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2018-12-23 07:21 50007362 Anonymous (119-1195747_53-kb-png-apu-apustaja-happy.jpg 300x161 31kB)

2 min later 50007387 Anonymous (1545231897681.png 950x1100 286kB)
>>50007362 fuck apu and fuck you!

3 min later 50007397 Anonymous (20181222_154522.png 961x1671 770kB)
Ok, here's an apu for you.

3 min later 50007398 Anonymous (6925151a2efed552949815e70fe28addb46620adc8b4fd29d125cf340e4779b6.jpg 240x240 11kB)
>>50007362 hello fren I'll stya and contribute :)

5 min later 50007420 Anonymous (1545552471279.jpg 479x742 31kB)
>>50007362 origlitolliolli

14 min later 50007545 Anonymous (1535824993161.png 852x944 71kB)
>>50007398 guys lets talk about something while apuing. i might fuck my cousin soon

15 min later 50007554 Anonymous
>>50007545 >i might fuck my cousin soon go to hell, scum

16 min later 50007576 Anonymous (1508450753617.jpg 640x599 84kB)
Apu goes squish.

17 min later 50007577 Anonymous (1545509074631.png 923x713 16kB)
Here's the most wholesome one i got. enjoy! :)

18 min later 50007593 Anonymous
>>50007577 >gun involved >wholesome

20 min later 50007616 Anonymous (Poo on Apu.png 570x2579 395kB)
>>50007593 How about this one, there are no guns involved.

21 min later 50007625 Anonymous
>>50007593 shut hes playing with his toys

21 min later 50007627 Anonymous
>>50007616 >poop involved >wholesome

22 min later 50007654 Anonymous
>>50007362 pepe in my peepee

24 min later 50007670 Anonymous (1545509108600.jpg 840x960 123kB)
Is this more wholesome?

25 min later 50007694 Anonymous (1533137399291.png 2440x1768 208kB)
>>50007670 No this is more wholesome.

34 min later 50007831 Anonymous (1540240344446.jpg 1280x720 80kB)
here is another one >original comment

1 hours later 50009109 Anonymous (1535829861579.jpg 668x729 37kB)
>>50007554 I think I'd rather live my scrupleless existence until the end of time :^) >>50007694 You people just have to ruin everything sweet

1 hours later 50009144 Anonymous (1542582360567.png 689x473 99kB)
>>50007576 Saved and cropped, fuck your edgy urge to ruin everything with le epic violence

1 hours later 50009239 Anonymous (jeopardyapu.png 1265x653 441kB)
Apu is very smart. As you can see, here he is doing well in a game of Jeopardy.

2 hours later 50009326 Anonymous
apu is normalfag shit now. every mobile posting dumbass has at least one picture of him on their phone to post about "the feels bros ;(".

2 hours later 50009357 Anonymous
>>50009326 If we hop, skip and jump to new memes just because clueless niggers use them, we'll run out of memes eventually. Just making premium memes and surrendering them to normies a month later is dumb as fuck

2 hours later 50009491 Anonymous
I had a bunch on my old laptop but none on the new Christmas PC, give me a sec to pull some up

2 hours later 50009565 Anonymous (comfy bed time apu.png 399x350 234kB)
>>50009491 Ok I found some I sent to a fren

2 hours later 50009570 Anonymous (1538674045130.jpg 369x387 36kB)
I've been singing shitty avril lavigne songs all day for some reason it was fun at least

2 hours later 50009584 Anonymous (happy birthday bee apu.png 713x624 219kB)
>>50009565 This one isn't very christmassy unless you're jesus...

2 hours later 50009615 Anonymous (suspicious blinds apu.jpg 500x464 30kB)
>>50009584 I wonder who he's watching

2 hours later 50009618 Anonymous
>>50009357 I know anon, but I can't ignore the normalfag tumor on this meme. Almost every thread with an apu is a low-quality "muh gf" thread and roasties and normies I know love to use him all the time. Apu threads aren't even genuinely cute anymore, as they are most likely always forced and made for the sole purpose of screencaps.

