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2018-12-23 07:03 50007104 Anonymous (swag2.jpg 687x1000 80kB)
The reason you can't get a girlfriend is because of your clothes.

0 min later 50007111 Anonymous (swag3.jpg 687x1000 152kB)
Oh wait nevermind.

2 min later 50007143 Anonymous
desu anon, theres a lot of things wrong with the picture. guys wearing jeans with a suit jacket, the tie looks like it was tied by some fucking idiot, the glasses are trash and the goatee makes him look like a wigger ass bitch. chad may get most women but doing this type of shit ain't doing you any favors.

3 min later 50007151 Anonymous (1486659673624.jpg 1080x1349 92kB)
The reason you can't get a girlfriend is because you're not willing to date a black girl.

3 min later 50007154 Anonymous (1k.png 500x360 25kB)
>>50007143 i think its like 3 ties tied together to make it look so big

5 min later 50007172 Anonymous
>>50007104 i mean that picture shows that he is strong willed at least imagine how much weight he lost for those jeans to fit like that

7 min later 50007209 Anonymous (1543364078697.jpg 325x243 15kB)
>>50007104 >that tie >that jeans with that jacket >that stance >these fucking shoes

9 min later 50007245 Anonymous
>>50007104 God I want to help this man buy clothes.

9 min later 50007253 Anonymous (blackopscell.jpg 960x960 97kB)
>>50007209 See >>50007111 It suddenly looks good and stylish. Why is that?

10 min later 50007254 Anonymous
The most important thing you can do for yourself is keep your own life in order.You must be hardworking and competent at what you need to do. Do people in your life trust and respect you? What does your family think of you? Are you capable of raising children? Internet politics and nonsense don't have to be a huge factor of your life. And if you can't achieve such things for yourself, then the chances are very high that you are not ready to be an activist, either online or in real life. Because how can you make a difference for the lives of many, if you can't even make anything of your own, individual life? How can you make a real difference in society, when the greatest extent of your capacity is to be out-organized and out-funded by powerful interests? Always remember: we live in first world nations and have opportunities that most people born on this planet do not. Things aren't as good for us as they were for our parents. But billions of people in the third world would still kill to have the opportunities that you do right now. So take care of yourself! Work your ass off, every day, to build a good life for you, and for your family. You have the power to create yourself. Clear your mind of self destructive thoughts, and keep yourself focused on realistic goals. Work hard, but also do fun and wholesome things with real people in real life. That is very important. Nothing on a screen should ever take away from your real life >>50007104

10 min later 50007256 Anonymous (face is everything.png 753x657 447kB)
>>50007111 This. When are you bluepilled faggots gonna learn face is everything.

11 min later 50007273 Anonymous
>>50007104 I call this one "the unfedora" because it doesn't need one.

12 min later 50007300 Anonymous
cope. enjoy your oneitus getting gangbanged by frat chads wearing shorts and wifebeaters.

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