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2018-12-23 07:23 50007386 Anonymous (1545506135614.jpg 225x224 5kB)
>tfw i haven't been hugged in two years not even by family

0 min later 50007391 Anonymous
>>50007386 Post address, I'll come hug you

1 min later 50007405 Anonymous
>>50007386 try buying an hourly session with the professional cuddler

2 min later 50007412 Anonymous (afjn345ggd526.jpg 565x807 78kB)
>tfw your classmate hugged you 2 weeks ago

3 min later 50007430 Anonymous
Take a shower and wash your clothes.

4 min later 50007439 Anonymous
>>50007430 >Take a shower and wash your clothes. no

5 min later 50007454 Anonymous
>tfw the only time a woman has hugged me was a teacher of mine when I was in elementary school.

5 min later 50007465 Anonymous
>>50007430 I do, everyday in fact. And i'm not obese either this is fate, it seems

7 min later 50007481 Anonymous (1434328818230.png 445x500 406kB)
>quit job 2 months ago >on my way out of the building on last day >receptionist asks me if anyone threw me a party >say no >asks if i want a hug >say no >she gives me a hug anyway >first hug i'd have in 10 years >didn't realize how starved of physical affection i was until that point

47 min later 50008093 Anonymous (1544878597577.jpg 483x268 19kB)
>>50007386 I get hugged by like, my grandma or my uncle sometimes. Always with a "god I can't believe how tall you are" comment because they barely ever see me or make an effort to.

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