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2018-12-23 07:04 50007128 Anonymous (930.jpg 700x754 541kB)
is there anything worse than breeders? literally having children is the most selfish thing you can do. I really don't understand why people are not antinatalist. especially people who are still in their 20s and haven't accomplished any sort of financial stability having kids.

4 min later 50007186 Anonymous
>>50007128 Hot take: gay dudes can be cool but lesbians are subhuman.

21 min later 50007417 Anonymous (IMG_1352.jpg 231x250 44kB)
Humanity will die out you retarded fuckstick!!!

26 min later 50007487 Anonymous
I'll probably only have kids on accident because impreg is my largest fetish (can you even call it that?)

29 min later 50007520 Anonymous (1543363791176.jpg 636x900 187kB)
>>50007128 Fuck off faggot no body's cares about your gross lesbian fetish

31 min later 50007553 Anonymous (1544880717838.jpg 210x240 6kB)
>>50007128 Why is having children selfish? Not all children have a bad life, in fact, by virtue of being normies, the majority do not have a bad life like yourself.

33 min later 50007575 Anonymous
>>50007553 don't argue with antinatalists, they're retarded.

45 min later 50007741 Anonymous
>>50007417 so? >>50007553 how is it not selfish? there is literally no reason other then hedonistic desire. >>50007575 you have no argument other than ad hominems.

48 min later 50007794 Anonymous
>>50007741 You have no arguments either and you were the one who started the thread by calling us disgusting breeder's

51 min later 50007835 Anonymous (1544969088365.gif 235x222 643kB)
>>50007741 If you want to, you can boil literally everything down to hedonistic egoism, but what purpose does that serve? Just do fucking nothing then, if everything is hedonism, even fulfilling biological needs like eating. Just stop doing shit, but don't cry when other people do shit.

1 hours later 50008342 Anonymous
>>50007835 >not having ethics, morales, or being a altruist.

1 hours later 50008409 Anonymous
Single father here, go fuck yourself faggot. I have become immortal while your line will die out.

1 hours later 50008419 Anonymous
We are biologically designed to do this The entire basis of human evolution is for us to breed stronger and more successfully It's not subhuman and hedonistic It is the ONLY purpose we have that is confirmed by science The rest is personal philosophy

1 hours later 50008435 Anonymous
>>50008409 single father so your a failure just like your children will be.

1 hours later 50008457 Anonymous
>>50008435 No, being a failure would have been sticking around with that cunt

1 hours later 50008515 Anonymous (giphy (1).gif 235x240 2023kB)
>>50008457 Semper fi man, you're fighting the good fight

1 hours later 50008562 Anonymous
>>50007553 how is bringing life into existence out of your own desire not selfish? nobody asks to be born

1 hours later 50008636 Anonymous (1545056754070.jpg 800x800 99kB)
>>50008562 If you disagree with existing then literally die. You are being hypocrtical by taking these two stances.

1 hours later 50008690 Anonymous
>>50008636 "lmao just kys" is not a valid counterargument to the fact that forcibly bringing people into existence is immoral

1 hours later 50008793 Anonymous
>>50008690 You're a weak bitch. By bringing in new life you're giving it a chance to succeed.

1 hours later 50008868 Anonymous
>>50007128 I'm going to raise a lot of children in a Christian household. It's a sin to leave souls unborn and not share the news of Jesus Christ paying their way out of eternal punishment.

1 hours later 50008876 Anonymous
>>50008793 yes, and by throwing people into lakes you're giving them a chance to have a pleasant swim

1 hours later 50008899 Anonymous
>>50008876 The weak deserve death

1 hours later 50008951 Anonymous
>>50008899 "The weak deserve death" he says, on 4chan's /r9k/. Also, why even bother bringing the weak into existence if they deserve death anyway?

1 hours later 50008980 Anonymous
>>50008457 Imagine thinking you are immortal because you brought a consciousness that is not your own into existence. Imagine having a baby mama.

1 hours later 50009015 Anonymous
>>50008980 Imagine dying alone

2 hours later 50009045 Anonymous
>>50009015 Go into any retirement how and see that it happens with kids or without.

2 hours later 50009065 Anonymous
>>50008951 This is the most adolescent post I've ever seen.

