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2018-12-23 06:41 50006772 Anonymous (DubBZhWWwAEerbw.jpg 720x720 43kB)
How are you anons spending Christmas? I'm gonna be beating my meat off since I met an online friend of mine that has been sending me videos/pictures of her feet on request. Then I'll drink myself into a slumber since there is no one else around to really do anything with on Christmas.

4 min later 50006838 Anonymous
I scored a bunch of acid off some 15 year old kid. Probably going to take that for the first time and watch animu

6 min later 50006881 Anonymous
>>50006772 Go on Grindr OP why beat your meat when you can have a sissy suck your cock or fuck his boipucci >>50006838 Hey underaged fuck kys

10 min later 50006924 Anonymous (Du4BlxsUcAIZsis.jpg 420x392 24kB)
>>50006881 If they look like an anime cosplay girl, sure. If they look like a regular dude, I'd rather beat my meat to online friends giving me videos of their feet while I'm drunk. >>50006838 Dude, be careful with the acid. That stuff can fuck with your mind. Be sure you are in a comfortable, safe and warm place. I'm against psychedelics since I had a bad experience with them I'm starting to recover from.

17 min later 50007020 Anonymous
>>50006838 What's a 15-year-old kid doing with acid?

30 min later 50007223 Anonymous
>>50007020 >he didn't do acid when he was 13-15

31 min later 50007233 Anonymous
>>50006838 >>50007020 yeah its probably fake. or just some random research chemical.

37 min later 50007329 Anonymous
>>50006772 Working box office at the movie theater. It's gonna be a rough day because literally everyone and their fucking mother comes in on Christmas, but I get paid time and a half for it so fuck it. New Years, on the other hand, is gonna be a fuckin' party.

46 min later 50007428 Anonymous (DuR9thdXgAEZW_H.jpg 574x651 56kB)
>>50007223 No. I did weed like everyone else.

47 min later 50007452 Anonymous (1545579408407.jpg 1048x730 72kB)
>>50006772 Gonna drink and hopefully get my bussy pounded.

2 hours later 50008944 Anonymous
>>50007428 >dude weed at 13 Your the lame friend no one wants to invite who does 'hardcore drugs! (but safe! teehee)" and is an embarrassment to be around.

2 hours later 50008960 Anonymous
>>50006772 how do you meet online friends?

2 hours later 50008990 Anonymous
>>50008960 why would you want friends of any kind?

2 hours later 50009006 Anonymous
i'm going to smoke some medical weed, play some games on xbox 1 (killer instinct gonna level hisanko) and sleep during the day hours. it's not snowing here so my windows will be open only for light not the snow show sadly. I want a winter xmas. I got food and drink stocked even

2 hours later 50009007 Anonymous
>>50008990 because no man is an island

2 hours later 50009049 Anonymous
>>50009007 Well don't try to find anyone from here. They're repetitive memers with no personality hungry for e drama and ready to ghost you anytime. Use mutual interests instead.

2 hours later 50009085 Anonymous
>>50009049 >interests I dont have any of those

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