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2018-12-23 06:27 50006571 Anonymous (Homemade Cumshots Footjob Handjob - Peehole play handjob 11.webm 1280x720 1886kB)
How do I get a girl to do this to me, robots?

1 min later 50006596 Anonymous
>>50006571 nop, nop, nop, nop, nop pass.

15 min later 50006782 Anonymous
how is she seated here? on the dude's lap? next to him?

16 min later 50006796 Anonymous
>>50006782 she's on his lap, robot. All I want is a fembot to use her nails on me.

23 min later 50006907 Anonymous
>>50006796 but if she's on his lap how is his dick sticking through her?

27 min later 50006963 Anonymous
>>50006907 its her dick

32 min later 50007033 Anonymous
Looks nice except for the nails

49 min later 50007298 Anonymous
>>50006963 tfw no dick-chested gf

1 hours later 50007584 Anonymous
fuck I'm too much of a pussy to get into sounding by myself, but holy shit I hope to find a cute dommy gf that won't mind breaking my dick little by little like that someday

1 hours later 50008015 Anonymous
>>50006571 Her finger isn't even deep enough for that to feel good, he's just getting off to the idea of something in his dick rather than actually stimulating his prostate from the inside.

1 hours later 50008238 Anonymous (downloadfile-19.jpg 274x254 9kB)
What the fuck is OP's image about? I'm scared to open it.

1 hours later 50008346 Anonymous
>>50008015 >stimulating his prostate from the inside I don't think there's a human being with long enough fingers to do that, anon not that it'd work anyway, stop spending so much time jerking off to your hentai

2 hours later 50009209 Anonymous
>>50006782 I think he's on her lap

2 hours later 50009240 Anonymous
>>50008346 >I don't think there's a human being with long enough fingers to do that, anon >>50008346 Which is why you use sounding rods, bonus points if they vibrate.

2 hours later 50009280 Anonymous
>>50006782 >>50006796 >>50009209 >girl is sitting on something relatively high like a stool >guy is straddling her and filming while she reaches over past his back to play with his cock it's kind of obvious desu

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