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2018-12-23 06:54 50006974 Anonymous drug stories (645337954.png 679x533 307kB)
>be 19, 2006 >bored out me skull >decide to get high >drug of choice for the evening was benadryl >eat about 300mg worth of the pink tablets >ffw about an hour >have a dry mouth, get up to grab a sodie pop >gravity suddenly 1.5x heavier >stare at fridge door, see a demon made of vapour making a dreadful grimace >freeky >grab soda and sit on couch >stare t edge of table >see greyish white spiders moving in a single file line, like ants >when i touch them they turn to smoke and vanish >mfw >legs become restless, pace back and forth for a while >sometimes see a tall man in a tan suit in my periphery >when i look at him he disappears >keep seeing unidentifiable creatures in my periphery >various insects, all grey/white coloured like the spiders >keep in mind that the line between reality and hallucination vanishes on this drug >feel nauseous, go to bathroom >most painful vomiting of my life >scarab carcasses floating about in my vomit boredom is one hell of a drug. and btw don't do diphenhydramine

1 hours later 50008215 Anonymous
>Take gel cap benny's >start tripping within 30 minutes >Feels like schizophrenia >go to use bathroom >floor tile looks like its being eating away by termites >go to touch it >nothing there >oh fuck >get in bed >see hundreds of spiders chain linking themselves together in a line to get to my bed >start talking to a lamp thinking its my friend in a top hat >keep snapping out of trip realizing i'm talking too a lamp >fuck this >go to bed Never again

1 hours later 50008507 Anonymous
>Take 400-500mg benadryl + 300mg DXM >Lay in bed with lights off >See 10-15 glow in the dark green spots on my ceiling, a few in the wall next to me and dabbled around the rest of the room >Notice they're moving around a bit >Upon closer inspection they're actually glow in the dark daddy long legs >Start playing Tetris on phone >For some reason it feels so much more "realistic" than ever before, like I'm almost in the actual game >Open my eyes and realize my phone is actually on the table to my right and I wasn't playing Tetris at all >Do this about 5 more times because short term memory loss on benadryl >Keep thinking I accidentally texted someone while high as fuck >Check my phone like 6 times to make sure I didn't >Get up for about 3 minutes to shitpost on 4chan/discord >Feel tired again and lay down >Repeat cycle multiple times >Unfortunately didn't see any shadow people Very fun besides the body load, would recommend

2 hours later 50009597 Anonymous
I never managed to have those kind of hallucinations on the stuff. but I'd take to reach that level of depressive realism that is nearly impossible to grasp even now I know but I still want to feel it again.

2 hours later 50009658 Anonymous (1361260265912.jpg 1000x1000 1746kB)
man this drug sounds great if only it wasn't for the fact i have entomophobia

2 hours later 50009753 Anonymous
>be me >do weed >get "high" on the "pot weed" >feels good but also FUCKED IN SPACEEEEEE >FUCKKKEEED INNNN SPPAAAAAACCCEEE >die from weed O D (Over - Dosage) >now am dead xD

3 hours later 50009877 Anonymous
Tbh dph is only ever good in low doses. Dropping 200mg and having a wank is one of life's greatest pleasures.

3 hours later 50009885 Anonymous
> 300mg DMX > Proper formula, no other ingredients > Gelcaps cut and dissolved in seltzer > Carefully observe set and setting > Clean body and home, phone off > Dose with seltzer over the course of one hour > Have completely pleasant and productive evening, watching film during the come-up and working on creative projects after the nausea passes Improve your approach, youngling

3 hours later 50009928 Anonymous
>>50009753 you joke but the first time i tried an edible i thought i was having a nightmare and the solution was to slit my wrist because obviously that would wake me up, it wasn't a very good cut cause i was fucked but i cant feel my thumb anymore

3 hours later 50009968 Anonymous (1545307424340.jpg 200x256 14kB)
>be me, 19 2014 >really bored and cant smoke weed, joining military >have bright idea to get some diphenhydamine >go to walgreens at 3am >buy Vick's Nyquil >sit in the car and chug entire bottle >drive home >sitting on computer >body suddenly feels like it weighs 5,000 pounds >body reacts to my brain with a huge delay, like seconds >realize im ultra fucked >plop in bed, fall asleep immediately >wake up the next day, 18 hours later >phone is blown up with texts >was supposed to hang out with some titcow who had a crush on me >she thinks i ignored her >tell her sorry, i accidentally slept til 6pm >she doesn't believe me >never speaks to me again why did i do such a braindeleting drug lads?

