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2018-12-23 07:09 50007179 Anonymous (wjfhap.png 645x773 4kB)
>actually made out with a girl I've known for some time I really like yesterday Still a virgin but it was an amazing experience. The passion was incredible. I almost know now what I might be like to have a gf. I'm praying that it will happen again fellow robots.

1 min later 50007201 Anonymous
>>50007179 Good luck anon. I hope you get your happy 4 months

2 min later 50007226 Anonymous
You fucked up and missed the cue. You were supposed to finger her while making out to get in her pants. Enjoy being friendzoned tomorrow.

3 min later 50007242 Anonymous
>>50007179 Aww, bless you anon. Good luck, and if you do it again start making moves. Don't be stupid. Mind telling us how you got in that situation?

5 min later 50007265 Anonymous
>>50007179 good luck anon but try to not come on too desperate. i lost my virginity late in life and look back and cringe how i acted back then. im glad to hear you made some progress, keep it up op

10 min later 50007349 Anonymous
>>50007201 thanks I guess >>50007226 might be, wouldn't care yet desu as I've never felt so happy in a long time >>50007242 will try if there's possibly another chance. Chances are she actually liked me before. We went to a park for the 2nd time in 2 weeks and this time we ended up at her place. It is possible that I could've gone further but in the end I'm still a robot >>50007265 will certainly try not to clinge on to her and hope for the best, thanks

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