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2018-12-23 07:11 50007222 Anonymous (download (7).jpg 219x230 4kB)
>Be me about 3 months ago >Kissless virgin for 22 years >Girl from work messages me on discord (our workplace has a discord server for the employees) >Says she wants to get to know me >Go on a couple dates >Very early on she tells me she wants to take things slow since she's had some emotional trauma from an abusive relationship >Going good, we get to know each other etc >After about a month we have sex for the first and last time >Ffw to last week >I'm madly in love with the girl thinking of how I'll tell her this and that I'd like to call her my gf >She calls me saying how we need ti have a serious talk >Later that day she calls me and tells me she's no longer interested, and want's to stop seeing eachother I haven't left home since, it was the first time in my life I ever felt loved. What's the best way to kill myself anons?

2 min later 50007274 Anonymous (RA3_Flak_Troopers.png 1108x762 1235kB)
Well at least it's better than being in the gulags

5 min later 50007319 Anonymous (220px-Crosier.jpg 220x373 14kB)
Better to feel something than to experience the void

7 min later 50007343 Anonymous
>>50007222 Is gonna be ok anon. Get a McDonalds, sit in carpark, eat and have a long cry. Play some good video games. Someday the pain will stop.

13 min later 50007404 Anonymous
>>50007222 Stay strong. If you've felt loved, know that you're lovable. Know this above everything else. You have redeeming qualities; something about you was enchanting enough for another human being to want to spend time with you. Don't feel regret over a failed relationship; everybody has them and you're not alone. But there was somebody enamored enough with you as a person that you were emotionally invested enough to feel sadness once it didn't work out. This isn't a bad thing, friend. It shows you have a heart.

16 min later 50007438 Anonymous (273AFF64000005783023384imagea27_1427990434824.jpg 634x476 111kB)
>>50007222 rly is just a matter of moving on, youll feel less sad about losing your first cutie once you find a second cutie and realize the first cutie wasnt rly anything special

16 min later 50007442 Anonymous
>>50007343 No, that's what not to do. >>50007222 Don't languish, go for a bike ride, read a book, take up lifting. Trust me video games and junk food do not help depression. Realize that the Earth is dying and that it'll all be meaningless in the end, then it all just kind of numbs itself.

43 min later 50007826 Anonymous (dont-cry-because-its-over-smile-because-it-happened-quote-1.jpg 620x800 68kB)
>>50007222 I had a very similar experience four years ago, but she always comes back, we hang out, have sex and leaves for months or years.

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