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2018-12-23 06:43 50006803 Anonymous (generic-tp.jpg 500x500 44kB)
How the FUCK do you buy this shit? It always feels like the cashier is laughing at me.

0 min later 50006825 Anonymous
This was actually a problem when it first came out, people had to get their black friends to buy paper for them

2 min later 50006851 Anonymous
>cashier laughs at you >go home >wipe your ass and live your life Stop being so utterly pathetic holy fucking shit. Why do you care what some person putting your items in a bag thinks? Do you think they only purchase Gold Triple Layer NikeTM toilet paper crafted from the finest Himalayan Oaks? Fucking incredible mate.

2 min later 50006853 Anonymous
>>50006803 they dont care. people buy condoms lube and other personal shit. if you walked in to a store to buy some TP after shitting your pants you may get attention but otherwise they wont take a second glance at you

3 min later 50006859 Anonimous
>>50006803 I don't get it What's the problem? Why would someone laugh?

19 min later 50007098 Anonymous
>>50006803 You need mental help you snowflake

21 min later 50007127 Anonymous
>>50006803 Self checkout my dude.

24 min later 50007167 Anonymous
I know this book that could help you OP, it's called Everybody Poops

53 min later 50007567 Anonymous
>>50007167 this book changed my life forever

1 hours later 50007803 Anonymous
yeah they laugh at you for buying that cheap shit that your fingers pass right through to your asshole

1 hours later 50008369 Anonymous
>>50006803 We don't give a flying fuck what people buy. We're just counting down the hours until we get to go home. t. cashier

1 hours later 50008390 Anonymous
>>50006803 >he uses toilet paper Lol what a fucking loser

1 hours later 50008397 Anonymous
>>50006851 Redpilled post. If people from /r9k/ thought this way, their lives would be in a much better place.

1 hours later 50008420 Anonymous
>>50006851 Spot the moneylet

1 hours later 50008495 Anonymous
Always buy family pack TP. That way it will look like your buying reserves for the whole family. But it won't work if your obese.

1 hours later 50008571 Anonymous
>>50007127 >ERROR: please wait for assistance Now what asshole?

2 hours later 50009174 Anonymous (adam.png 306x302 183kB)
>>50006803 >cashier sees hundreds of people a day buy toilet paper >8 hours a day >5 days a week yeah dude, they DEFINITELY are on the verge of exploding at the hilarity of someone buying a normal bathroom product

2 hours later 50009251 Anonymous
>>50006803 Buy it with your groceries like normal people. That way It doesn't scream "I'm only here because I have to shit".

2 hours later 50009305 Anonymous
literally everyone shits

2 hours later 50009340 Anonymous
>>50009305 qt girls DO NOT shit

2 hours later 50009358 Anonymous
>>50006803 >Caring about what a CASHIER thinks of you >>50006825 I want proof.

2 hours later 50009364 Anonymous
>>50009340 They do and it stinks like hell

2 hours later 50009459 Anonymous
>>50009364 your 3D harpoon gf does not qualify as qt

2 hours later 50009503 Anonymous
>>50006803 they are thinking oh i see you like to poop

2 hours later 50009506 Anonymous
>>50009364 >>50009340 Women's shit literally smells worse than men's. Their excrement has higher levels of sulfur which gives it a stronger odor. Just when you thought roasties couldn't get any more pathetic. https://www.quora.com/Which-poop-sm ells-worse-mens-or-womens

2 hours later 50009562 Anonymous
>>50006803 No one cares, actually. Everyone shits. Everyone buys toilet paper.

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