2 hours later 50009110 Anonymous
>>50009045 It doesn't matter if my family is there at my death bed. I've already fulfilled my genetic prerogative. I could die right now and it would be fine. I have a son. My name will continue throughout time.

2 hours later 50009134 Anonymous
>>50009065 ah, so your best argument for breeding is that "some life may succeed". succeed at what exactly? breeding and dying?

2 hours later 50009166 Anonymous
>>50009134 Yes. What is success to you? Do you want to influence society at large? I understand that urge as well. I once made a little text-based game that a small group of people loved. It was nice, but not as nice as having a child.

2 hours later 50009183 Anonymous
>>50009134 >succeed at what exactly? bringing about the end times

2 hours later 50009222 Anonymous
>>50009110 >my name will continue throughout time >he can't even remember his great-great-great-great grandfather's name really jogs the noggin

2 hours later 50009232 Anonymous
>>50009166 having a child is "nice" to you? so you agree that ultimately all the breeding is done just for the pleasure of the breeder?

2 hours later 50009273 Anonymous
Ok we get it, your stance on natalism mainly stems from the fact that you, as an individual, had to suffer ordeals that you never asked for and because you can't deal with this and manage your emotional state proprerly, you want to blame it on your parents for putting you in this world and the cope became so big that, eventually, you started blaming everyone who even want to or already have kids for being selfish because in giving birth to an individual, they expose him/her to the hardships of this terrifying existence. To that I answer that suffering and happiness are generally 50/50 in this world. Not in ammount, but in intensity. Moments of happiness for most people are generally far spreaded and small, but for many people, these small moments overshadow the neverending streaks of bad luck and general stress and anxiety, so the stance of anti-natalism doesn't actually hold more weight than Natalism. In my eyes, neither are right or wrong. Things are just as they are. We are living organisms and our instincts drive us to desire reproduction because this is the only way we, living organisms on earth, may reach some form of immortality. Buuuut, then again, the sun's gonna blow up one day and even if we do move to the stars by then, there's the heat death of the universe. So we are fucked either way, the same way we, as individuals, have to eventually accept our mortality. No matter how much you fight now, you will die one day so it all semms pointless. Nevertheless, humans have an innate drive to struggle and push on regardless of the grim future awaiting us. Human life is resilient as all hell both physically and mentally. I can't explain this, but I respect it.

2 hours later 50009291 Anonymous
>>50009222 Only the last name matters. Your bloodline is bigger than you. >>50009232 Pleasure isn't the word I'd use to describe it - more like fulfillment, actualization. But yeah obviously I chose to have a kid for myself.

2 hours later 50009381 Anonymous
>>50009291 >But yeah obviously I chose to have a kid for myself. so you had a kid for completely selfish reasons. you brought a life, a conscious, separate human being into existence just to feel fulfilled. and it's very likely that this human being will now outlive you and your sense of fulfillment. do you not see anything wrong with that?

2 hours later 50009473 Anonymous
>is there anything worse than breeders? Moralfaggots.

2 hours later 50009500 Anonymous
>>50009381 No, retard. I don't give a shit about my father and I don't expect my son to give a shit about me. However, he carries my genetics and he will never be able to change that.

2 hours later 50009514 Anonymous
>>50009473 Why do you get triggered by morally upstanding people? Is it that you realize that the path of generosity and kinship is far harder to walk than the path of selfish fullfillment and you are frustrated that you are too weak to walk it?

2 hours later 50009571 Anonymous
>>50009381 Let me ask you a question: Do you feel like you gain anything from questioning the natural state of life by trying to guilt trip people who want kids? Do you feel like you are making any difference or are you just trying to find a way to express your innate frustration towards your circumstances? To me, antinatialsm feels and sounds as selfish as natalism because, in the end, you want to prevent natalism for your own selfish gains too.

2 hours later 50009592 Anonymous
>>50007128 This. All true robots are gay and thats a fact. None of you should ever breed

2 hours later 50009638 Anonymous
>>50009514 >I make my life harder for absolutely no reason >this is good HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH OH MAN! I thought I had seen some extreme coping, but damn.

