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2018-12-23 07:11 50007214 Anonymous (holeinheart.jpg 163x266 17kB)
Anyone here have a parent that refused to accept an ASD/Asperger's diagnosis? One that will straight up contradict a doctor's assessment and give no consideration whatsoever for your lived experience? Anybody who can relate, how do you deal with the resentment, and how do you realistically expect to get through to them, if at all?

19 min later 50007482 Anonymous
You're not alone nigga. Abusive mom and dad, diagnosis: BPD, GAD and Social Anxiety.

19 min later 50007483 Anonymous
>>50007214 Your parents are either literal fucking boomers or just streightbup assholes who dont believe in mental illness because they have never had one so they think its a choice. My mom was the only one who cared or akwnoleged my learning dissability and neurotic behavior, everyone else in my family called bullshit. Too bad my mom died when I was 13 and left me with them.

21 min later 50007499 Anonymous
>>50007214 not on topic but good picture choice OP, Ramleh are a great band and thats their coolest album

22 min later 50007508 Anonymous
>>50007483 Bullshit. You dont have a learning disorder. You are faking it. Kys loser

26 min later 50007569 Anonymous
They are indeed literal boomers. My dad is just naive, my mum is actually a piece of trash. At least it is spurring me on to try and make something of myself, because I've come to understand that I've gotten this far without their help. I feel for you, my man. Losing a parent must be hell, especially when left with the company you describe. Hope things work out for you.

26 min later 50007574 Anonymous
>>50007214 i was diagnosed with ADD and never got help with it. I have a lot of trouble focusing especially if someone is talking. IT PISSES ME OFF when people talk because I can't fucking concentrate. I also have NVLD but its not recognized so I get no help for it even though its basically the exact same thing as asbergers

27 min later 50007581 Anonymous
>>50007569 was meant for >>50007483 obv

1 hours later 50009159 Anonymous
>>50007214 I have boomer parents who conceived me when they were in their 40s. They don't have hs diploma and made it because boomers, dad even retired 10 yrs earlier cuz boomer. I guess when my dad was told i was a special kid he misunderstood what kind of special. That plus general unluck and bad upbringing with boomer parents simply expecting shit from you while providing but not parenting was the cherry on the shitcake. Barely ever gotten encouragement but only criticism and pressure to succeed. I failed. Because they failed me.

2 hours later 50009225 Anonymous
I think my family would be averse to the possibility. perhaps that might be why they never offered to take me to the doctor in the off chance there to be a legitimate underlying reason.

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