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2018-12-23 07:21 50007366 Wittgenstein (downloadfile-11.jpg 600x450 31kB)
What's it like to have actually been in jail?

2 min later 50007389 Anonymous (pobrany plik.jpg 296x281 11kB)
>>50007366 lots-o-cock-in-ye-ass

18 min later 50007597 Anonymous
It sucks. As for prison, I don't know but probably worse.

21 min later 50007645 Anonymous
>>50007366 it really depends on the crime you did and your personality and the way you carry yourself. no matter how popular you are in jail there is still going to be people that fuck with you. i guess it sucks i dont know some parts were fun. its not worth it though. there is alot of suffering involved and you think life is going to be so much better when you get out. but you know once you get out it isnt that great life is just pain for some people. its just meh.

25 min later 50007707 Anonymous
>>50007645 what i mean is first people will judge you by what crime you are in there for. next they will judge your character. most people want everyone in there to just be humble. they bully pedos the most. people will try to get things off of you. its hard to explain. it sucks. but life on the outside isnt so great either.

26 min later 50007710 Anonymous
>>50007366 Unironically kind of fun. I've had worse times.

44 min later 50008002 Anonymous
>>50007710 its funny cause people say alot of funny shit in there. also certain times it makes you feel like you have power in there.

47 min later 50008060 Anonymous
>>50007645 >>50007707 >>50007710 >>50008002 kys faggots if you had the balls to commit a crime you're not a real robot. Die criminal scum

1 hours later 50008919 Anonymous
>>50008060 lol faggot i am a borderline robot. also i had a hard time in jail because i didnt know how to feel other people meaning i am antisocial and i cant help it which tortures me.

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