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2018-12-23 06:39 50006740 Anonymous Take the atomicpill (Fat_man.jpg 717x476 175kB)
This place is quite possibly the only place on the internet (and probably meatspace) for men to speak freely without being censored, banned, or arrested.

2 min later 50006776 Anonymous
4chan is heavily censored and echochamberish

3 min later 50006791 Anonymous
>>50006740 what is this about ? that radiation isnt actually bad ?

5 min later 50006828 Anonymous (770CA878-23DF-45EE-A645-346F331982E7.jpg 2400x2400 945kB)
>>50006740 >without being censored

6 min later 50006841 Anonymous
>>50006776 no its not, I wish mods would delete all the threads of the girls that got their heads chopped off and the sick fucks cheering

18 min later 50007003 Anonymous
>>50006791 It's about you realizing you have no other place as a men to feel free to voice your opinions.

1 hours later 50007720 Anonymous
yes it's funny how i struggle to come to grips with my life being meaningless when thousands of people were wiped out in a flash by the hydrogen bombs, my life is meaningless and my death wouldn't be tragic, i'm just not a pretty girl so why does it matter

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