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2018-12-23 07:13 50007260 Anonymous (C83D046A-AD0E-4036-8881-81B305999C9A.jpg 653x778 94kB)
What the fuck is with all these fucking porn ads?

8 min later 50007371 Anonymous
Eh, the stuffs tame enough for me.

10 min later 50007390 Anonymous
>>50007260 Every time I use /r9k/ I have to scroll at the speed of light because I hate squirting with all my soul

13 min later 50007426 Anonymous
In what universe is it acceptable for an airport security officer to rip your pants open to search for metal?

15 min later 50007463 Anonymous
>8 days left until 2019 >still browsing without any form of adblocker

18 min later 50007493 Anonymous (1545446361330.jpg 259x206 9kB)
>>50007260 >>50007371 >>50007390 >>50007426 imagine being an <18 year old cucklet that is only allowed to get on the internet when their parents allow them to so you stay absolutely clueless on anything PC related >>50007463 You probably own the computer you're posting off of. Nice.

19 min later 50007506 Anonymous
lol get fucked shitty phone poster

20 min later 50007529 Anonymous
>>50007506 >lol get fucked by you?

27 min later 50007605 Anonymous
>>50007493 >You probably own the computer you're posting off of. Nice I own several but I posted that from my phone while dropping a deuce and it also has an adblocker on it.

28 min later 50007620 Anonymous
I wish I had a body like the guy on top

28 min later 50007635 Anonymous
>>50007426 i like her face when it beeps

29 min later 50007647 Anonymous (20181205_233313.png 902x745 547kB)
>>50007260 Kek i don't see this ad much more.

29 min later 50007649 Anonymous
>>50007647 It's mostly Asians these days, which I can actually appreciate

31 min later 50007667 Anonymous
>>50007529 Hiro and his ad services. What's it like being a brainlet?

1 hours later 50008700 Anonymous
>>50007647 Can anyone give me the sauce of this

1 hours later 50008741 Anonymous
>>50007667 na just let me fuck you mate, just stfu cause no one cares what you're saying just about fucking you

1 hours later 50008761 Anonymous
>>50008700 http://youjizz.to/HDvideos/fucking- like-frenemies-part-1-kristen-scott -and-michael-vegas.html

1 hours later 50008797 Anonymous
>>50007426 Clear violations ot tsa laws. It should be a female searching her butthole for metal, never the opposite sex.

2 hours later 50009843 Anonymous
nigga what the fuck is an ad?

3 hours later 50010299 Anonymous
I didn't know there were ads though

3 hours later 50010440 Anonymous
The worst ones are the squirting ones.

3 hours later 50010482 Anonymous
>>50007260 >ads i haven't seen an ad in at least 8 years lmao

3 hours later 50010748 Anonymous
>>50007390 it's literally just pissing lad

3 hours later 50010766 Anonymous
uBlock Origin + uBo Extra is your friend.

4 hours later 50011266 Anonymous (upset frog.jpg 900x900 44kB)
ikr i hate them they're so fucking obnoxious

4 hours later 50011286 Anonymous
>>50010766 Don't spoonfeed the redditors. If these people actually had an IQ above 90 they would've figured this out a decade ago.

4 hours later 50011437 Anonymous
>>50007260 This site needs trap porn ads not this bs their doing now

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