2 hours later 50009657 Anonymous
>is there anything worse than breeders? yuri and lesbian shits

2 hours later 50009694 Anonymous
>>50009571 i gain absolutely nothing from people not having kids, and i also live a good life and don't hate my parents. natalism being natural is not an argument for it being moral. you could say that killing animals for food is also natural to some extent, and yet no notable philosopher of which i know arguments that it's morally desirable.

2 hours later 50009699 Anonymous
>>50009638 It's ironic, because, in the end, although it takes sacrifice to be good, the payoff is that it makes the weight of your suffering far easier to carry around. It pisses you off because it requires effort and you're a lazy piece of shit. I don't blame you.

2 hours later 50009732 Anonymous
>>50009694 It's neither moral or immoral, it just is. This is why I don't agree with anti-natalism, because you can't say having kids is immoral because it is to assume that all humans are fated to hate their life. For some, life is considered a precious gift and many live in gratitude of being able to experience existence. The only alternative is non-existence anyways. Are you claiming that it is better to never exist than exist?

2 hours later 50009749 Anonymous (1537775694422.jpg 400x386 54kB)
>>50007128 >queermas

2 hours later 50009758 Anonymous
Im very satisfied that some of you weirdos will never have children.

2 hours later 50009811 Anonymous
>>50009732 >For some, life is considered a precious gift and many live in gratitude of being able to experience existence. life is a gift that is going to inevitably be taken away from everyone. are you willing to take the reponsibility for the ultimate disappointment that is death? >Are you claiming that it is better to never exist than exist? is it better to receive a gift you haven't asked for and know that it will be taken away from you, or to not receive it at all?

2 hours later 50009832 Anonymous
>>50009811 Better to live, for sure

2 hours later 50009845 Anonymous
>>50007128 you need straights to make more mentally ill faggots you retarded faggot

2 hours later 50009847 Anonymous
>>50009832 >Better to live, for sure why?

2 hours later 50009887 Anonymous
>>50009847 Because it is fun and satisfying. Dying is just a part of life that some people worry too much about

2 hours later 50009894 Anonymous
>>50009811 By not existing, you cannot experience the gift, so it can be said that it really doesn't matter because non-existent people do not feel anything, perceive anything, understand anything so we cannot even take them into account since they don't exist. Another flaw in the reasoning of anti-natalism. Natalism and Anti-natalism is only relevant to those who already exist, those who can feel and understand and experience. By preventing people to be born, you are doing them no service nor disservice, you are, in fact, doing sweet fuckall. It's just a completely meaningless gesture. In conclusion, I say that death is also meaningless. You will die, this is the only absolute certainty of your existence, the only absolute fact that you cannot change. One day, even if you prolong your life for billions of years, you will decay away. In the end, it doesn't matter. You have what you have whether you asked for it or not and you do your best with it. All good things last for a short period anyways, but the impact of these small little moments of good make the biggest mark, the biggest impact on the world. The suffering is just the fire through which one forges himself. Make it or break it. There is no justice, only you.

2 hours later 50009910 Anonymous
>>50007128 It's selfish to create a life??

3 hours later 50009999 Anonymous
>>50009887 if you use the argument that breeding is natural and thus good, then fear of death is also natural and present in every individual thus being an inevitable and unavoidable part of existing >>50009894 nice writing, although you make no point. the argument was never that not bringing people into existence was good, but that doing so is actually bad, or immoral rather. as for the second paragraph, literally all you say is "that's just the way things are". that's hardly an argument.

3 hours later 50010096 Anonymous
>>50009999 That's the only thing that can be said about this because, as I've said, it's neither moral nor immoral, it just is the way it is. People will awalys have children whether or not you try to create a social norm that makes it that people believe that it's bad to have kids because our reproductive instincts are, for the most part, far stronger than any arbitrary moral compass you may ever create. That is my only point, we can talk abotu this until we're both dead and people will still have kids whilst not giving a single fuck about what you think about it. So yeah, I'm just discussing the subject for the sake of it. as I've said, I don't lean toward any side on this issue, but I do consider existence to be worthy of experiencing, but that's because I am who I am, if you don't feel the same way, I can sympathize. Life is hard, cruel and it damages people, sometimes kill them in gruesome manners. It's hard to see life as an objectively good thing.

3 hours later 50010124 Anonymous
>>50009999 Not everyone fears it tho.

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