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2018-12-23 06:28 50006600 Anonymous (allsee.png 980x732 68kB)
I'm a female chinlet. Ask me anything about my condition and I will make an extremely low quality audio-only YouTube video for views, with all the answers to your meaningful questions of my very significant life.

4 min later 50006655 Anonymous (1468128810142.jpg 259x253 20kB)
>>50006600 is your name Elizabeth?

7 min later 50006691 Anonymous
>>50006600 >my condition Melodramatic. Post a picture of an equivalent chin, and if you want to do audio-only wtf you need jewtube for? Might as go vocaroo for that.

8 min later 50006710 Anonymous
>>50006600 Do you tend to droll on your tits when you sleep? Also will you be my chinlet gf?

8 min later 50006711 Anonymous
>>50006600 for how much time accumutively do you pump your pussy with silicon dick or masturbate in another fashion, daily?

9 min later 50006726 Anonymous
>>50006600 At what point were you molested? Also fuck off

10 min later 50006744 Anonymous
>>50006600 Grats to collecting pathetic orbiters you filthy attention whore

14 min later 50006792 Anonymous
>>50006600 Why should manlets and dicklets become sissies?

15 min later 50006805 Anonymous
>>50006600 >chinlet. Noone will care if you keep your head bowed and your lips sucking dick though.

1 hours later 50007608 Anonymous
Does bruxism causes chinlet? My gf make sounds with her teeths when she sleeps

1 hours later 50007733 Anonymous (7A1F4D96-5FE8-44CF-BF15-DADAA7BDCC72.jpg 640x852 40kB)
>>50006655 >>50006691 >>50006710 >>50006711 >>50006726 >>50006744 >>50006792 >>50006805 >>50007608 Here's my chin. I hardly get 5 matches a day on tinder...

1 hours later 50007925 Anonymous
>>50007733 Are you baiting me? Do you like lanklet blackbots btw?

1 hours later 50007940 Anonymous
>>50006600 trips dubs dubs very nice indeed and you are nothing >>50007733 like chin chan so psssh

1 hours later 50007987 Anonymous
How many niggers have you fucked?

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