3 hours later 50010053 Anonymous
>>50009968 Don't worry anon if she cut contact after such a trivial thing she wasn't worth it

3 hours later 50010122 Annoynimous
>>50006974 >this summer >smoke weed with 2 friends >it's only my second time and the first time I actually smoked properly and not just took a hit here and there >feel kinda weird, slightly nauseous >friend 2 fucking pukes on the floor because he ate some shit >i'm not very effected, but friend 1 (who smokes weed regularly) is and is all ow shit >friend 2 cleans his shit up >we go smoke the other blunt >ooooh now i'm fucked up >coordination all feels weird >friend 1 opens overhead cupboard, finds it hilarious >i start laughing like a maniac as well >we sit there laughing like tards while friend 1 just opens and closes the cupboard >decide to watch a movie >the babysitter >some horror comedy I guess >friend 1 is fucked, doesn't get a thing, I have to explain to him >i get everything tho >friend 3 arrives sometime around here >we do some omegle shenanigans >we go to sleep >effects have already subsided apart from some dizziness that suddenly started >wake up tomorrow kinda feeling weak nothing too extreme, but that's when I discovered that i can't get fucked up so easily

3 hours later 50010181 Anonymous
>>50009928 Edibles suck. My first weed experience was edibles and I had a terrible time. I thought time had stopped and that I was dead and that I was looking at myself in the afterlife disappointed. It was fucked up, and I didn't have any weed for 8 years afterwards. I love it now, but not edibles. It's a completely different experience.

3 hours later 50010224 Anonymous (71LSLyIbCvL._SX355_.jpg 355x354 25kB)
>be me, 22 >chad friend invites me to hippiefest gathering in the woods in some rural town with his 2 friends >surewhynot.mpeg >get there on thursday night >tame night, ate some edibles drank a bit >next day >blatant debauchery >wakes me up and puts a warm beer in my hand >"its time to start anon" >start drinking >drunk by 10am >his friend wants to get mushrooms >we find mushrooms within five seconds cause its a hippie drug fest >eat mushrooms, but dont feel anything >chad friend comes back with coke >try this anon >hands me a dollar bill >snort the coke >holy shit >lets get some acid >find acid again within 5 seconds >rips off the corner of 2 tabs and gives the rest to me >eat the two tabs immediately >smoke more weed >do more coke >eat more acid >find myself in some mommys campsite >she gives me MDMA >i fall in love with her and follow her everywhere and she takes care of me >i lose her at some point >some hippie comes out of the woods and asks if ive ever tried whippets >no >here you go >the whole world is vibrating >cant close my eyes, theres demons behind my eye lids >cant open my eyes because theres hallucinations literally on everything and im scared >go lay by the bonfire >still tripping hard >7am, literally destroy my tent >drag it out into the parking lot and throw it in my car >drive 3 hours home tripping balls >go to a convenience store, buy a pint of rum >chug it and fall asleep

3 hours later 50010243 Anonymous
>>50006974 >>stare at fridge door, see a demon made of vapour making a dreadful grimace Did you really see this on just 300mg? Best I've seen were some translucent silverfish and floating vector art of Chalmers from the Simpsons.

3 hours later 50010280 Anonymous
>>50010224 No, this is ridiculous and didn't happen.

3 hours later 50010289 Anonymous
>>50008507 Just be happy that you didn't actually text anyone. I texted 3 different people and it was all just gibberish and emojis. Like actual texting irl contacts paragraphs of fractured words and letters with some emojis at the end. I managed to lie my way out of it with 2 people and the third was my bf at the time so I got pretty lucky. I might have a screenshot somewhere.

3 hours later 50010330 Anonymous
>>50010280 this really happened anon I swear, i left a lot of other crazy stuff out that happened, but thats the gist of it

4 hours later 50011012 Anonymous
more drug stories lads, I want to hear how you fried your precious brain cells for a momentary perception altering experience

4 hours later 50011081 Anonymous
>>50006974 I remember when I took a half gram of molly, that was a fucking shit show. I pretty much stayed awake for 3 days believeing i was jesus, and ran around in the night time looking for churches to break in and pray.

4 hours later 50011106 Anonymous (oh fuck.jpg 1280x720 73kB)
>>50011081 I tried also drowning myself because my brain was felt like it was literally melting, I pretty much went fucking insane.

