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2018-12-23 06:36 50006709 Anonymous (1527364373295.jpg 1620x1080 497kB)
Any guys here ever play with your butt sexually? How was it?

1 min later 50006723 Anonymous
>>50006709 is there a video of this slut

4 min later 50006761 Anonymous
>>50006709 faggot, go away, fuck off

23 min later 50007045 Anonymous
I do, it's pretty good desu but the prep and cleanup is annoying

25 min later 50007081 Anonymous
it doesn't feel good unless you're deep into believing that it does/should feel good and are in a submissive mood

26 min later 50007093 Anonymous
>>50006709 I have used a prostate massager and also a vibrating buttplug that expands inside. Can give you really intense orgasms. Feels great, especially the butt plug feels amazing. I'm not a tranny or anything. Just a normal guy.

51 min later 50007441 Anonymous
Yes i do it regularly. I love to feel stuffed and stretched. Its a good way to cum or even force yourself to cum. After a while of regular and intense play your dick will become less stimulated and youll be only able to take sexual pleasure trough penetration which is kind of hot for a guy for me. So basically youll be masturbating like a girl... I wish i had someone to do some kinda play sessions like this 1-2 a week

53 min later 50007469 Anonymous
>>50007093 > I'm not a tranny or anything. lmao

58 min later 50007533 Anonymous
>>50006709 It is nice. I lock myself up so the only way to get sexual pleasure is by playing with my ass. I never came from it but it does feel nice.

1 hours later 50007660 Anonymous
>>50007093 >vibrating buttplug that expands inside Give me a link to the model.

1 hours later 50007663 Anonymous
>>50006709 merry Christmas bbc in your ass

1 hours later 50007673 Anonymous
>>50006709 Its alright, i've always had sensitive butt so ass play doesnt repulse me.

1 hours later 50007703 Anonymous
I do sometimes but I've never come close to cumming.

1 hours later 50007807 Anonymous (86nogh3jbe421.png 384x391 168kB)
i won't play with my butt but if a black man with a bbc ever wanted to take me i'd know my place instantly. I'll just be a butt virgin until a black man ever sees fit to dominate me in that way.

1 hours later 50008469 Anonymous
>>50006709 It's pretty meh. On the one hand it makes my orgasm stronger, but on the other it hurts like a motherfucker and no amount of lube will ever make it not hurt more than it feels nice, to me. Not sure how gays and sissies enjoy it, maybe it's a masochistic thing, but apparently amyl nitrates make it not that bad. I haven't tried them, though.

1 hours later 50008522 Anonymous
>>50008469 You need to stretch it very slowly. Maybe use a small plug. It only feels good if youre very relaxed and your ass is all opened up. Also doing it on a regular basis will make you feel better about it.

2 hours later 50008579 Anonymous
>>50008522 Wont that fuck up your asshole and give you scar tissue and fissures? I'm afraid.

2 hours later 50008620 Anonymous
>>50008579 No just do it as slow as possible and use a ton of lube. Only smooth and soft object and short nails and stuff. You can put your whole hand in and your hole can still look nice and tight when its not stretched

2 hours later 50008645 Anonymous
>>50006709 It was really really gay. I felt super fucking gay and now I think I might be a gay faggot because I put my finger in my but and liked it.

2 hours later 50008653 Anonymous
>>50008645 Its fine, nobody cares about fags anymore

2 hours later 50008656 Anonymous
>>50008645 Time to take the BBC pill anon

2 hours later 50008925 Anonymous
>>50008656 Seriously, fuck off. You cuck spammers need to unironically be shot. This fetish is hot as fuck and yet you have to ruin it with your shit-dick cuck shit.

2 hours later 50008957 Anonymous (131458_13.jpg 1706x2560 1092kB)
>>50006709 time to pay reparations white boi.

3 hours later 50009917 Anonymous
>>50006709 just tickle the perineum playing with the butt is an alluring idea but not practical

3 hours later 50009934 Anonymous
>>50007660 this desu i would quite like to see this

3 hours later 50009989 Anonymous
>>50006709 played with pen a few times when i was ~13-15, i kinda like it but it was nothing extraordinary once my butt sucked the pen in and i was fucking scared but i managed to spit it out boy what a relief i felt

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