009893 How smelly are her soles?

3 hours later 50011071 Anonymous (newmfx.jpg 1400x788 147kB)
>>50007486 There are whole websites dedicated to that type of content. Go to NewMFX.com and go to the paysites tab. A trial membership for their paysites is between $5-$7 for access to the entire site.

3 hours later 50011262 Anonymous
>>50010466 wasteman lad

4 hours later 50011426 Anonymous
>>50007451 Yes, pink Nordic butthole

4 hours later 50011616 Anonymous
>>50011071 Imagine how good her latina hole smells

4 hours later 50011860 Anonymous
They age like milk. Fucking turn fat and into consuela the maid after age 25.

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