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2018-12-23 06:30 50006626 Anonymous The Queen of 4chan (10 ∕ 10.jpg 954x848 56kB)
You won't ever have a girl like this checking your face.

12 min later 50006795 Anonymous
>>50006626 Thank god I won't have a thing like that checking out my face.

54 min later 50007402 Anonymous (putin5.jpg 748x597 50kB)
>>50006795 The most powerful man in the world allowed her.

56 min later 50007418 Anonymous
>>50006626 she looks like a fucking marsupial

1 hours later 50007485 Anonymous
>>50007402 Based Putin (originally)

1 hours later 50007495 Anonymous
>>50007418 >sees a landwhale covered with tattoos and 3 differently colored children >"OMG MOAR HOT MILF MOM 100% WOULD DATE" >sees a pure teen girl without makeup >"HURR DURR MARSUPIAL HERP DERP" no wonder you never had a gf

1 hours later 50007511 Anonymous
>>50007495 get that kangaroo looking bitch out of here

1 hours later 50007512 Anonymous (putin1.jpg 1074x1076 103kB)
She interviewed Putin. First asked about Heavy Metal...

1 hours later 50007514 Anonymous (1530821770902.png 442x458 211kB)
>>50006626 never seen her

1 hours later 50007522 Anonymous (putin2.jpg 1074x1069 105kB)
...then she asked about good music, and Putin named a few ones...

1 hours later 50007525 Anonymous
>>50006626 She looks like a nice gal. I love those sorts of dresses, too. But my GF is hotter.

1 hours later 50007534 Anonymous (putin3.jpg 1075x1072 151kB)
...and of course, a couple extra ones.

1 hours later 50007562 Anonymous (k8kkkkkk.png 400x416 140kB)
>tfw no cripple slav gf >tfw eternally cucked by Putin

1 hours later 50007874 Anonymous
>>50007495 (((They))) are conditioning white boys to be cucks and to hate virginity (both own and others')

1 hours later 50007888 Anonymous
>>50007874 shut the fuck up, stop defending this koala fuck

2 hours later 50009066 Anonymous (happy.jpg 250x245 7kB)
>>50006626 Agreed. Nice qt3.14

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