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2018-12-23 06:52 50006933 Anonymous Christmas Depression (1517517926295.jpg 329x328 32kB)
Anyone else unironically get far more depressed at this time of year? It's not like I'm overjoyed with my existence during the summer but at least I can go outside without wearing 5 layers and it isn't pitch black at 4pm. Every year without fail I go from neutral to cripplingly miserable as soon as it gets near Christmas. The fact I have 2 family members left and everyone is going on about how FAMILY IS THE BEST THING EVER doesn't help.

1 min later 50006960 Anonymous
>>50006933 How many fucking Christmas threads do you faggots need to keep making instead of contributing to one of the other 6037924 that exist? Fuck you & kys.

5 min later 50007002 Anonymous
>>50006960 It's almost like all robots do is talk about being depressed and not having gfs. Fuck off faggot go make a sissy thread you queer cunt

9 min later 50007073 Anonymous
>>50007002 What you would talk about instead? Anime or sex dolls?

10 min later 50007084 Anonymous
>>50007002 Projecting much, you vittu?

10 min later 50007091 Anonymous
>>50006933 holidays are fun. get a boyfriend if you're alone

11 min later 50007118 Anonymous
>suicide hotlines are by far the busiest at this time of year Nah OP, just you. On the bright side, it's the easiest time to get laid cuz everyone's lonely af. Not gonna happen for me this year tho, but maybe I'll try next year.

14 min later 50007148 Anonymous
no I actually get less depressed around this time of year, don't know why

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