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2018-12-23 07:24 50007393 Anonymous The gay test (game.png 1600x900 729kB)
If you can't watch this entire video without getting an erection, then you are most certainly gay. https://www.pornhub.com/view_video. php?viewkey=ph5adaeaac07083

3 min later 50007445 Anonymous
>>50007393 cosplayers make me cringe too much to be able to get an errection

9 min later 50007527 Anonymous
>>50007393 thats a original man though

14 min later 50007580 Anonymous (1544896800761.png 365x390 300kB)
>>50007393 I got an erection instantly. I just love the expressions she makes.

16 min later 50007615 Anonymous
>>50007393 Why can't this faggot even pretend to look like he enjoys it? Just stares at the camera like some plastic sex doll.

22 min later 50007699 Anonymous (1544895188676.png 396x310 266kB)
>>50007615 Her eyes are rolling into the back of her head sometimes and she's clearly trying to keep composed to seem strong but her little bits of slutty submissiveness leak through sometimes and it's hot.

23 min later 50007721 Anonymous
>>50007580 >she origamizxzxzxzxzzzz

24 min later 50007725 Anonymous
>>50007699 He's just staring at the camera, stop this RP bullshit. The moans are so fucking fake too.

27 min later 50007774 Anonymous (1544900904402.png 365x423 155kB)
>>50007725 You're saying you could have a big penis stuffed into your ass and not feel like a little sissy boy? I don't understand, they're both clearly enjoying themselves a lot. Sorry they girl isn't screaming enough for you to be aroused though.

29 min later 50007799 Anonymous
>>50007393 really wish that was me desu

43 min later 50008045 Anonymous
>>50007774 Being a sissy is overrated. Like trying to be a shell of a male.

50 min later 50008155 Anonymous (blue sky.png 323x450 190kB)
>>50008045 It's actually highly underrated. The only downside is that it can be hard to find a partner since most dom guys are straight.

53 min later 50008212 Anonymous (trapporncrop.jpg 121x121 4kB)
this is the first pornography i have watched (usually just fap to hentai images), and is this supposed to be comedy or erotic? i can't tell, because I can't stop laughing at how how things don't make sense this video is. the blank expression, the slapping of the ass, what is it supposed to mean? i don't understand any of this, and next time I want to make my peepee hard I will stick to finger paintings thank you very much, because this did absolutely nothing, but good laff tho.

1 hours later 50009242 Anonymous
>>50007393 he pretty cute

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