4 hours later 50011132 Anonymous
>>50011106 I can post the whole story if anyone wants to hear about it.

4 hours later 50011133 Anonymous
>>50011081 but molly doesn't have those effects i'm starting to think most posts here are made up by LARPers who wish they took drugs

4 hours later 50011154 Anonymous
>>50011133 yes they do what the fuck? It was my first time taking molly and i think you're only suppose to take .01 or some shit. I took half a fucking gram for my first time.

4 hours later 50011288 Anonymous (PRD04580.jpg 288x216 7kB)
>>50011133 Does this give you an erection?

4 hours later 50011294 Anonymous
>>50011154 It will just have the same effects as a lower dose, but with more negative effects. The negative effects are tooth grinding, rapid heartbeat, overheating, too much energy, difficulty sleeping, i.e. the same effects you get with 150mg, only more of them. You would still experience extreme the positive effects, but also more of them - euphoria, talkativeness, feelings of love etc. It doesn't stop you from being lucid, it's a stimulant (amphetamine), you are still fully aware of what you are doing. You don't go insane or hallucinate. Maybe you took something else, or it was cut, or you just had a nervous breakdown.

4 hours later 50011317 Anonymous
>>50011133 Why they do it I don't know but this is what happens when you know about drugs from movies and TV. "Yeah I smelled a mushroom once and then 19 hours later i regained consciousness naked on my roof"

4 hours later 50011343 Anonymous
>>50011154 >>50011294 Isn't like 40% of what sells as "molly" not actually mdma

4 hours later 50011431 Anonymous
>>50011294 Idk i just remember it being brown and crystal looking, I didnt get a test kit and test it out. I just trusted the dude. I took acid and mushrooms before, but this was fucking crazy. I remember talking to my gf and being ok, then all of a sudden i started thinking about the universe and how crazy it is. I got stuck in a weird loop just thinking about how everything is a singularity or some shit. Maybe I did have a pretty bad panic attack cause it hit me really hard or something, but I remember i could not go the fuck to sleep. I also started to say really fucked up things to my girlfriend and she punched me multiple times, I couldnt keep my mouth shut from saying fucked up things.

4 hours later 50011470 Anonymous
>>50011294 It wasnt until I took a couple footballs i was able to fall asleep.

4 hours later 50011480 Anonymous
>>50011431 Maybe it had PCP or something in there

4 hours later 50011511 Anonymous
>>50011294 And i wasnt hallucinating, it was more of how I was thinking about the singularity shit, it got me thinking since were all the same, I must be jesus.

4 hours later 50011527 Anonymous
>>50011480 yeah maybe man, I never wanna do that shit again. My girlfriend brings it up whenever we get in a fight and makes me feel bad cause i wasnt able to control my fucking mouth.

4 hours later 50011568 Anonymous
>>50010330 Nice try little incel no one can do that many drugs and walk/drive /exsist . Why do you lie to us like a incel who has never even smoked weed . incel

4 hours later 50011627 Anonymous
>>50011527 >>50011431 >>50011154 Nice larping on r9k why don't you go do drugs like a real man instead of making up things for no reason

4 hours later 50011670 Anonymous
>>50011627 What real drugs to you? dilaudids? heroin? coke? cause doing real drugs aint that fucking cool buddy.

4 hours later 50011761 Anonymous
>>50006974 >Be me, April this year >Get my hands on a load of Xanax bars >Swallow them >I remember going outside but then can't remember anything after that until I wake up in a strange bed >I'm naked >Clothes all over the floor, both mine and someone else's >Pretty brunette girl with big tits comes out of the bathroom, also naked >Says she wants her $300 >I'm still in a haze and don't know what's going on but I find my wallet and give her the money >I don't remember even having $300 but there it was, no idea where I got it from >She took it, got dressed and then left >Once I fully come to I realize that I'm in a motel room and that was a prostitute >I LOST MY FUCKING VIRGINITY AND HAD SEX AND I DON'T FUCKING REMEMBER >Get home >Turns out I sold my PS4 and that's where I got the money for the prostitute >So I had sex and don't remember and I lost my PS4

4 hours later 50011781 Anonymous
>>50006974 >be 19, 2006 Go to bed grandpa.

4 hours later 50011855 Anonymous
>>50006974 >take 1mg gang weed >go on with my day perfectly fine

4 hours later 50011898 Anonymous
>>50011343 yeah i dont think all of it is mdma, i think its cut with something else.

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