2 hours later 50009647 Anonymous (happy animal frens apu.png 657x527 63kB)
>>50009615 He is the best boy

2 hours later 50009659 Anonymous (monk priest apu.jpg 960x691 44kB)
>>50009647 A meeting at a crossroads

2 hours later 50009670 Anonymous (secret agent apu.png 788x699 24kB)
>>50009659 Nothing personal fren

2 hours later 50009680 Anonymous
>>50007576 12 year-old tier humor

2 hours later 50009744 Anonymous (sad teddy crying apu.png 660x716 375kB)
>>50009670 Sorry to end on a downer one but I can't find anymore rn

2 hours later 50009789 Anonymous (1510350690802.gif 640x640 65kB)
Who else wants some frog jam?

2 hours later 50009830 Anonymous (1515454606299.png 1136x640 473kB)
>>50009789 Or better yet, how about a frogshake?

2 hours later 50009902 Anonymous (1526630524205.gif 600x600 207kB)
brrrrr weeeeeeeeeee

2 hours later 50009915 Anonymous (1536615874553.jpg 362x300 53kB)
me drogon

3 hours later 50011166 Anonymous (1533790490064.png 1616x1220 500kB)
>>50009915 that's not apu, fren. but this is.

4 hours later 50011282 Anonymous (Happi helper.jpg 604x516 128kB)
Apu/Helper is truly a gift

4 hours later 50011284 Anonymous (1526086654932.jpg 550x678 233kB)
the underage edgy cancer on /r9k/ is out of control. sweet apus are the best.

4 hours later 50011302 Anonymous (fuckhelper.gif 785x757 364kB)
The battle rages

4 hours later 50011303 Anonymous (med_1506039072_image.jpg 417x500 28kB)
>>50007362 420 beer haha lol xd perun no ayyyyyyyyyli

4 hours later 50011323 Anonymous (9F781E67-9F80-4CEF-BC22-9991075040F0.gif 230x300 13kB)
>>50007362 what about niceposting?

4 hours later 50011331 Anonymous (Helper studied the blade.jpg 648x399 33kB)
Helper studied the blade, while you studied the fembot.

4 hours later 50011435 Anonymous (4FCD407D-A8EC-4D3A-917E-B893DD7E7957.jpg 320x599 26kB)
Posting cropped apu memes with no violence.

4 hours later 50011445 Anonymous
does anyone have the apu playing drums?

4 hours later 50011449 Anonymous (C06C68E0-9F06-4D75-80E7-7DAC8520CD69.jpg 961x1049 147kB)
Apu big smart.

4 hours later 50011457 Anonymous (A47C5FBA-098F-4215-948F-6B6D163BBCE0.jpg 275x315 17kB)
Apu is really wondering what a fren be doing.

4 hours later 50011482 Anonymous (Helper helping Helper.jpg 1620x1668 557kB)
I mean, really, would you let Apu help you? He means well.

4 hours later 50011492 Anonymous (1532268805767.gif 528x555 835kB)
>>50007362 Here you go, anon originally desuka

4 hours later 50011500 Anonymous (1542927240787.png 722x490 560kB)

4 hours later 50011517 Anonymous (wizod.jpg 323x250 14kB)
wizard apu is now here

4 hours later 50011518 Anonymous (1513133511041.png 483x392 75kB)
Would you let Helper dab on you for money?

4 hours later 50011528 Anonymous (7ABBAA4E-548F-439B-986B-0222E13278B6.jpg 2136x1547 351kB)
Apu is going to get some chicken tendies!

4 hours later 50011577 Anonymous (B4134B19-8750-4BEA-931C-9572D2D4C22E.jpg 400x640 53kB)
Apu taking a nice bath.

4 hours later 50011652 Anonymous
Alright, i have done my wholesome deed for the day and cropped EVIL rude memes into wholesome happy memes.

4 hours later 50011773 Anonymous (1535491431235.png 680x757 45kB)
>>50011652 sorry my fren seig

4 hours later 50011794 Anonymous
>>50011773 Nazis are always wholesome.

4 hours later 50011830 Anonymous
>>50007577 I <3 that one ^_^ so sweet.

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